Moo Moo doesn’t understand personal space

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theredscarelpful : *notices your torrent of piss* OwO what's this?

Markus Magnon : Doors. How do they work?

K imber : Awww Moo Moo loves you so much! You must be a great owner.

TheBrookian : Sounded like an inconsistent stream. May want to see the Dr for that....

Gabrielle Thomas : Totally adorable, both of you lol.

Vintage Jedi : My cat likes to follow me everywhere in the morning! He sits on the edge of the bathtub and watches me brush my teeth, then sits on the kitchen table while I have coffee and read the news. Rinse and repeat. 😻

Freddy : Blessed and he doesn't even know it

Sundiata : my cat follows me in the morning too, except he tries to swat at my legs and bite it, its like I'm on the set of a NatGeo wild documentary. Opens door, walks in hallway: *cat comes out of nowhere and bites my foot* AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! aaaaaaggggghhhhh! agh! Snake? Snake! SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE! Fission Mailed.

Jagh Haringenamn : Some cats are "shoulder cats". They're not the most common, but a lot of cats like to be up-high and close to their owner.

InsecureWifi : Neat

Robert : Love 'em while they last.

Patrick Callahan : What a sweet cat. I'm sure its annoying sometimes, but it's great to have something love you so much.

sor3999 : Stalker cat is watching you pee

LFP Gaming : You should rename Moo Moo to *Wee Wee*

buddy holla : looks like your cat is afraid of snakes

LaserDroid : Your familiar is a cat named MooMoo. You're a wizard Michael!

Nick Guerrero : My dog literally sits between my legs whenever I go to the bathroom. True love

VIVIC : If that's how intermittent your flow is every morning you probably have a UTI

Ryan O : Shake things up. piss in the sink.

r7blue : thats a small cow

ChrisEngle87 : i want your cat

Pietje Jantje : Michael doesn't understand that one needs to feed the cat.

Wilson Solt : You are leaking!

NOAH freaking THOMAS : Good job Moo Moo.

VIVIC : What kind of dog is moo moo?

eleanor murray : Hiya, Elle here from LADbible, hope you're good! We love the video! Would you be happy for us to repost to our pages please? We'll credit back to you if so! Thanks, Elle

CafeNightster : Maybe she senses/smells something is wrong, like a kidney failing, bladder infection, to high/low of something or just too much asparagus.

Ayma : Have you thought of pranking your cat but filling up the bathtub before this?

thejakeyboi : hahaha! This is precisely why: no cats in the bathroom!

Para Otm : My cat sits on my lap :-)

Danielle Avery : MooMoo?

LeonidasSthlm : My cat lays in my lap pretty much every time I use the toilet.

tnethacker : Same here. Seriously annoying after years

Matthew Connolly : What kind of monster puts his toilet paper roll on to dispense from behind like that ?!?!?

MagicMachineGun : Cats suck