iPhone X but instead it's iPhone XXXTENTACION

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Vegetas worst animation ever even worse than Dbs : QualiTy MEmE🙏🏼

Moxas : i p u t a h o l e i n y o u r p a r e n t s

hmm yes interesting. : Sam (is Dead), *bring in the horns*

Bantü : Now we wait for the IPhone XSki

HPFMav : The 17GB iPhone XXXTentacion costs $666


mostworst : dam

4igh Low : My eyes lit up when u posted

Veinxs : Can't keep my eye brows in my face

Hold Up : Like if MuchDank changed the meme game forever💯👍🏿

I know Nothing : *W H Y I S E V E R Y O N E T Y P I N G L I K E T H I S*

Darth Faker : 10/10

TyTy 504 : Y'all this video is going to blow up...

Blue Ryai : *ima stay away from this iphone.*

jade marie : Best Video EVER!!😂😂😂

John10o : But is it 🅱️oneless

xXL344zXx : This guy is getting incredibly good at these edits

Slim Shady : 🅱ool

Tuti Hill : this is art.

WestCrook : iPhone XXXTENTACION Plus S

Guapo Ballout : Best video ever.

HighOffDetroit YT : Holy shit your talented.

philipanakwue : That mug shot screensaver killed me

Hari : Does it come with eyebrows tho?

P4ZT : Wireless noose lmao

Jayoo Plays : As soon as this 🅱hone came out, I knew this ni🅱🅱a would do some 🅱hit like 🅱his.

johnkeem103 : Chief Keef and Childish Gambino back n fourth, please.

Voretti : No joke bro this some a1 editing. You the goat 🔥🔥

alawwade : Song name in end 0:54

I know Nothing : *WHO'S JAHSEH ONFROY?*

Contraband : The wireless noose


LoveItAll : *Sam is dead* Logan paul: WASSUP YOUTUBE

Nathaniel : 0/10 not enough distortion

fuck you bitch : Dank

Stokeley Goulbourne : "This is a joke, please don't sue me. Also X fans don't get mad, it's just a meme. Love you jahseh onfroy.". IM DEADDD😂😂😂💀💀💀

L_0velyBxstard V_enuu : Best IPhone X(xxtentaction) Ad ever

LIL Molly : But you see x has evolved into the male version of elsa

RVRE CW : Pleeease don't throw your luuuuuv away

DEATH : It can punch your face *of a million other faces*

TJO : Has x seen this 😂😂😂

stellar drawing of drake : dude. wtf. gold. pure gold.

Anthony Torres : When you can't afford the iPhone X buy the iPhone XXXTENTACION

mia gigliuto : Added to “the best videos I’ve ever watched” playlist

Dem_Bonezz 510 : my god the edits are dank ASF

Alexander Hooks : U stole this idea from lennar young

cl yde : This is so real imagine if this is on TV lol

_ByNASTY / PvP ッ : Genius.

Skunk : *Sam's dead*

R 19 : I'm nauseous im dying 💔she ripped my heart right out 🖤can't find her someone too my eyes r all cried out ‼️lost it riots gunfire inside my head I lost it riots 💗💗