Attack on Pearl Harbor 1941

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SLR107FR31 : Nobody I repeat, Nobody has ever explained the attack on Pearl Harbor in a video like this. Clear. Accurately. Visually. You show when the torpedoes hit, and where. You show who got shot down and you even explain why. You show what direction that planes came in from and why it mattered. You show how the attack succeeded and how it failed and even more you explained the goals and intentions of this attack that answers the many "what ifs" that plague this event. You should be proud man. This is perfection and everything that should be strived for when making a history video with narrative and informational graphics. Bravo sir

Trey Loizzo : Japan: Cannot afford the risk of the US entering the war. Also Japan:Attacks the US

Featherdo Birdolini : pear harbor was kinda like disabling someone's car engine while it sits in the mechanic shop

oderisson : Dude, You have 44k subscribers with 8 videos. Take a hint: "Your videos are great", and "do more stuff"...

Christopher Jacobsen : I have seen many different documentaries about this fatal morning. Every documentary lasted over 60 minutes and was about different aspects of this conflict. You, sir, managed to cover every aspect in just 17 minutes! Awesome video!!

DeadTroperSociety : I'm a Filipino, so I should not be rooting for Japan during this time but the way the narrator narrates about the second wave, I can't help but get annoyed as to how epicly they failed their mission Admiral Yamamoto to 2nd Wave: You have ONE job!!!

John Grey : Most informative and visually coherent, detailed and critically explained presentation on the attack on Pearl Harbor that I've ever seen. You deserve a standing ovation.

Normacly : Well, to be fair for the Japanese, they didn't really had good intelligence on Pearl Harbor. None of the Japanese Americans who still had access to the naval base provide intelligence to the Japanese government. Moreover, the only spy the Japanese managed to sneak into Hawaii could only recon the US ships from a distance, and he had to leave before the attack. In other words, aside from general information, the Japanese were almost blind when conducting the attack.

Brian O'Neill : Extremely good video. One minor error. Fuchida was a Commander, not a Lt., at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack. Otherwise I loved it. Puts the entire anti-ship attack into an understandable context. You could do an entirely separate one about the attacks on the airfields and the aerial combats, but as a discussion about the sequence and results of the anti-ship attacks it is great.

Avol80 : Best explanation with visual aid I've seen of Pearl Harbor attack. Saved to favorites.

Marty Moose : Best Pearl Harbor breakdown I have ever seen! Keep up the great work dude!

TIK : Great video

Ryan157711 : This is the single best explanation video not only of pearl harbor but of any battle or attack I've ever seen. Your spoken explanation was clear and detailed and the visual map with animation was perfect. Not to mention the excellent additions of real photos. This is also the only video I've seen where the real photos were overlaid with highlights of which ship was which. Overall perfect explanation. This could be used in schools to teach.

Certified Dead Memes : Welcome back to "Why is this in my recommended" Episode 63

Battle Wagon : Well done, Sir. This minute by minute of who did what and why along with showing the angles and positions the photos and movies were taken in regards to the action was brilliant. None of the documentaries I have seen over years even mention the USN getting a flak screen up or mounting any AA defense at all. I wasn't even aware of it until I began researching individual some time ago and they all reporting shooting back. The BB38 opened fire before General Quarters was sounded or that BB36 made a run for open water, for example. All of the documentaries seem to focus on the midget submarines or the Arizona, not at all on the cruisers, let alone show us the entire Harbor and where everything was in context.

Mark Harrison : Japan declared war on the US and the British Empire on 7 December 1941.

Evan Thomas : this is an amazing video, thank you for creating this!

Derek Sellars : Great video of one of the horrific attacks on the United States, very informative. Job well done!! But your commentary should have been more clearer, you seemed to talk too fast, Don't get me wrong. you did an excellent job but you needed to talk more slowly and more clearly, like Robert Mitchem or Robert Redford on their documentaries. Thank You !!!!

Moses Kong : Just one correction for you :) Zuikaku and Shokaku are the 5th Carrier Division Really really informative though :) favourited!

Harry Dead : When that detailed coloured map aligned and merged into the black and white photo, man I haven’t seen anything like that before. Damn good graphics man

Arbiter : I don't know. But it seems to me that this was a strategic disaster for the Japanese that could have been readily anticipated. And what's the good of saying that "Japan had to do something to preempt American attack" . . . if that led to where it inevitably did lead (?) Besides, a correct cultural analysis of 1940s America would have shown that chances were VERY low that America would start a war by attacking Japan from Philippines . . .

A05 ODST : Please do more, I really hope this channel blows up

MORENA LOVER : If the Japanese would of have used one more sorties to take out the fuel tank, I'm sure the war would have went different.....

Lukas Schneider : Where are the new videos

Brian Gerlach : The maps transitioning to real photographs were very cool to see, and the analysis of them with outlines were very helpful to gain context.

Eric Censon : This video is golden, very well made. Greetings from China :D

Monkey Boy : Outstanding narration with a blow by blow account. I've never seen this sort of detail. I like how u put in the "human" side of the pilots that only wanted battle ships. That really spoke of the short sited, dumbsitted mindset of the Japanese naval power. That "Samurai Warrior" thought process of a devastating attack breaking moral of the USA. They were shitting themselves after the Doolittle Raid a few months later. Not only was that raid in effective, but hugely courageous. The Japanese couldn't imagine such a daring attack on the emporor's home. I'd also never thought that by not attacking Pearl and the Philippians, the Japanese could have kept America out of the pacific.

Asyraf Azizan : nice and clear presentation. good job

Kamatis! : what a great video

Mithrawnudo : This was a fantastic video! I've seen many movies, documentaries, and videos on Pearl Harbor, but never have I seen it described in such detail, blow by blow. I can't wait to check out more on your content.

Anthony johnson : This is the best explanation of PH I have ever seen then again I always expect the best from your channel.

Seaofblaze : "unfortunately" the carriers were missing... What a great coincidence to be sent out on exercise prior to the attack

Sara Wilcker : 2:56 Excuse me, I believe you mean Little person submarine.

shab249 : YOU ARE AMAZING please do more videos like this about midway for example

Ksgamer103 : I love how all of your animations and information are backed up with historical photographs and recordings. High quality stuff here!

Manav Gajera : Japanese HAD awakened a sleeping giant!!

Neurofied Yamato : This is super well done. I never seen a video so detailed about Pearl Harbor. The transition to the pictures were amazing. So great job! I really enjoyed it. Definitely sharing this to others. I want to suggest you adding the prelude(A midget sub got sank by a US destroyer patrol prior to Pearl Harbor) and the aftermath. If you did that would of made this absolutely perfect. Subscribed nonetheless. A well deserved subscription. The 2nd wave enraged me at their failure to even try to target cruisers. I'm not going to really bother about the carriers since they could do nothing about that. But the most annoying thing was missing the cruisers. These cruisers if were knocked out would of actually played a decisively affected Guadalcanal. I'm not really cheering for the Japanese but its so annoying to learn that Guadalcanal might of been won if not for the 2nd wave's failure. Us haven'tramped up much cruisers by early 1943. Most cruisers fighting there were existing ones such as the ones in Pearl Harbor. Guadalcanal overall was a very one to one in terms of victories. The battles fought were most carriers, CRUISERS and destroyers. Eliminating those cruisers would of gave the Japanese a significant advantage during the surface actions in Guadalcanal. Such victories might of allowed the Japanese to transport sufficient supplies and troops to the fight. Wake and Midway isn't the only decisive battles of WW2... Guadalcanal was a major turning point too. Japan still had a chance of winning during Guadalcanal. Once Guadalcanal was lost, there wasn't much hope left. And the outcome was decided already back in the 2nd wave of Pearl Harbor.

Andy Su : Just wondering, some reports show that a 2nd midget submarine made it inside the harbor besides the one rammed by the USS Monaghan. In fact, one case of proof that was used was in that famous photo you showed at 7:40 where there was a rectangular object on the center left where the torpedo tracks originated. What do you think about this?

Pike Stance : I find it very interesting the one Japanese rationale for the attack on the US. If the US can be dealt a hard enough blow, then the US would be too devastated to respond. For me the worse the attack would have been, the more determine the US would have been. It also misread that the US Gov't was really "itching" to get involved in the war. It gave the US gov't everything it needed and then some to turn the American public into "Warhawks." if Japan does not attack, I do not see a scenario where the US would voluntarily enter the war.

Arturo Cevallos Soto : Wow. I wasn't expecting that change of POV with the pictures. Excellent!

Devin S : I bet they elected not to attack the fuel tanks to keep the viability good.

Mikkel Kahle : One of the best documentaries i've seen in regards to history/military. Ever. Even the ones they produce on TV, can't compare to the level you bring here. Great level of detail, but still not too much information is given. It is possible to "digest" without losing the grip. Thank you for a great video, I learned a lot today.

MAMAS B0Y : Japanese Navy Actually Planned To Attack Aircraft Careers

Sam Houston : You really want to learn about WWII? Then read President Roosevelt and the coming of the war, 1941; a study in appearances and realities by Charles A. Beard.

AlterHis : Beautiful video ! Greetings from France.

timberhoff : This video is simply astonishing. You sir have a gift for presenting the battles clearly and chronologically which gives a viewer such a clear picture what was really going on that day. I like how there is absolutely no irrelevant points. Simply facts and thats it.

Jorge Nickell : This was not a surprise attack at all! The US government already knew it was going to happen and they were warned months before by Ricardo Rivera Schreiber, Peruvian ambassador to Japan. This is also taught in Peruvian schools so how come they don't teach this in US schools?

LordmorrisII : The biggest mistake that the Japanese made at Pearl Harbar was not to destroy the fuel camp. Had they done so, the American porters would have been put on ice. That means even if they had escaped the destruction, they would have had no supply to start against the offensive. Historians say if the Japanese had done that, it would have taken 1 year to get Pearl Harbor back up and running

Fabiolean : This is THE best detailed explanation of the actions on the morning of Pearl Harbor I have ever heard. Very excellent!

ragequit chan : This is an amazingly high quality video. I hope you consider patreon or other avenues of viewer support. I hope to see more content from this channel.