So This is Basically My Hero Academia

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Lazy Ninja : Bad Touch is the villain in My Hero Academia and his secret identity is my uncle.

The Delirious One : I choked on my chocolate milk in the first 15 seconds

Trase Gorsuch : This show is basically Harry Potter, but for superheroes.

kizune kazukarune : What a real friend bakugou

Justine Courtney's Gavel : 1:56 Rest in peace Monoma.... You won't be missed....

FlyntofRWBY : *Bad Touch prolly also shouldn kiss anyone, cause his lips seem... **_PRETTY CHAPPED_* I choked on my soda.


Queen _ الملكة : I like it no i love it🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌

Endernoob Plays : D-Did You just call Bakugo Byakugan

Matthew Mulloy : HIS WEAKNESS??!? *n o t h a v i n g f r i e n d s*


Gianis Antoniou : *THAT'S ROUGH BUDDY* I'M DED!!

SquishyyGhost : Video: *names Todoroki as "that's rough, buddy"* Me: okay. Me, around 4 minutes later: _wAIT A SECOND-_

SmartFashionFairy : ....... *S h i t y o u r i g h t!*

Juni Post : The part with invisible girl is actually pretty good. also spot on imitation of the schools principle. Sounded just like him in the dub!

Imvictius : “Kids in his class like *BAKUGAN* tell him to kill him self” I choked on my food

Toto The Squid : "Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu" *shows Kirishima* I'M DONE

n0ame1u1 : "Bad touch man"

I Rain : *hides Tododeku art*

Justin Y. : Deku is now smolmight


Drawing Doggo/KhatFysh : Hey kid eat this hair. It'll give ya soopapowers. *b ut dont tell n O B O D Y .*

grandpagohan1 : That is an amazingly accurate Nezu.

Stephen Abbott : Nailed hamster guys voice

Neo Starz : Well....he's not lying

TheBloodswordsman : I cannot believe I never thought of Small Might as a nickname for Deku...

Oo_Elector_Oo : 0:30 0:36 I am Dead forever

raul velazquez : 2 kind of sunny D

Drawing Doggo/KhatFysh : *That's rough buddy.*

You Normie : “It’s really creepy to sexualize 15 year olds.” *finds out Japan age of consent is 13*

Vicente Ortega Rubilar : That's rough buddy and Initial D are the best references.

RainbowCan AnimateMaybe : My favorite character is all frogs go to heaven.

wales2k : “X-MEN: The Anime”

Dad Turner : 0:30 never thought about it that way... Huh. 😕

Boo ComplexMind : Some people get cool quirks that make them unkillable gods (literally just a picture of todoroki) and some people get their heads turned into a cactus. I can't I watched that like 3 times and every time I laughed so hard I almost inhaled my dinner X'D

Blizzic : It's official. I refuse to call Deku anything other than Small Might from here on out.

AnimeNow : this really is MHA being honest 😂


yadira melgoza : I can't stop laughing ._. Everything you said made me scream😂

SquishyyGhost : BAKUGONE XDD

SmallMight : My inspiration to name my channel✌

Euclase W : That's rough buddy killed me

BrandonX - Roblox & More : Grapeboy's weakness: Not having friends xD

I Don't Know : *realizes that I'm 15 and I can think all the thoughts I want about the characters ;w;*

That One Super Saiyan : “That’s rough buddy” “Oh. Uh.. Ew...”

a thing : Perfect imitation of Principal Nezu

Lord Reeve Johnson : That's rough buddy

Ak10Twenty : Kinda sad how he didn’t mention that it fells like they cry or have a mushy moment every other episode

Angry Boi Bakugou : idk why its really satisfying to hear him say tetsutetsu tetsutetsu