SHE BON : Sensing the Sensual

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MikeSaidHeep : Guys have something like this called the B.O.N.E.R. system

Anonymous : Weird flex.. but okay

Meunster Chease : this is getting wierd. I like it.

0prahTV : female arousal -- a pokemon so rare you need a friggin supercomputer to detect it

Rodbotic : Careful, you could get into a vicious feedback loop.

Guillaume R : This is one of the spergiest thing I've ever seen a woman do.

abraxas : since this is a, uh, IR distance sensor that's worn on the.. t h e n i p p l e

Empress Hedo : Holy guacamole are you the genius perverted anime girl we all love? HENTAI TENSAI SHOUJO

Arcanedrake : This went from nerdy to very sexual at about 88mph

AzPharizon : We shall watch your career with great interest.

KaikerTV : Do you have one for man? I am a male and I can't tell when I am turned on

TheUnbeatableSquad : It’s cool, but like WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Md Malsi : You are what I aspire to being doing with my CS degree

Mark Felt : Never seen anything that has both 1990s and 2018s concepts mixed like this...i just don't know how to feel about this

cryptomaniac : Thank you for explaining this for those of us late to the party. I was incredibly confused when I stumbled on your butt winch live stream.

Ricardo Cooper : Something tells me it would be much easier to build a male version.

Mrsthebeatles81 : Pop girl looks alot like a pipboy hmmmm

Shackle Shackleton : Might get a positive feedback loop after a while. Be constantly checking your own readouts of your body because you're wearing all this to see it, reinforcing patterns between watching the screen of the readouts of your body and good sexual experiences, connecting the 2. Then just looking at the screen starts raising all the readouts in anticipation of learned and rewarded behaviors. :3

Ken : Wow nipplecopters, buttspreaders ..... Subbed

Enigmatic Engineer : The nipple sensor is over 9000!!! Peak arousal!

Tolouse ill : Your eyebrows have a decent range of motion

thdotaku : the thigh gap was pretty intresting

incrediblejonas : but why?

SpyTeam Satan : Geek girl can't tell when she's turned on, builds year long project to get feedback boyfriend/husband has been giving for years.... Thumbs up!

Effie Chin : I am already imagining a way this tech could be repurposed as an assistive device for people with anxiety. For example, if the user's heart and respiration exceed certain tolerances and temperature levels on the extremities drop, there would be a feedback response from the machine. It could be something as simple as a thump on the wrist to help distract the user from a panic attack before it really starts, or it could trigger something more complex like applying pressure at certain points on the body, soothing music, a quick do-anywhere guided meditation on the user interface. Wearable tech is already dipping it's toes into enhancing mindfulness and creating physical feedback to assist CBT efforts. This could be the next level.

The Vortex : where is the rest of the mystery gang? and what about scooby doo? where is he, velma?

Adam Smith : Congratulations on becoming a billionaire in, like, 5 years

Valery Brouard : I wouldn’t mind testing it🤔

Short Round : It's rare to find something new and refreshing from the mountains or garbage in Youtube now days, once again i have to thank Reddit for digging through that pile of shit and showing me the way to this channel. Girl you are awesome, keep up the good work!

Sean Mooney : Making cool stuff? Check. Engineering said cool stuff to be functional and aestheticly pleasing? Check. Open and honest discussions about humanity and sexual interests? Check! I have *got* to show this to my fiance. Thank you for being your awesome self!

EnslaveBrownMan : That interface looks like something out of Steven Universe.

Emy Aze : now this is 5 star content. I want more

Cal6009 : Huh, I just have an integrated biological system called the B.O.N.E.R.

PatchBOTS : Glad to see this project getting you the views/subs you deserve! Long live noodle!

JohnBK34 : If this was a guy who looked as weird as she does and made something like this, then he'd be called a giant pervert.

TrasherBiner : If this was a video about men arousal and pleasuring , there would be a legion of third generation feminazis arguing how unfair and dehumanizing for women this is , magically. But it's ok to do it with a woman I guess. This is empowering, since there's this dated notion that sex = something a man does to a woman. For this very reason, that's why women having dildos or sex toys is seen as an empowering move (since she doesn't need a man ,a nd in this case solves it with some in-house engineering solutions) because stems from the idea that men are powerful and women aren't. On t he other hand as I was saying, if this was to cater a man arousal and satisfaction, it would be seen as weak, loser-like since it's for a man that can't get a woman to have sex (reinforcing the idea women are valuable and men are spendable). I fucking hate these inequalities and double standards.

gullerback : Kevin costner was judging me the entire time i was watching this

Paul imWald : besides admiring your creativity and loving that project anyway i also like that it demystifies sexuality and breaks tabus in conversations about sexuality and also that this is yout goal or part of the goal with the project

Kaleb Johns : I love the obvious reference to Fallout's PipBoy with your PopGirl arm computer, absolutely great!

Merjot : Okay look, this is fantastic and very funky and cool. It's also going to be hilarious to see it all go off at once.

Brendan Beardy : you might have unintentionally advanced spacesuits, now for someone with higher education than me to do such a thing

Christopher Paulbeck : Keep up the good work! This project is amazing!

parcel45 : This is weird and awesome, and i love it!

Pork Woofles : I can't wait to see this project come to fruition!!

sophie m : This deserves so much more views than it has

Mere Gaming : Those drawings crack me up.

Evan Infantino : This girl is a damn genius

Teemu Rytsölä : For science.

Wilson Solt : So cool you're a real inspiration.

Trevor Evans : Cool project, thanks for making and sharing it with us. I can’t be the only one that wants to see it action right? For science.