Tracy Morgan Was A "Crack Dealer With A Heart Of Gold" - CONAN on TBS

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Mo 2k : Tracey always stares down at the audience after telling a joke as if it wasn’t meant to be funny

Jamison Hodges : Tracy Morgan is somewhere in limbo between genius and complete insanity

Albert L : Tracy Morgan has made a career out of playing characters based on Tracy Morgan.

Rayy Wit two y’s : I don’t use condoms....If you ain’t willing to die for it then you really ain’t want it -Tracy Morgan 💪🏽

Mr. Person Humanson : He's like a drunk uncle

Boris Müller : Tracy Morgan is basically a walking quote machine 😂

Paulie Donuts : 4:45 "I love a big girl. You get heat in the winter, shade in the summer." Lmaooo

Brian Erney : Tracy Morgan is funny and awesome and cool

motoquasi : This interview shows what a good interviewer Conan is. When interviewee is on fire Conan just backs off and let's them do their thing.

Dwight E morgan : A crack dealer with a heart of

frankricci88 : If you got Tracy Morgan, Norm Macdonald, and Bill Burr on the same couch it might destroy the fabric of space-time

Zareth : Tracy Morgan out here living in 3018, while the rest of us still in 2008

German Dimplez : "I got Walmart money now!" I'm dead. 😂

Ganna K : tracy is one of those comedians that just go into any room and murder it on the spot. makes it look so easy too, but it is mad skill and talent. applause!

Maria Roussakis : I feel like cardi b is his long lost daughter

Victor Espino : I'm old school, I don't be pulling out

Vani Andig : "He will make your watch disappear and won't reappear" hahhaha

nullunit : I am so stoked that his accident didn't make him less awesome. Funny as hell just riffiing.

Adam Ramos : The funniest part was Andy laughing his ass off maniacally at Tracey’s fat jokes. Heat in the winter, shade in the summer. Lol

Zen Archer : Tracy Morgan is like the Old Dirty Bastard of comedy

John Burke : Tracy Morgan seems like the most difficult person to have on all the shows I've seen him as a guest... Entertaining, yes, but so random & he just goes off on a tangent, makes him impossible to question.

Emma Bunch-Benson : yes! stretch marks are magical tiger stripes

LiSa MaRiE : Tracy is the funniest Man alive, when he almost died I cried and prayed hard for his recovery. I truly Love this Man!!!! ♥️♥️😘

kyle nicholson : When the joke don't land I go into my instrument. That's my face. BRILLIANT!!!


g'mornin jooolee-uh : Tracy has lost some weight 💪

Raoul Torres : The Shampoo was on Sale....Who Touch My VO5!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

The SmoothGoat : "We don't gotta worry about it, I got Wal-Mart money now" 😂😂😂🤣😎

Emina G : lol even Conan cant even handle this interview

Ashkindness1 : “She brought me a game boy , She stole it and then help me look for 👀 “😭😭😭😭😭

Chasing Enigma : I was thinking how long the interview would go before he says the word pregnant. And that chick, her GF, was the same chick he talked about in the other Conan videos, the chick who beat him up. LOL

Jeremiah the realest : Andy enjoys having Tracy on the show

Adaumis Gaming : *Bingo Wings!!* Lol

EvilKris : bingo wings is a british expression he must've got that from over here lol

Lobo Lobo : Tracy makes no effort to be funny. Just naturally funny.

DENOEHONER : 4:20 bingo wings... LMFAO!!!!

Wectum Wecker : *"Stretch marks n c sections"*

Henrÿ TM : This guy is funny. Glad he's back in good shape again

A. R. TV : If we go back to 4th grade she 250😂😂😂

Sergio Gutierrez : He is on a new plane of intelligence.

K Schenken : Tracy Morgan and Norm MacDonald. Please!!

ghalib khan : i am never playing Bingo ever again

randy taylor : He still a funny guy 👍

Donnie Brasco : Man,I'm cracking up,imagine them old ladies flying down the mountains like those guys in wingsuits

Kenneth Rosales : Heat in the winter, shade in the summer 😭

Harshal Anand : That moment when you realize Tracy Morgan was only playing himself when he was playing Tracy Jordan.

Smashley Dragonborn : cocaine makes you strong enough to lift a 6 story metal stair case around? cool sign me up for the premium cocaine package

CEZ9000 : His interviews are hilarious

NOMO FOMO : This man never disappoints. He's so craaazy

Cosklie : hearing andy laugh like that makes me happy