Attack on Pearl Harbor 1941

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SLR107FR31 : Nobody I repeat, Nobody has ever explained the attack on Pearl Harbor in a video like this. Clear. Accurately. Visually. You show when the torpedoes hit, and where. You show who got shot down and you even explain why. You show what direction that planes came in from and why it mattered. You show how the attack succeeded and how it failed and even more you explained the goals and intentions of this attack that answers the many "what ifs" that plague this event. You should be proud man. This is perfection and everything that should be strived for when making a history video with narrative and informational graphics. Bravo sir

DeadTroperSociety : I'm a Filipino, so I should not be rooting for Japan during this time but the way the narrator narrates about the second wave, I can't help but get annoyed as to how epicly they failed their mission Admiral Yamamoto to 2nd Wave: You have ONE job!!!

Marty Moose : Best Pearl Harbor breakdown I have ever seen! Keep up the great work dude!

AlterHis : Beautiful video ! Greetings from France.

Bullettube : Yes the Japanese overestimated the ability of their dive bombers, but more importantly they over estimated the effect of the level bombers. The Arizona, which BTW was NOT hit on the second turret, was missed by the first wave at 10,00 feet. The second wave attacked at 5,000 feet which greatly reduced their ability to penetrate the Ship's deck armor. (the 2nd hit aft failed to penetrate) Instead, a bomb hit over the unprotected bow and set off fuel, then black powder (used for the forward catapult which had been removed but the powder charges still remained) See the film clip of the Arizona blowing up: You see a black smoke geyser followed by the yellowish (here grayish) cloud of a cordite explosion. US Battleships had 5 1/2 in of main deck armor that could withstand Japanese aerial bombs. The Arizon's turrets were removed, some of her guns were used to replace those of the Pennsalvania's when they wore out, and the turrets were taken apart and reassembled as coastal batteries on the island. Ironically they were not finished until after the war ended!

Mithrawnudo : This was a fantastic video! I've seen many movies, documentaries, and videos on Pearl Harbor, but never have I seen it described in such detail, blow by blow. I can't wait to check out more on your content.

bobleow15 : This is top notch video. Thank you.

Arturo Cevallos Soto : Wow. I wasn't expecting that change of POV with the pictures. Excellent!

Ksgamer103 : I love how all of your animations and information are backed up with historical photographs and recordings. High quality stuff here!

Brian Gerlach : The maps transitioning to real photographs were very cool to see, and the analysis of them with outlines were very helpful to gain context.

ragequit chan : This is an amazingly high quality video. I hope you consider patreon or other avenues of viewer support. I hope to see more content from this channel.

1987MartinT : This is a very interesting contrast to the popular image of the attack on Pearl Harbor. While most people are aware that the Americans recovered from the attack fairly quickly and that it was in fact of little long term benefit to the Japanese, the attack in and of itself is usually seen as an overwhelming Japanese victory. But this shows that while it was indeed a victory it was actually far less one-sided and far more difficult than most people believe.

Nugroho RF : Good job. Love this one.

Evan Thomas : this is an amazing video, thank you for creating this!

Mr. Doob : Fantastic! I am so lucky to stumble upon your channel.

Max D : Extremely well made. As a member of the US Navy I've never really thought of the attack from the Japanese perspective. Very interesting.

jens jensen : Why didn’t you upload for like 4 months

General Ironwood : If 36 torpedoes were launched, of which 19 achieved hits, wouldn't that make the actual hit rate approx. 53%? 🤔 Where did you get 48%?

Josey Wales : This is probably the clearest account of that attack I have ever seen, good job. You have a great channel, keep up the good work!

John Grey : Most informative and visually coherent, detailed and critically explained presentation on the attack on Pearl Harbor that I've ever seen. You deserve a standing ovation.

TIK : Great video

Nighthawk : Our pirots arr missing ther targets! Shamefur dispray!

TheWoodstock : Well done! It's kind of important to note that Japan's navy started its last two major wars with this kind of a pre-DOW attack as well. In the Sino-Japanese War(the first one in 1894) the IJN sailed up the contested korean coast while still at peace and sunk a chinese troop ship headed for korea. In the Russo-Japanese War the japanese attacked Port Arthur(the base of the Russian Far-East fleet) in a night-time destroyer attack. The japanese were very fond of striking first. In another note, are you still making these with power point?

AMP09FH : 1,000 likes, 5 dislikes. Deserving for a channel that puts out some absolutely fantastic content. Thanks for the hard work and the great videos, you deserve it.

Rudy_Eila : This is the highest quality battle video I have ever seen on Youtube!

Sara Skywalker : Found your channel today and subbed right away. Was kinda dissapointed to see no videos for 4 months but Here you are now. So lucky! Incredible channel!

A05 ODST : Recently this channel has exploded with popularity. I hope it gets better, ots well deserved.

mattmattmatt131313 : Damn nobody in the 20th century ever played any strategy games...ONE ENEMY AT A TIME!!!

Geek Power : Tactical success Strategical failure

Pencil Man : 8:44 "After 36 torpedoes were launched, only 19 achieved a hit, making a 48% hit rate" Actually 19/36 = 0.52777778 which is more ot less equal to a 52,7% hit rate, other than that, excellent video!

Jz6x6 : And then Japan was gifted Littleboy and Fatman in remembrance of December 7.

Anwar Shafee : Top notch content mate. Take a bow. :')

king231190 : You have a lot of potential on yt, I can see you getting 500k subs in a matter of a year or 2 if you keep posting consistent work. I just should advise you 2 things. You need to have a consistent cover image of your videos that is recognizable.That you chose an animation style and stick with it so your easily recognizable and that you focus on one time period/campaign/war for maximum chance of people continuing watching your videos i.e people who watched this video would likely click on "the battle of Midway" the battle of Peleliu" were shown in the suggest bar on the right . Overall keep up teh good work

Chael : This is great! I've never seen a historical battle video on YouTube with such quality.

Mister Dodge : Would love to see a video like this about Battle of midway.

ounkham phomvihane : you explain better than documentary does, hope to see the battle of Java sea, Coral sea, battle of midway, Philippines sea soon

Aguila701 : Love these videos with the maps and the graphics. It's the BEST way to show military history. Other channels go for fancy re-enactments and log drawn out explanations when a simple map and some figures work way better. Also, the damage done to the U.S fleet was over rated.

Model- Man : Very good graphics and Descriptions.Great Video👍

[DEPRECATED] Rocket Propelled Mexican : You should do a series on the Korea war and how the massive back and forth came to be

Rex1987 : aha - this gives another understanding of the attack. Often you hear about this being a super devastating attack where the Jap pilots were incredibly accurate. But this kinda shows that is not the case - it was that one hit on the USS Arizona, that really made an impact (no pun intended!)

SeaDragonMiner R : You put so much detail in these videos, I love that there is no bias. I’m starting to love this channel now, keep up the great work! I’ll always be excited for the next video.

Qethsegol : subscribed! I don't know of anyone else that has gone this in depth about Pearl Harbor. Love the use of the pictures and especially the highlighting of the important aspects in those pictures. Great job. I would assume that Midway, and maybe Coral Sea, are planned for the future? I am looking forward to any future videos.

Citadel : The best video showing how the attack on Pearl Harbor took place, that I've ever seen.Great job.

dunn Jo : China was an ally of the US back then, now the US allies with Japan. The fact is Chinese government has show more respect to those American World War II veterans (Flying Tiger) than most Americans themselves. Very few of them still alive and few Americans still remember them. Now the US has portraited China as an enemy. So what's the meaning and purpose of those young American soldiers' deaths during that war??

Rhok : You've done something here that can't be found anywhere else. Thank you.

sosnn : Please keep posting, your animations are getting better and better btw

Jalmari Tammela : You have clearly put effort in this video. Well done.

Just AGuy : Love the way you included archives' video in it!

Radit Hanif : this is better than any lecture in my school

Michael H : And here I had thought that I had subscribed to a dead channel.