Beijing's Mr. 30,000

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The Game Winner : so emotional! Im a Big Mavs Fan from Switzerland since 2005. I wish i could meet Dirk too one time :) I Hope i can come to Dallas next season for a Game this would be my dream. #MFFL

J Meza : Mavs Fan For Life!

Son Goku : Can I meet Dirk too please

Son Goku : Can I meet Dirk too please

John Calvette : I‘m Chinese,too and I‘m mavs' fan a year after him,since 05-06 season,when I became mavs' fan I read a sentence from a Chinese magazine of other old fans “喜欢小牛队,从初中生变成了大学生。”It means “I love mavericks ,from a junior schoo student to a university student.”I‘m not a junior middle school student nor university student any more.I‘m already graduated and have worked for over 3 years.......So many up and downs these years for mavericks,but like it's said since I was mavs' fan,I will always watch my favorite sports team‘s game for life.

KidOsu : ding???

ScepticalCynic : That was damn cool and impressive.