Tourettes Guy - Remix Compilation #3 - FUCK FUCK FUCK

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TwinkieMan : We now have over 500.000 subscribers! Wow! Thank you so much everyone for supporting this channel! I love you all! Let's go for 1 million subs :)

Marc Sisco : YMCA had me in tears haha

Darkplays BR : 0:10 I can t stop laughing! omg this is killer...

SwiftTuber : Was drinking water and... U know what happened...

Fredrich Fernando : 2:10 How I feel when The Final Countdown gets stuck in my head.


wow it's me : 0:30 killed me 😂😂😂😂

risvan merdini : 1:17 is so funny hahahahahahaah

mxttxo : 1:05😅😁😂😹😭😅😅😅😅😅😅

Skeoz : 2018?

Mel : The YMCA one has me choking of laughter 😂😂😂

Shazzile : 0:30 HAHAHHAHA

Zachary Filion : mom's spaghetti remix

_nafilkaa_ : 1:34 my fav.

` FaZZey_GaMeZ : I died at 0:10

celestial161001 : The stories say that twinkie replies if you tell him not to 😂😂 also congrats on 500k

Orvit : This is more funny because I laughed at this and hit my head on a chair

Tito Rodriguez : in this vid I was dying of laughter lol

Robert Johnson : I can’t believe I’m still watching these 🤣

Huddersfield lad FC : The second one.... I spat out my juice

Katelyn Shuffield : all this time i thought he was grabbing a hot pan and was haveing a terrible day

Massu Boy : 0:29 i thinked okay normal band but then... i died from laugh :D

Daniel Puglisi : That's the funniest video ever! Oh My God, almost blew up it was so funny! Great Job!!!

Bro_Beats Ω : 0:28 When the old school song wanted more bad words

Pixel Gaming : song 1:25?

Cody Fel : 1:15 lol

SWB Saltbush 04 : 2019?

Carolyn LaRissa Jefferson : the Michael Jackson one though

xXShadowSpectrez : 2:16 got me 😂😂😂😂

xXsimonsXx : Please, An "im gay" remix

Пьяный Керр : The best 1:03

xXShadowSpectrez : 0:10 hahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂

very shook : Song name at 0:30?

Karol : 2:07 waht song/

Lydie : 0:04 the best part 😂 I’m dying

North star : So pls call the ambient because I dieing of laughter😱😱😂😂

🇰🇵🇰🇵DPRK jei 3484🇰🇵🇰🇵 : ROFLMAO

карина дронник : тут хоть ктонибудь руский есть

It'z Jr : 2019????

Tomasz Więcek : He looks like Trevor form GTA V :D

David Meyburgh : :10 haqha i am so dead

Ghfjaufb Fhwhy : after 1:15 ITS THE BEST

HGoalie20 : You just eared a new sub

MoonShine : Dying here. HELP!!!

WhiteRunner Gameplays & Tutoriales : Dr.dre-stil D.R.E like

Walde- Random peli videoita/-vlog 1 : 0:35 why i came

f4iTh : Died at the second one. *RIP*

Booty Clan Leader : Is that Jenna Marbles at the end of your videos?


Katelyn Assassin : Michael Jackson had me in tears