Attack on Pearl Harbor 1941

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ketchup bottle : *when you miss so badly you even hit another ship*

RRRanTV / German德国德语学习 - 华桥之声 : *You, sir, deserves so much respect and honor for your awesome work.* Born in China, grew up in Germany. I've been always interested in historical naval battles, especially those between USA and Japanese forces during WW2. The first film I've ever watched in my life, as a child back then, was Midway. Despite reading tons of books about these battles in the pacific ozean, in all 3 languages, Chinese, English & German, and also having watched tons of films, normal ones and documentary ones. NONE of them could even come close to your videos, in terms of accuracy, the amount of information, the route of every strike group, route of planes, mistakes both side had made by false decisions & maneouvering, etc. And also, what amazes me the most, is my sheer level of excitement during watching your videos. For a documentary historical video, without any action scenes, one would expect to simply watch it. But I feel that my heartrate goes up and up while watching at your videos. And also I already know exactly what will happen next, I cannot but simple follow each of your graphics and your explanations like a little child during christmas time who is about to receive his present. I thank you thank you so much dear sir, for providing us with this kind of awesomeness work to let us remember the great battles of the past and the heroes on both side who participated in them. Best regards from Germany! And Merry Christmas to ya all there!

Christopher Jacobsen : I have seen many different documentaries about this fatal morning. Every documentary lasted over 60 minutes and was about different aspects of this conflict. You, sir, managed to cover every aspect in just 17 minutes! Awesome video!!

Dr. Packers : I gotta be honest, one of the greatest clear explainable, accurate, and visually video and explanation of Pearl Harbor I've ever seen. Truly one of the best youtubers for explaining history

Michael Hammer : I have never left a comment on a YouTube video before, however, this deserves to be my first. I have read and watched a lot about the attack on Pearl Harbor over the years, but your 17 minute video put so much information, timelines, etc. I feel it should be required viewing in school history classes. The inclusion of the rare photographs, videos and maps really told the tale. Congratulations on a fantastic production, I’ll be checking out the rest of your videos very soon.

Drake Savory : Single best video on the Battle of Pearl Harbor.

Haleiwa Steve : That was beyond any doubt the best explanation of the attack on Pearl Harbor I've ever watched. Thank you.

Little Mac : Really great and detailed overview, mate. I have been studying WWII since I was a child (for over 30 years) and I learned a whole bunch of things I didn't know! The graphics in conjunctions with how you highlighted what you talked about in the pictures was really enlightening/eye opening!! Thanks for putting this together! p.s. What is most surprising to me was how much the Japanese actually messed up.....I was always lead to believe the attack was almost perfectly executed.

Trey Loizzo : Japan: Cannot afford the risk of the US entering the war. Also Japan:Attacks the US

Christopher Keninger : I feel like the narrative of this event is always so convoluted, but this explanation paints it crystal clear - bravo!

Only truth : Jews rulle and run USA and Europe Jews behind all wars

Steven Bos : The Japanese did not want to attack the fuel tanks because it would create a lot of smoke which could hamper the attack. The fuel tanks were last on the list to attack but after news of no carriers present the Japanese called of the wave planned to attack the fuel tanks.

leonard bullhock : In spite of the duds and hit rate, still, they made a huge dent.

Ikaika Maleko : My mom was playing in her back yard on the North Shore of Oahu when the Japanese planes flew over; she said they looked up and saw planes with big red dots under the wings but didnt know what they were, wow, amazing story.

Avol80 : Best explanation with visual aid I've seen of Pearl Harbor attack. Saved to favorites.

Jarred42501 : the 294 dislikes are the Japanese pilots.

CobraTheGreat : USS Raleigh, USS North Carolina 🇺🇸🇺🇸 (North Carolina)

Boneless : pear harbor was kinda like disabling someone's car engine while it sits in the mechanic shop

Battle Wagon : Well done, Sir. This minute by minute of who did what and why along with showing the angles and positions the photos and movies were taken in regards to the action was brilliant. None of the documentaries I have seen over years even mention the USN getting a flak screen up or mounting any AA defense at all. I wasn't even aware of it until I began researching individual some time ago and they all reporting shooting back. The BB38 opened fire before General Quarters was sounded or that BB36 made a run for open water, for example. All of the documentaries seem to focus on the midget submarines or the Arizona, not at all on the cruisers, let alone show us the entire Harbor and where everything was in context.

Marc Singleton : "Before we're through with them, the Japanese language will be spoken only in hell" -- Admiral Halsey on the bridge of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise on December 8, 1941 as it entered Pearl Harbour

IAmaBoT : They should’ve just stayed home 🤷🏼‍♂️😂

H Rhea Chafin : An amazingly cogent description and explanation of the events of that Sunday morning, and the strategy behind them. A beautiful balance of detail and summary, and the graphics reinforced the narrative. Bravo, sir, bravo!

Brian Gerlach : The maps transitioning to real photographs were very cool to see, and the analysis of them with outlines were very helpful to gain context.

Justin Gamino : This great video now made me think the Japanese pilots had poor aiming than the Stormtroopers. (And No Offense to The Japanese people of today)

František Beer : The best video about WW2, that i ever seen!

tmcmurra63 : Just a splendid job on this video. Thank you very much.

Nickoli Lion : USS Arizona, USS Oklahoma, USS Utah. Thank you for your service!

oderisson : Dude, You have 44k subscribers with 8 videos. Take a hint: "Your videos are great", and "do more stuff"...

exceltraining : pausing at 5:35 to comment on a superb edit from graphics to actual photo..... good stuff.... unpausing now :-)

TheDeadFormat : Dan Carlin's podcast on this event is great.


Asyraf Azizan : nice and clear presentation. good job

Marty Moose : Best Pearl Harbor breakdown I have ever seen! Keep up the great work dude!

Faronthefiddler : American submarine’s. They wiped out Japans’ supply line’s. The Narwahl and other sub’s, were there at Pearl. The Japanese let them be.

Certified Dead Memes : Welcome back to "Why is this in my recommended" Episode 63

Joseph Loveless : Really good work here and well researched. Thanks for putting it together and sharing.

Hans Kwazneski : I'm currently an IT instructor in the USN, I'll be showing this to my class tomorrow. Thanks for this insanely detailed video. :)

Arturo Cevallos Soto : Wow. I wasn't expecting that change of POV with the pictures. Excellent!

Rebimboca : This is f**king great history relaying. You should be proud.

Nunya Bizz : "if we destroy their battleship they'll be scared of us" hahahaha nope

Blue Brick Wall : I'm enjoying this immensely a respectful way to those who lost their lives that day. Excellent presentation. Wish you would do more videos ...and on other topics. Love the way you just tell the story with simple, but easy to understand diagrams without that snarky paste on "Youtube Personality" so many vloggers have.

SJKile : This was a great video to watch. You’ve done your research and presented it precisely, Well Done.

Levi Bitner : Japan: bombs Pearl Harbor USA: completely destroys two Japanese citys Japan: *show pikachu suprised meme*

5up3rN3rdy6am3r : Where did you get the video of the Arizona Explosion with sound?

D Cam : This was beautifully done and super informative, please do more 1940 naval battles. I'm subscribing

TomatoCarrotSoup : Excellent video! Thank you for making this. Very good explanations and production values.

Mike Hunts : It's amazing how the most decisive battle in the Pacific was fought only 6 months later. It's just scary to think that what if those carriers had been in port when this attack happened.

ProgHead777 : Outstanding. You made it all so clear. Keep up the good work.

travis karnes : Amazing awesome video dude as someone who studies military/naval history and warfare this video was pretty top notch. I subscribed to your channel looking forward to more awesome stuff keep up the great work.