Attack on Pearl Harbor 1941

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SLR107FR31 : Nobody I repeat, Nobody has ever explained the attack on Pearl Harbor in a video like this. Clear. Accurately. Visually. You show when the torpedoes hit, and where. You show who got shot down and you even explain why. You show what direction that planes came in from and why it mattered. You show how the attack succeeded and how it failed and even more you explained the goals and intentions of this attack that answers the many "what ifs" that plague this event. You should be proud man. This is perfection and everything that should be strived for when making a history video with narrative and informational graphics. Bravo sir

Mithrawnudo : This was a fantastic video! I've seen many movies, documentaries, and videos on Pearl Harbor, but never have I seen it described in such detail, blow by blow. I can't wait to check out more on your content.

Bullettube : Yes the Japanese overestimated the ability of their dive bombers, but more importantly they over estimated the effect of the level bombers. The Arizona, which BTW was NOT hit on the second turret, was missed by the first wave at 10,00 feet. The second wave attacked at 5,000 feet which greatly reduced their ability to penetrate the Ship's deck armor. (the 2nd hit aft failed to penetrate) Instead, a bomb hit over the unprotected bow and set off fuel, then black powder (used for the forward catapult which had been removed but the powder charges still remained) See the film clip of the Arizona blowing up: You see a black smoke geyser followed by the yellowish (here grayish) cloud of a cordite explosion. US Battleships had 5 1/2 in of main deck armor that could withstand Japanese aerial bombs. The Arizon's turrets were removed, some of her guns were used to replace those of the Pennsalvania's when they wore out, and the turrets were taken apart and reassembled as coastal batteries on the island. Ironically they were not finished until after the war ended!

John Grey : Most informative and visually coherent, detailed and critically explained presentation on the attack on Pearl Harbor that I've ever seen. You deserve a standing ovation.

TIK : Great video

DeadTroperSociety : I'm a Filipino, so I should not be rooting for Japan during this time but the way the narrator narrates about the second wave, I can't help but get annoyed as to how epicly they failed their mission Admiral Yamamoto to 2nd Wave: You have ONE job!!!

oderisson : Dude, You have 44k subscribers with 8 videos. Take a hint: "Your videos are great", and "do more stuff"...

Normacly : Well, to be fair for the Japanese, they didn't really had good intelligence on Pearl Harbor. None of the Japanese Americans who still had access to the naval base provide intelligence to the Japanese government. Moreover, the only spy the Japanese managed to sneak into Hawaii could only recon the US ships from a distance, and he had to leave before the attack. In other words, aside from general information, the Japanese were almost blind when conducting the attack.

1greenMitsi : anyone who thinks pearl harbour a surprise attack severely underestimates american intelligence

Evan Thomas : this is an amazing video, thank you for creating this!

Marty Moose : Best Pearl Harbor breakdown I have ever seen! Keep up the great work dude!

blueshirt06 : You should do a video on the attack of the Italian naval base of Tarranto in 1940 which was the idea the Japanese got for Pearl Harbor

Trey Loizzo : Japan: Cannot afford the risk of the US entering the war. Also Japan:Attacks the US

Asyraf Azizan : nice and clear presentation. good job

Anthony johnson : This is the best explanation of PH I have ever seen then again I always expect the best from your channel.

Featherdo Birdolini : pear harbor was kinda like disabling someone's car engine while it sits in the mechanic shop

Janez Ferkov : Make a documentary about how the USA government knew that Pearl was going to be hit and did nothing to prevent it.

TheLookingOne : Excellent. Will you do the same for Midway?

Shawn Colborn : I love your videos! Bravo, good work! This is incredible, best video of the attack I have ever seen.

Arturo Cevallos Soto : Wow. I wasn't expecting that change of POV with the pictures. Excellent!

Sam Shelton : Well color me subscribed! That was the most excellent breakdown of an engagement i've seen on youtube. Whats at stake? what were the goals? how effective were they? all answered succinctly and efficiently. While also entertaining and engrossing? you have a gift, and i look forward to seeing more content.

Lukas Schneider : Where are the new videos

Ryan157711 : This is the single best explanation video not only of pearl harbor but of any battle or attack I've ever seen. Your spoken explanation was clear and detailed and the visual map with animation was perfect. Not to mention the excellent additions of real photos. This is also the only video I've seen where the real photos were overlaid with highlights of which ship was which. Overall perfect explanation. This could be used in schools to teach.

A05 ODST : Please do more, I really hope this channel blows up

Andy Leahy : This level of detail is just so amazing. I mean, really, there's like a kajillion Pearl Harbor documentaries, and not one of them explains the onslaught step by step, like this.

Stefan Ciganovic : Do battle for Stalingrad one of biggest and most complex battles ever :D

Mark Harrison : It was a false flag attack.

Seaofblaze : "unfortunately" the carriers were missing... What a great coincidence to be sent out on exercise prior to the attack

Eric Censon : This video is golden, very well made. Greetings from China :D

Harry Dead : When that detailed coloured map aligned and merged into the black and white photo, man I haven’t seen anything like that before. Damn good graphics man

SuperSurper : Amazing video! great breakdown of the attack, just two comments on it. First one would be a small mistake, Shōkaku and Zuikaku weren't actually the 3rd Carrier division, they were the 5th Carrier division. (第五航空戦隊 "5th Carrier Division/Force" vs 第三航空戦隊 "3rd Carrier Division/Force"), at the moment of the attack the 3rd division was composed of Zuihō and Hōshō, which were tasked along with 3 Battleship divisions to provide long range cover/escort for the return trip of the Kidō Butai. Second one would be not exactly a mistake, but more of a lack of needed context, when you mention the initial attack, I think it would be important to mention why the D3A dive bombers went in before the torpedo bombers. Originally, the torpedo bombers were intended to go in first, since they were more vulnerable and would take advantage of the surprise, but when Fuchida launched the single flare that indicated that total surprise had been achieved, he thought that it may have not been seen by his wing leaders, so he decided to launch a second one. This proved as a fatal mistake, since two flares indicated that surprise had not been achieved, which would mean that dive bombers would attack first, and his commanders had indeed seen the first signal. This was chosen because most japanese planes did not have radios, and while the famous radio message "Tora, Tora, Tora!" was correctly interpreted, the visual signals weren't. I just thought it was important to point out that it was that the reason for the dive bombers initiating the attack. Aside from these two small details, great work with these videos! (I enjoyed the Savo island one too) I just wish that many professionals in my field that work on these aspects would put even half the care and interest you did with the video. You gained a loyal subscriber and I look forward to see what you can show us in the future.

Monarchy is the best! : An interesting question concerning the war. What if the Japanese took a gambit and tried to avoid a war with USA. Would that have backfired? I know Roosevelt wanted to join the Allies, but it would have been extremely unpopular. If Japan did delay and the US joined anyway, it would have been a short war.

Neurofied Yamato : This is super well done. I never seen a video so detailed about Pearl Harbor. The transition to the pictures were amazing. So great job! I really enjoyed it. Definitely sharing this to others. I want to suggest you adding the prelude(A midget sub got sank by a US destroyer patrol prior to Pearl Harbor) and the aftermath. If you did that would of made this absolutely perfect. Subscribed nonetheless. A well deserved subscription. The 2nd wave enraged me at their failure to even try to target cruisers. I'm not going to really bother about the carriers since they could do nothing about that. But the most annoying thing was missing the cruisers. These cruisers if were knocked out would of actually played a decisively affected Guadalcanal. I'm not really cheering for the Japanese but its so annoying to learn that Guadalcanal might of been won if not for the 2nd wave's failure. Us haven'tramped up much cruisers by early 1943. Most cruisers fighting there were existing ones such as the ones in Pearl Harbor. Guadalcanal overall was a very one to one in terms of victories. The battles fought were most carriers, CRUISERS and destroyers. Eliminating those cruisers would of gave the Japanese a significant advantage during the surface actions in Guadalcanal. Such victories might of allowed the Japanese to transport sufficient supplies and troops to the fight. Wake and Midway isn't the only decisive battles of WW2... Guadalcanal was a major turning point too. Japan still had a chance of winning during Guadalcanal. Once Guadalcanal was lost, there wasn't much hope left. And the outcome was decided already back in the 2nd wave of Pearl Harbor.

blockmasterscott : I always felt that Nagumo got a bad rap for not taking out those oil tanks. He had no clue where the American carriers were, he had a responsibility to get his carriers back in one piece, he had knocked the American fleet out of action, even if it was temporary, and also, carrier raising tactics was still in its infancy. The doctrine for using carrier planes to knock out logistics may have not existed back then. His orders were to knock out the American fleet and that’s what he did. I say he did the right thing by taking his winnings and going home.

Brian Gerlach : The maps transitioning to real photographs were very cool to see, and the analysis of them with outlines were very helpful to gain context.

Btv Sten : Us fighters were present in the second wave

Tom A. : As most do, you missed the fact that the first Japanese aircraft shot down was be a SUBMARINE. This occurred since the crews are very small and the Duty Officers were entrusted with the ammo keys in port. The first kill is shared by the USS Norwhal (SS-167) and the USS Nautilus (SS-168). As the first wave went past the submarine pens, the slow moving torpedo bombers were sitting duck the submarines. Otherwise a great explanation of the attack on Pearl Harbor. QMC(SS) USN. (Ret)

NOVA4 : Oil is still coming out of the USS Arizona I went to the memorial

Mark Harrison : Japan declared war on the US and the British Empire on 7 December 1941.

ragequit chan : This is an amazingly high quality video. I hope you consider patreon or other avenues of viewer support. I hope to see more content from this channel.

Mark Harrison : The attack was inevitable after the US economic embargo and the Hull note.

Ian Crossland : This is incredibly done.

LordmorrisII : The biggest mistake that the Japanese made at Pearl Harbar was not to destroy the fuel camp. Had they done so, the American porters would have been put on ice. That means even if they had escaped the destruction, they would have had no supply to start against the offensive. Historians say if the Japanese had done that, it would have taken 1 year to get Pearl Harbor back up and running

Javier Jimenez : I’ve read a lot of books on Pearl Harbor. You’re video had some nice nuggets of information. Thank you

Ksgamer103 : I love how all of your animations and information are backed up with historical photographs and recordings. High quality stuff here!

MAMAS B0Y : Japanese Navy Actually Planned To Attack Aircraft Careers

Elmo Cotton : Thats was off the hook! I have watch sooo many expensive documentaries and definitive books on the Attack but none come close to this debrief

Mark Harrison : The US caused the attack.

Noplayster13 : You have gained yourself a subscriber this day. Well produced, concise, clear. Very well done.

ounkham phomvihane : you explain better than documentary does, hope to see the battle of Java sea, Coral sea, battle of midway, Philippines sea soon