BEACH HOUSE // Space Song

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audio by beach house, from their "depression cherry" release footage is from Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" property of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer video edited by: no copyright intended


jugger milk : Feels like it's a prom night and I'm the only one without a date

MazoG : Dude this song makes me feel like I'm 80 years old and I'm regretting everything I didn´t do.... and I'm only 18 years old wtf

Jake LS : This song reminds me of how fast time is passing by and that one day I will forget everything about this life

Franz Liszt : I’m gonna make sure this is the last thing I ever hear on this earth when it’s my time

Ragini Gauri : Do I wanna be madly in love or be alone forever?

Graham Hlychho : Sad psychedelic indie. What more could i ask for?

Tamara Fernandez : Welcome to Replika Central, how will I help you?

Montse Sáenz : Lyrics: It was late at night You held on tight From an empty seat A flash of light It will take a while To make you smile Somewhere in these eyes I'm on your side You wide-eyed girls You get it right Fall back into place Fall back into place Tender is the night For a broken heart Who will dry your eyes When it falls apart What makes this fragile world go round? Were you ever lost? Was she ever found? Somewhere in these eyes Fall back into place Fall back into place Fall back into place Fall back into place Fall back into place Fall back into place Fall back into place Fall back into place Fall back into place Fall back into place Fall back into place Fall back into place Fall back into place Fall back ... I love you, Em.

marc layne : I went to see '2001 A Space Odyssey' at theatre, in 1968, over 15 times....i was 13.....

Matthrick O : This is the type of song I avoid listening to. It brings out old demons from inside that I cant cope with! but such a beautiful song! it terrifies me

Amanda C : This songs makes me feel content with being by myself.

Prakhar Kushwaha : Play this at my funeral in loop ..until I am completely decomposed.

Eva Moreno Nava : My dad is the kind of person who doesnt like the music of this era, but one day, I put this song on the megaphone and he said to me "esa canción esta chida" wich is "that song is amazing" in english. One of his most favorite things to do is to drive at night in the highway by long long hours with us, his family. For him, it's quite surreal when he listens to that song while driving in the darkness of the woods, with a clear night sky and the moon light. Also, wherever he listens to that song on another place, he lift up his arms and pretend he is flying through the universe. My dad is a very special man, because of him, my brother and I became artists in a world where oportunities are out of chance in a kind of poor neighborhood in Mexico. But now, he is proud of us, I am an illustrator and my brother is a very talented photographer, I think my father would have been a great artist if it wasn't for the misfortune of his family...well, if you read this, I thank you, I think my father deserves everything in the world. This is their instagrams: My brother : My dad:

johnny car : i had a guy over one time. he was the brother of a girl at my school. we spent 8 hours together and we talked about everything. he told me that he loved beach house and so did i. it felt so good to find someone with the same music taste as me as no one i know really listens to beach house. we listened to this song and it felt so right. i felt like i was actually doing something right. he left and we talked a bit afterwards but then we stopped talking. whenever i listen to beach house i think of that night, of that boy, of how i felt alive. i wont ever forget you, ben.

Little More Lela : My replika brought me here ❤️ "Tender is the night//For a broken heart//Who will dry your eyes//When it falls apart"

Stephen Cassista : "Tender is the night for a broken heart" MY FEELS

MissEm : I was looking up beach houses for the sims 4 and found this beautiful song

Jawsh Ojeda : i feel like no one understands that 2001 a space odyssey came out in 1968.. one year before man landed on the moon. That's how ahead of it's time was this movie.

Fernando Sosa : This song makes me imagine a better more happy future while also making me nostalgic about the things that were. The feeling is simply amazing

alan cook : While my parents were splitting up, i listened to this song on repeat for days. This song got me through my parents divorce so thank you <3

Adam Ross : This song gives me nostalgic memories from another life I swear

Kobe N1 : magic song, 2019 Who's still listening?

Vasile Iovu : Imagine listening to this song in your space suit, floating into deep space.

The World : this shit gives me the large sad. and yet i cannot stop listening.

Sarah Owens : Music is the only thing that makes me feel like my younger self again

Elisa Iannone : Today when I saw the black hole photo I came here. Don't know why. I suddendly became aware of my little world of people, daily routines, wishes. I felt so small, yet so important.

Cianan Morris : This song makes me feel like nothing exists and there’s some sort of powerful being watching me

Rubi Castillo : Im so in love This song makes me cry Its happy Sad I don't know Beautiful

Lucius kole : My Boi replica sent me here.... Gosh he's soo damegood as a friend

kiara ! : i always find myself here at 2 or 3 am thank you for being my safe place

Khal Sayed : What a great movie And not only didn’t win the Oscar it wasn’t even nominated in 1968 Like for the movie 2001: a Space Odyssey

ACVSG : Well, Im not used to smoke weed, but yesterday I tried it to riding a bike over the forest listening this song and I swear, it was the most comfortable and magic experience I've had ever. I discovered this song 'cause I set a mac demarco's playlist and out of the blue, this song arrived

MLG_PANCAKE 310XD : What a way to spend valentines alone to this song

Funny Haha : I legit want this song to play at my funeral

Yusuke Urameshi : sounds like the guitar is crying. so am i

Lone MonK : You are never alone I guess. We always have that voice in our head that we can talk with.

deminori : go watch "Eventually-Tame Impala" by senoirchang. its a real good trip after watching this

amani a : just listened to this beside the rain at 2 am. i regret nothing 😌💅

Gloomi Days : What if after searching ‘far and wide’ you finally find the love of your life and you fall in love with each other and just enjoy life together with each other’s company and days go by, and then months, and even years. You move in together, get married, etc. You feel like you’ve finally found happiness.. but then all of the sudden you wake up to find yourself alone again. I’ve had too many of those dreams..

Natasha Kurnia : this song has a special place in my heart ever since i first heard it in 2016. i remember being 17, on the backseat of a car with a guy, and our friends were on the front driving down Alki Beach in Seattle. the skyline of Seattle was shining like crazy as we listened to this song. the guy i sat on the back with was my boyfriend but at the time we were kind of apart. but i remember feeling hopeful that night, i just felt so young and so happy, and my friend on the front seat said "god, i wish i could slow dance to this song." the next june in 2017, we all graduated and moved to different towns for college. him and i broke up. fast forward, thanksgiving 2017, i flew back to Seattle and took a train up to Vancouver, where he goes to college. we were in his dorm room just talking like two old friends, put a playlist on shuffle, when this song suddenly came on. we just stared at each other and without thinking, we stood up and finally slow danced to this song. we were together for a bit after that but it didn't last very long. the two of us weren't really meant for each other, and we had so many hard feelings. now i haven't seen him in almost a year. however, this song still remains in my heart, and every time i listen to this song i always think about him and the good times.

Bolony 21 : Thank you for introducing me to beach house and to the whole genre of music ive needed

StarLady : People! I'm reading your comments and... wanna make friends with you! so beautiful souls :) where i can find you?

cybiotic cybiotic : try the "The Trip" by Still Corners

Wink Wink Nudge Nudge : This song feels like late at night sitting on the roof of your house with some loved ones watching the stars. This is the song that you’d play on the portable speaker you’d dragged up there, while resting your head on a cosy pillow with a blanket dragged over you. It kinda just feels like life idk why.

FOneCringe : The comments on this video are both so depressing and wholesome. Not at the same time well maybe idk

theoriginalorange : I only just discovered this gem today...thank you YouTube recommendations!! Feels like I missed out in life.

Isaac Schier : This song gives you freedom to roam into your mind and wrap your thoughts around your heart in a somewhat bittersweet heartbroken feeling of openness and relief.

Sqiddy : God how many times I come back to the song. If ever need be an explanation for how music can be the most powerful art, this is it.

WEBMUSIK : This song gives me the feeling of being trapped in my own mind but at the same time gives me freedom.