Dog fart cat puke

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Poo Diddly : this is the single greatest video ever

Mikaela Fox : Saying “Noooooo!” when a cat is about to throw up only makes it come up faster. 😂😂

AmamMcMam : The least clickbaity title ever

mariotaz : I’m trying to figure out where the cat is located in the house. On top of a door? The stairs? I dunno

Jackie Gorman : I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time 😹😹😹😹

JackFromTheHill : This is what Article 13 will take away from us, this can't happen, how are we supposed to live without content like this

LolNick2003 : We don't deserve such high quality entertainment.

TheRodrigocabral : Damn. That's why I pay internet!

Kenjiツ : This is the best video on the internet. Fight me.

flub wubs : Fuckin A that was definitely one of the funniest videos I've seen in a long time. It's got every element of a good video. Farting. Puke. Cats and dogs. Good times.

LawLinternets : Literally toilet humor at its very best.

Leisure Muffin : This is two separate videos

Lino Aque : Came here for dog farts and cat puke. Was not disappointed 10/10

Rockdude147 : We are not worthy of this video. This a gift from the Gods. Entertainment at its finest.

GhostOfJulesVerne : 1999: "The Internet will bring in a new era of enlightenment and understanding." 2019:

Firsty Laster : Title sounds like one of those new generic knock off weed strains

Chefboiaredee : That's how mafia works.

Average Steve : Just when I was about to lose all hope in the internet, this gem pops up in my recommendation

CptFoupoudav : Everything is perfect in this video, the dog farting the human laughing the desperate woman saying "no" the cat puke and the final laugh !

RTFoames : I laughed so hard after watching this video with a mate of mine last night 10 times in a row, I was in physical pain and my back and ribs hurt today, totally worth it :D

J-Brazen : Yeah but then when I do both at the same time, it's somehow no longer funny.

fodsaks : Please stop commenting that it's two videos edited together, like you're frigging Sherlock.

Vbog : That was beautiful. True Cinema. Wow.

Fate Epsylon : "monty nooooo....."

Remy Koens : 10/10 could've made the zoom on the carpet better

Curly Tales : The edit is so perfect I think reality may have changed to fit this universe you have created.

Eugene Papaver : Dude I salute you, this is just too good, oscar material for real.

AnEnglishChap : This is actually one of the funniest things i've ever seen. I had to watch this several times.

Richard Wright : It would’ve been better if it was actually one continuous video. It’s two videos that are edited in a way to look like a whole video. And yes I’m not fun at parties.

Leaf Blower : this is the best thing i’ve ever seen

Carina Cash : My husband farts like that

Anna Christensen : Somebody has put two videos into one comic genius! This is how you properly mesh folks!

Lord Regent : 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 My ribs and sides are in so much pain from laughing non-stop, because of this video. Thank you. 😂😂

Social Handicap : Youtube algorithm is doing something right for once

Evan Steinert : Better than every "try not to laugh" video combined...all in 15 seconds!

Watch MrCuba : I was watching this on the toilet, constipated. This video easily fixed it

Christopher Whitener : “We’re gonna go viral with this one... Im just sayin” *Blarghf*

Supply N Demand : Who gives a fck if its edited ? It was funny regardless..

Im really stupid and my opinion is worthless, but : Here before 2 million

Ian Campbell : Couldn't be more straightforward with the title.

Crazystuffyousee : Perfect YT video... Under 30 seconds and doesn't disappoint.

Sockey Boy : This is the best start to any new year

Kim Jong-un : It was actually the cameraman who farted...

Auke Jorrit : This is 15 seconds of pure gold!

Nettka V : I was very close to throwing up because I was laughing so hard. My bf thinks I’m nuts.

No Name : That this was recommended to me demonstrates how perfect the youtube algorithm is .

Franz r : Awesome! That's what YouTube was made for!

pittsky : Best video on Youtube by a long shot.

THEdjpluto : This video made me laugh so hard, I farted

Ponosen_Slovenec : Owhh, they resting after a good meal 😍 so cute