【Azur Lane】#10 English Edition,Started!!!【アズールレーン】

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A.I.Games : Do it!! Doooo it!!!

Evariste Galois : This is the greatest form of English that I've ever heard in my entire life !!!😭 It's so beautiful!

Abhe Ubhe : 0:51 O P P A I !!

Yudistira Liem : I can’t understand what she said because of the thick Boston accent.

Austin : So this is how the Japanese sees us as weeaboos.

Ashchi Salleh : Ai Chan need update English patch in her system. Fast.

Gorgon : 0:19 "Birds are gay"

Jaminator : Stealth 0 English 21 Noise 100 Kawwainess *God has left the server*

Lithianic : japanese most common vocab when praising someone: 1. cute 2. _naisu_ body

SuperHappy : This is pretty much how everyone in America talks 👍

獲る三日 : She fkin went full Joseph Joestar on that last roll

Sad Salas : Cutest shit i heard. lol 2:32

Satania Sama : 2:31 *SIT* Also yes my queen i will play it.

BlackWinds : I feel like she's trying to hypnotize me.

Benz Quizon : Start of video: *[Screeching Kizuna Ai Engrish noises]*

Robin Vansal : Keep calm and learn EngRish

Adam Van Stone : I thought this was Kizuna A.I., not Sr. Pelo.

しらけん : コメント欄日本人全然居なくて草

Alcherist : Not parodying NUMBA WAN Dissapointed

Valet : Never.Do.That.Again. "Yes I can! Yes, Ai-chan!"

Gery ValHart : 2:31 who teach Ai that word?


Extezia Channel : Azur Lane, Ear Rape Edition.

Nightmare of Solomon : Talking english aperantly boosts her enthusiasm by 300%.

Otaku Titing : and i remember that annoying ad 😂😂

King Cringeson : She sounds like baljeet wtf

Yonebayoosh * : The ad before was literally Azur Lane lol

The7Dark : I dont even understand every single word she said all i know this video about her screaming using engrish languange xD

Alaric Winchester : PRAISE OUR AI GOD

绊爱 : 爱酱的英语好可爱ớ ₃ờ

Nishi : She mocking "FREAAAKING HOOOOD" Change my mind

Viel : i hope my dad didnt found me watching this video

anom : Her English is top tier

josh ch : She speaks English like the trolls from Witcher 3 but 100x cuter

victor ficentise : Let take a moment to pause at 1:38 to see how much gems and coins she has because holy shit that got to be a lot of money to get that

Taraza Marian : Yostar should use this as their new Ad

daybreakcoder : There's something very wrong with her English module. I'd say she is lacking some careful debugging. ねぇ, アイちゃん、英語上達していないな 。毎週動画で練習してみよう?

Happy_Smiles246 : *Is this god?*

Faraday : Something wrong about Ai system

DEPStrider Gaming : Remember. Wear your headphones in very hard to understand english videos. These rules do not apply to this video.

EarthZaa CH : you're are like 50's english speaker.....so...good!!! it's very good

Daffa Haq : Kizuna Ai, Why are you ngegas????

k tool : This English will become international standard. You native speakers are the very people who need to study harder.

Fandom Central4869 : This is actually the best video ever 😂

Itsuka Aedric : Now this... This I can get into but my goddamn eardrums healed perfectly thanks to Ai-chan.

David Lee : LOL! I think I would've understood her better in Japanese. :P

Александор Сергеевич : А теперь давай по русски :3

joshuaha12 : 2:00 lol oh no.

Demonos3 : Well hell, now I gotta download it.

John Green : The one time we don't need to wait for subtitles XD