So This is Basically My Hero Academia

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JelloApocalypse : My favorite of this show's many bestgirls is Hatsume Mei because I have garbage taste! SUPPORT THE SHOW BY CHECKING OUR SPONSER "VRV" WITH A 30 DAY FREE TRIAL USING THIS LINK: Click HERE to vote on the next So This is Basically video!

Morgan Lemons : *Hey kid eat this hair it will give ya superpowers but don't tell nobody*

Me DeejaylienZ : Toshinori=All might Deku=Small might Kacchan=Dynamight

Madi Carl : Headcannon: Typo doesn't fight villains. He goes around at night and fixes bad fanfictions. His character arc is that he can't seem to overcome the reality that he, himself, is a bad fanfiction.

Eclipse Warroir : Yep. Finally. Someone acknowlaged it. *Todoroki is an unkillable God*

Pure Siins : All Might: Remember what I told you when I gave you my powers? Deku: Eat this.


RusticGiraffe42 : The best thing about these videos is the fact that you don’t know which parts he’s actually being serious about unless you’ve seen the show.

Bargingo Gorgonsoli : Oh don’t forget the part where he cries 3 times each episode

Nekkie Feathers : "Wait... th-they're 15???" **sweats profusely and stows away pages and pages of classified fanfics**

Timmy the Teacup : “Ship everyone” “SHIP EVERYONE” “S H I P E V E R Y O N E” “S H I P E V E R Y O N E” How about a twentysome?

Blizzic : It's official. I refuse to call Deku anything other than Small Might from here on out.

and Peggy : "endeavor x 2nd place" will never not make me laugh

Im Pikachu Not Spongebob : 1:29 Interplanet Janet Initial D Slip n Slide Easy Make oven All frogs go to heaven Gunpowder Gelatin Dynamite with a laser beam Caught on Tape Not on tape Tetsu Tetsu Tetsu Tetsu 2 birds 1 hero Animal Crossing Damnit how do these things get so tangled That's rough buddy Oh .... Uh ..... Eww Soda OJ Purple Stuff And TWO KINDS OF SUNNY D

animegx45 : I suppose the only characters from class B we really got to know is Ditto, Slappy Hands, and Eijiro Kirshima.

Elze Da Belze : "Weakness: not having friends" How did you know? This pretty much sums up my life


todobae : that's rough buddy

The Juic3B0i : “Interplanet Janet x Small Might” my favorite ships

Eclipse Warroir : Listen here friends we got All Might Small Might and *Dynamite*

Floofpixel : I should've gotten into this bandwagon a *l o n g* time ago

Justin Y. : Deku is now smolmight

K-dron123 : The invisible girl passed using the same tactic that deku used.... Saving ppl. There is no other way.

DAY6 ASTRO BTS My Day AROHA A.R.M.Y : Gun powder gelatine dinamite with a laser beam LOL I can’t

SaltxPepper Fangirl : “Some people get cool quirks” **Shows Todoroki* He has a cool quirk He is a god This is accurate

Brianna Martinez : Oh So this is what my friends talk about


Jaycee Tube : Most of the fans spend time shipping everyone instead of acc talking abt the plot

Epic SB : Quirk: direct throws Weakness: short range Name: short and straight

AngeredIrken03 : you forgot to point out that the main character's idol is a fusion of shaggy from scooby-doo & sans the skeleton who turns into a fusion of captain america & otus from owlboy

Therainbowunicorn And potatoe wizard : HIS WEAKNESS : NOT HAVING ANY FRIENDS

TheBloodswordsman : I cannot believe I never thought of Small Might as a nickname for Deku...

Izzy : Kirishima is tetsutetsu tetsutetsu MY GOD

Just an abnormal person : *calls kirishima “tetsutetsu tetsutetsu”* _dies_

CharizardLover 37 : I hate people who call it boku no hero academia

Toothiestkey : "Gunpowder gelatine, dynamite with a laser beam" Hardy, hardy, har...

Cap'nCinnamonBun : Frog girl is best girl.



Kitty Studios : DEKU'S QUIRK IS CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TK Prime : When people say bakogo I just think of the bakugan.

Lazy Ninja : Bad Touch is the villain in My Hero Academia and his secret identity is my uncle.

Orbital Nexus : 1:35 KILLLA QUEEEN

The Amazin Taco! : Follow class1A through all their adventures! like the time the league of villans shows up, the time the league of villans shows up, and the time the league of villans.........shows up...........huh Greatness is given through this video.

Terrowin Cheeseman : Soda, OJ, 'purple stuff,' and *TWO KINDS OF SUNNY D!!!*

JennenAndTheInkMachine : Bakugon. Memories.

Sveva : *that’s rough, buddy*

best barny : Me Nickname: savage Quirk: mindreading , he can figure out anyone's secret and make fun of them. Weakness:he gets very turned on for no reason (This is pretty much me.)

Crazed Author : I decided to finally get around to watching this anime after watching this video and I can no longer call Bad Touch Man anything other than Bad Touch Man.

URARAKA NEKO XXX7774 : Mina ashido: hi Me: hi slip & slide Mina ashido: did u get that nick- name from jello Me: maybe ;-; *rolls away* Mina ashido: oof >_>