How an Inversion Table Decompresses Your Spine
How an Inversion Table Decompresses Your Spine

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Teeter Inversion Tables use gravity and your own body weight to decompress the spine and rejuvenate the discs, relieve pressure on nerves, realign the spine, and release muscle tension. This is the secret that no other solution can provide – and why the Teeter is able to offer relief for so many different back pain conditions. You’ll not only FEEL better, you’ll MOVE better because you’ll have improved flexibility and less muscle tension, and LOOK better thanks to improved spinal alignment and better posture. And did we mention how easy the Teeter is to use? Just lock in, recline and relax just a few minutes a day! The greater the angle, the greater the stretch, but you never need to fully invert to experience relief. No pills, no sweat, no appointments – you’ll experience natural pain relief in the comfort of your own home. What do you have to lose but the back pain? Pain relief is possible! Get the Teeter Inversion Table TV offer so you can FEEL it to BELIEVE it in just 30 days: With the Teeter Inversion Table, you can FEEL it to BELIEVE it in just 30 days or less – so you can get back to being you and start enjoying life again. Listen to real Teeter users who experienced natural relief without relying on pills and appointments to get through the day. And learn how you can join the over 3 MILLION PEOPLE like you who have put their trust in Teeter, the ONLY FDA registered Inversion Table indicated for back pain, sciatica, herniated disc and more! Connect with Teeter online:


Thamac15 : Been using a Teeter for two years now and have only had 2 sciatica flare ups compared to one a month! Love this thing!!!

WOPPER : You need to make this a regular thing or it will be just sitting in your home doing no good. The inversion table effects are slow and you won't see long term effects if you do not use it regularly.

J Barkley : I need to finally get one of these. Can these help restore lost height in someone that’s back feels very compressed? Perhaps rehydrating chronically “dehydrated” discs?

Why so Serious?? : I had instant relief when i used this.

cbr1thou : Ol teets

wesley vitality : Like a bat

iron life : This way of healing back and hip pain is great even for your memory that blood flow to your head is really a good thing for relieving stress! No pills needed!!!!!

MicahCTheory : I always feel like my head is exploding in those things.

Eric Rosas : I need this in my life

U Too : ​@t​

Geovanny German : Now I imagine how good this is if I would include besides my exercise routine, that's a banger right there

Joseph Ebrada : I got my LX Spine model last Saturday ...this inversion table is built like a tank. It inspires a lot of confidence and reassurance that this will hold you safe when you are upside down.

Ryan gst : I need this!!

BazuluWolf : Oh so that’s what my mom was talking about, thought she was mentioning a TV Infomercial type thing

joe skiro : So does that mean that other inversion tables aren’t good for you?

Kassim Ibrahim : Any side effect? And how much?, I want to buy

Hulee Hulee : I want an inversion table but I'm worried that overtime it will make my eyes bulge from the blood rushing to my skull

norazuwin norazuwin : Is this can help lower back pain?I got that lower back pain from weight lifting,carry heavy thing,it's been 10 years,when I work little bit hard it's pain 80% if not normal 50% pain (24hr)

Ezekiel : but the problem is, the blood going to your head.. after a while its no good

Patrickvlogs : could this help to "stretch out" Kyphosis?

Erminio Zarcone : Does it help for the neck as well?

Vinay Kumar : Fancy

Sean Woods : joe rogan

Plus Bonus : So to take this to its logical conclusion you shouldn't lift weights?

Lawrence L. : I've always wanted one of these machines...but seems kind of dangerous. Seems like an inevitable accident waiting to happen.

Ann Rotar : Can I do it with scoliosis ? Answer please

een man xxx : Can i use it one year after lowerback surgery.pleace answere it..

Bradley Poehler : And it's used incorrectly in the demonstration. Wow

Q Turn : It's ultimate

Michael K : Discs are not “shock absorbers” but inversion tables are great❣️

mikakami93 : chiropractic can do that for free