4K ILS Cat II - Boeing 737 night landing in dense winter fog
Boeing 737 night landing in dense winter fog

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Boeing 737-800 making a fully automated approach and landing in CAT II conditions to runway 29. Exterior lights are switched off on approach to make it easier to spot runway lights. RVR about 500 meters. Runway lights are usually set to full bright as well to make it easier to spot the runway.


David Wiebe : The hard part is NOT the landing, that is dialed in and performed by a computer. The HARD part is taxiing and finding the frikkin gate!!!

Maloy7800 : Autopilot disconnected after touchdown. That's not Cat II, that's CAT IIIB landing.

Legacy R6 : I work on Alaska 737 700 to 900ERs as an Avionics tech but never get to see these systems at work in the air. So awesome.

UnshavenStatue : Man hardly 10 seconds between minimums and touchdown, that's nuts

mysock351C : Great video. Really captures the perspective of flying in those conditions. Its almost like the plane isn't even moving and everything is just abstractions until the runway comes into view.

HaJee Es : Beautiful and impressive. Thanks for sharing!

Tornado F5 : Nice one ! Would you mind sharing your camera settings for this shot (assuming the cam is a GoPro) ? All my attempts have been unsuccessful so far...

N1vnavspeed : Absolutely fantastic ! Thanks a lot for sharing these unique scenes with us Captain :)

OscarMikeOut : When they turned off the lights I imagined one of the board crew to sneak up and yell: "boo!" :D

TheBrokenMachine : Damn.

Scramble Diaz Luque : Soo fantastic, incredible how this machine culd do that 👌

Fly'n Brian : Nice! In my aviation career I flew thousands of approaches. I think only three or four were in conditions this low. Most of the time you pop out of the overcast well above minimums with decent visibility underneath. However, once conditions were so low that as I got down to 200' there was absolutely nothing. No glow of the approach lights, no rabbit, NO NOTHING! Went missed and waited for conditions to improve! The glow of the approach lights was always appreciated as I closed in on minimums! Oh yeah, almost forgot, we didn't have autopilots so had to hand fly them as well. Fun times for sure!

Jose Santos : Congratulations. How was it possible? Unbealiveable. Parabéns. Até mete medo só de ver, quanto mais imaginar lá dentro. Até com uma bicicleta era difícil andar naquele nevoeiro.

richard c : Auto landing (easy).......taxi to stand not so easy!!!!

Topfelya : Amazing night time footage !

Kev Farthing : Landing the aircraft is one thing but navigating around a large airport in dense fog must be a nightmare.

Perfect Combination : Bravo! That`s real professionals!!!

Rubik : fully autopilot landing

Greg Turner : Nerves of steel those pilots have. Very impressed!

Daniel Watts : I got anxious just watching that...wow.

Jeffrey J : Which of those instruments shows heart rate?

WifeBTR123 : Wow!!! Amazing clip! For some reason I cant add video to my favorites.

Mike M : My dad landed in fog like this in the 50' and '60s in a C-124 all the time. He said the hard part was taxing. They used ground radar at the time.

polskizwiązekzwiązkowcówpolskich : Mgła jak 10.04.2010 w Smoleńsku... :/

Diego G.N : simplesmente fantástico!

MeMad Max : I love this stuff especially at KORD. ^.^

bozeman38 : What a incredible sight, lights out, from + 100 to 50 in just a few seconds. Great touchdown. Nice landing under the circumstances.😮🙍🏽‍♂️👍

Mandime : One has to admire the ability of a flight crew to fly instruments only. Great job!

Ethan Higgins : The only reason why modern airliners arent allowed to land in 0 visibility on the deck is because there is no system that can auto-taxi.

Lucky Terrarian : I didn't know the 737 had a VSP...

mopjockey57 : Great perspective of a miraculous, albeit, common occurrence most of us never give a second thought....thanks for sharing!

Nelson Melamund : Just amazing. God bless!

1MuchButteR1 : 500 _meters_ _remaining_

Chandra Shekhar Bhatt : You have to trust the instrumentas .. really amazing

Gillian Tracy : Fabulous video. Fabulous landing! Subbed!

HotDog12ist : Perfect! Keep uploading :)

Planes123 : Great work recording and putting this video together. Super Like!

Jim Anderson : Auto land. A luxury we 737 HGS Cat 3 flyers don’t have ...

nastarnb : 霧の中のランディングなんて初めて見た。 凄いなぁ~(◎。◎)!

Eldridge Felder : Amazing skill. They weren't even worried. I would at least need a high-five!

Normie McNormalot : Great landing, computer!

Abdullah Al-Molah : amazing landing, very brave pilot 👏🏻

Rosangela Gonçalves : A modernidade hj faz q essas máquinas incríveis pouse em qualquer situação de clima e tempo

hrxbex : Why did they even got landing clearance.Maybe Ryanair low fuel lool

PokerRun388 : Very skilled pilots! Fantastic job!

Ben Thomas : Brilliant. You pilots are amazing people!

Elena Colon : Perfect wow what a landing thank you

reverse thrust : Thanks for flying Pucker International Airlines.

Carvalho : *PQP, que fobia! Os pilotos se entregam inteiramente aos instrumentos :)*