4K ILS Cat II - Boeing 737 night landing in dense winter fog

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ItsCoreyLynxxYall : I didn't know that pilots turn off lights in fog. Just learned something new.

Mark Ellis : I work on Alaska 737 700 to 900ERs as an Avionics tech but never get to see these systems at work in the air. So awesome.

UnshavenStatue : Man hardly 10 seconds between minimums and touchdown, that's nuts

mysock351C : Great video. Really captures the perspective of flying in those conditions. Its almost like the plane isn't even moving and everything is just abstractions until the runway comes into view.

Topfelya : Amazing night time footage !

Fly'n Brian : Nice! In my aviation career I flew thousands of approaches. I think only three or four were in conditions this low. Most of the time you pop out of the overcast well above minimums with decent visibility underneath. However, once conditions were so low that as I got down to 200' there was absolutely nothing. No glow of the approach lights, no rabbit, NO NOTHING! Went missed and waited for conditions to improve! The glow of the approach lights was always appreciated as I closed in on minimums! Oh yeah, almost forgot, we didn't have autopilots so had to hand fly them as well. Fun times for sure!

Jaloyan : Nice one ! Would you mind sharing your camera settings for this shot (assuming the cam is a GoPro) ? All my attempts have been unsuccessful so far...

David Wiebe : The hard part is NOT the landing, that is dialed in and performed by a computer. The HARD part is taxiing and finding the frikkin gate!!!

TheBrokenMachine : Damn.

Заманбек Есенов : I love aviation

karlopio1975 : Cat 1 minimum 200fts Cat 2minimin 100fts Cat 3a mínimum 50ft So The approach was cat 3 not 2

richard c : Auto landing (easy).......taxi to stand not so easy!!!!

Ethan Higgins : The only reason why modern airliners arent allowed to land in 0 visibility on the deck is because there is no system that can auto-taxi.

News that matter : Imagine getting stuck in weather like that when you've only trained for VFR and its night..

Jose Santos : Congratulations. How was it possible? Unbealiveable. Parabéns. Até mete medo só de ver, quanto mais imaginar lá dentro. Até com uma bicicleta era difícil andar naquele nevoeiro.

OscarMikeOut : When they turned off the lights I imagined one of the board crew to sneak up and yell: "boo!" :D

HaJee Es : Beautiful and impressive. Thanks for sharing!

Mike M : My dad landed in fog like this in the 50' and '60s in a C-124 all the time. He said the hard part was taxing. They used ground radar at the time.

Uhu_p3dv4 : Why did they even got landing clearance.Maybe Ryanair low fuel lool

Pilot Derrick : Thats a scary one hands down!

Jesse James : That’s the coolest aviation video I’ve seen yet!

Max Almazov : Pilots landed in same conditions in early 50s on IL-14 with simple ILS in operation

Solaris Fireball : How come the lower eicas and lower part of the main eicas is blanked out? :/

Marty Flagg : Could one of the 45 that disliked this vid tell us, WHY?---you dis-liked it?

Rubik : fully autopilot landing

Moonstruck Exploring : I didn't know there was such a thing as a "fully automated approach and landing". Why don't they use that all the time?

Kev Farthing : Landing the aircraft is one thing but navigating around a large airport in dense fog must be a nightmare.

Diego G.N : simplesmente fantástico!

epicdriver4g : Total Trust

N1vnavspeed : Absolutely fantastic ! Thanks a lot for sharing these unique scenes with us Captain :)

Poots MuhGoots : I understand that this is your job and this is what you're trained to do but still...incredible job. Visibility couldn't have been more than 150 feet at least going off what I can see from your attitude indicator. That is insane and I bet there was some sort of relief when the runway lights came into view.

Greg Turner : Nerves of steel those pilots have. Very impressed!

T L : And a passanger like me would think "Why the hell did he turn off the lights" LOL

Chandra Shekhar Bhatt : You have to trust the instrumentas .. really amazing

hugo castillo : Speechless, great landing.

Daniel Watts : I got anxious just watching that...wow.

NisaChannel : Great job. Lot's of hard work... Mr Autopilot!!!

cmetube : When will auto ILS be the standard every where?

Antonio Herrmann : You know you're in for a hell of an approach when your minimums are at 50 feet!!

SCOTT ontheboat : Why do pilots approach and land manually in good weather?? Why not use autopilot all the time??😁🇱🇷

Kim Nielsen : Airport ?

Giuseppe Prattichizzo : Is this a Autoland?

Chris Mihok : Cool video. Why am I not hearing any call outs (Flaps, Gear, etc.)?.

heffoandjuff : I have flight simulator in my computer. The software offers many flights. I use a joystick which includes a throttle. There is one flight where I fly a 737 through a storm and land it totally on instruments. As I break out of the clouds the runway lights appear and I flare the plane and land it. It is very difficult and I manage to crash a lot. Flying an ILS approach is hard to master

John Smith : That was cat 2 ? Disconnecting autopilot after landing ? Is it legal ?)

Flightbudy2channel : I could have sworn there was a rag that said the landing lights had to be on under 10K but I sure couldn’t find it. As the same time in conditions like this I can see a pilot not wanting them on.

dmitriy40 : You ever seen a grown man naked?

Perfect Combination : Bravo! That`s real professionals!!!

Igor Nebov : Which airport?

Cleuton Gonçalves : Excelente vídeo