Dog fart cat puke

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Dog farts. Cat can't take it. Thanks to Monty And Billy, Brad and Jake's nameless dog. I hope they are both less gaseous / nauseous and feeling better. Instagram - Twitter -

Comments from Youtube

David Ryška : This is the least clickbait video in the history of YouTube

Potatis : Dog? Fart. Cat? Puke. Hotel? Trivago.

Dude Man : “Dog fart cat puke” Best title ever

Kre : Youtube has earned a tiny bit of respect for recommending this to me

Joseph D T : dog farting, cat puking, human vertically recording - this should be the worst family scenario ever

Karza3 : Finally, the YouTube recommendations are working properly.

Sergiu H : Imagine not filming and telling the story after... no one would believe you.

1 yr old : It's the way the cat threw up has me dying

Edgy Kenny : i started today with science videos and ended up here

Danko Memeo : The innocence of the “Monty noo honey”

Vape Life : Dog fart cat puke is my favorite Red Hot Chili Peppers album

Nathan Hale : You need to get a priest in your house.

Sope Clan™ : This comment section is a gold mine.

Jonas : Now THIS is what youtube was created for.

Jane Doe : This is pure gold. Showing this to my grandchildren in the future for sure.

Kitty biscuits : Doing homework ? Naaah. Laughing at a puking cat for 5 minutes straight ? Hell yeah.

U cant stop me punk ass copbitch : The perfect crossover doesn't exi...

Dragoon GT : Plot twist: it was actually the camera dude

TechnoGuz GD : Make a 10 hour version my fingers are exhausted from replaying this

CorenCo Twitch : *dog fart cat puke* BEST. VIDEO. EVER.

OrangeJuiceIsTastyAsHell : This is the type of videos I expect in my recommendations

Sam : Slow the video down to x0.25 makes a legendary video a little bit better

rabid rabbitshuggers : *stands up* *gives standing ovation* *eyes full of tears* THIS SINGLE VIDEO JUSTIFIES FOR ME WHY I PAY FOR A PREMIUM ACCOUNT.

Джеймс : It’s 2am and I’ve just woke my wife and neighbors up laughing. Epic epic video

DiscoKitten5 : 2 different videos ingeniously spliced into one. I like.

Ice Cream : I *did not* regret clicking on the video

Budgie Breeder1 : Dog fart, cat pukes and my bird fly into a window

wesrt north : This video will Make YouTube great again.

Sas Quatch : Two different clips, but you all think it's one take.

BreMontez : What a great recommendation YouTube ... I was sad ! I WAS !!

animalsmaster1 : Fake, the cat was a paid actor.

Space Monkey : One of the best 15 seconds of my life.

platinumbleu : Omg. I’m dead. I laughed so hard my back hurt.

AirineChan : Me: "I am a matured person and I should act like one!" also me: **laughs like 5 year old after watching the vid**

Mikaela Fox : Saying “Noooooo!” when a cat is about to throw up only makes it come up faster. 😂😂

aydee peperoni : I don't remember how many times i have re-watched this already help

Simon Winkler : Squirtle: i can do the greatest water gun! Cat: ..hold my beer

Greta Mataitytė : Dog - farted Cat - puked My lungs- yeeted Wig- snached Marty- nooh honeyy Hotel - Trivago or wtvr

SparklingGarbage l-/ ! : This is the best thing I’ve ever seen in crying

Death Cat : 0:10 cat owners life summed up into 5 seconds

Se A : It's fake, they're cut together. It's so obvious. It made me laugh well though.

ParalyzedVeteran : doesnt matter how many times i watch this, i laugh just as hard each time

RC 98 : I have never seen such a accurate title

william smith : I was watching car videos and this got recommended. Thank god for YouTube logic. 👍

vallejo ca : Can you imagine what that place must smell like🤥🤢🤮

Walter Langkowski : My pit is 100lbs and on a high protein diet, when he farts it could choke a camel out.

CharlesHankBukowski : One time I told my sister I had a present for her in my back pocket and bent over and farted in her face. She puked just like the cat. 😂😂

Lance McGowan : Talk about an exit strategy

sips tea : 0:14 the way he said no LMAO