EA Secretly Abandoning Battlefront 2 & Players Are Angry!

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Star Chaser : EA's Logic *in a General Grievous voice *Time TO Abandon Ship*

SkulShurtugalTCG : I would rather staple my fingernails to the ceiling than give EA any sort of defense.

Jaughn Deau : EA is the most hated publisher, then why the hell aren't we voting with our money to hurt em in their pockets?? I vote with my dollars.

ChhunyGaming : The only times I will return to this is if they add badass clone wars dlcs

Crazy Cole : 2005 vs 2017 of course 2005

MotherOfDragonzz 123 : I like the game a lot. I think it’s fun. But I completely understand where you’re coming from.

best kinda mess : They need to learn from rainbow six siege don’t make a sequel finish this one

Commander800 : Serves the "fans" right for even buying a product from EA. Like what did you expect?

MikeP5830 : I loled at the memes

Phil Gamer : All they needed to do was REMASTER Battlefront 2 (2005) and I wouldve dropped $60. That game was so much fun on the PS2 and I loved it.

Brand Frontier : Just play SWTOR!!! It’s amazing. <3 I love it sooooo much.

michael rowe : Not surprised EA sees that’s there’s no profit to be made they give up and move on to the next game. Did the same thing with Mass Effect.

EPICburgerman769 : Give the rights to Star Wars to Ubisoft or something... at least they get their games right eventually

Hero - Fortnite and More : EA has killed two amazing star wars games and i hope they loss their license

Couch Lord1 : The star wars game failed to take recreate the success of the original battlefront games and then the new movies (flash back to Luke, the wise jedi sage, sucking on alien tities) made me sad too. God dammit just make a battle field game with a star wars skin and a single player star wars RPG please.

Zippy Ragu : Can we stop basing everything on a reddit post?

Nature Boi 601 : I can’t feel sorry for anyone who supports EA knowing full well this company only thinks about the bottom line and purposely screws consumers over and over again just to get another buck.

Lembach : If you gave EA money, you deserve this.

Jadu Nandana Das : RIP another franchise/series/game dev studio destroyed without any any regard... Add it the pile boys and gals... A moment of silence for just SOME of the brands(and games) they killed by being the WORST game developer of the modern times... Origin(1983-2004)- Known for Ultima and Wing Commander -Westwood Studios(1985-2003)- Known for some of my all time favorites, the Command and Conquer Series, also Dune -Maxis(1987-2004)- Simcity(ruined), Sims(became a whore), Spore(completely shit on the late 2000s version of No Man Sky) -BullFrog(1987-2004)- Populous Series, Theme Park Series, Dungeon keep series... Positive note to this one, the guy who started Bullfrog became EA VP, but realized what they were back then and started Lionhead Studios, which will proudly refuse EA the pleasure of killing them -BioWare(1995-2007) IMO THE ONLY company that should be doing star wars games(well there is another that i think it worthy below)... SW KOTOR series, Mass Effect, Baldurs Gate, Neverwinters Night -Mythic(1995-2009) Dark Age of Camelot, Warhammer Online -Pandemic(1998-2009) Mercenaries, Destroy all Humans and the OG Battlefront Series, the other compant worthy of SW licence... The list goes on, and continues to grow... why do i not make a comprehensive list? I have thoroughly destroyed my own childhood going over those fond childhood memories of ALL of the games and companies above... God damn, some of those company logos were more nurturing and in my face than momma milk titty for a baby... Childhood=Shit on

PLAY THIS!!! : Man, you would think that people would be happy these days over the realism in today's video games. All we had in the 70's were stick figures!!!

The human kite : Dice did nothing wrong it is all EA’s FAULT

Ms.Peacock · : I don't like people whining about sw bf2 well its shit but the gameplay is fun. Every people just comment about microtransaction but not the actuall gameplay that is actually really fun Alot of people were excited to play as one of the clones or the droid cuz it bring the old time back like sw bf2 in 2005 and I'm pretty sure people (fan of sw) these days (new fans of sw) pretty much doesn't know how to feel to be as excited as the "old fans" about bringing the Republic and the Cis in sw bf2. If you "new fans" hate it you can play or even try sw bf2 2005 oh wait you don't like the graphics? Then don't play it oh wait you also hate the sw bf2? There's still sw bf1 oh wait again you also hate the game? Im starting to think you never even bought sw bf games. If you "old fans or even older fans or oldest fans" then why not go back play sw bf2 2005 if you hate this new sw bf games oh it feels bored? Well you can download mods what's hard about that? Oh you don't know how? Watch youtube or some other videos in the internet its not even that hard. The sw games feel bored? Then stop playing it surely in another time you would play it again. You hate sw games really really much? Then fu-king delete it. No one is holding you to delete it anyway. If there's a typo you guys found in this comment then idrc about it cuz its just a typo I'm bad at english? Idrc either english is not even my main language. Anyways whining won't solve your guys problems. Oh im whining about you guys? Guess what? Idrc if this doesn't solve my problems. Edit: forgot to mention that if you hate sw bf1 and why did you even download the sw bf2? And if you guys learned about EA games why did you even download it? Admit it the gameplay is fun. Anyways you guys won't even care reading this comment and idrc about you guys who doesn't give about damn thing.

Gabriel Wilson : I don’t get how people don’t like battlefront. It’s a really fun game, plus it’s Star Wars. So, yeah.

TheBigH : Back in the days of Battlefield 1942, there were spontaneous leagues forming. UpNorth being the Scandinavian one. There were whole communities and forums being spawned because we just KNEW that this game was good, and so it would be around for at least 3-4 years. Expansions? Sure! But the core game, and the patches and the extra maps were there. These days - that would never happen. Because we know the game will be dead in 1 year. MAYBE 2.

RAZ0RGAM1NG : EA is like that kid back in the day that had EVERY cheat code book because they sucked at gaming and so had to cheat their way to success lol

LargoLaGrande : Stop.Buying.EA.Games... NEW! Stop it! If you cant resist, buy used! This has to end.

Jeffry Wilson : Microtransactions are ruining video games. Companies know that people will pay for content so they will put out a shell of a game, charge you full price for the game, then continue to charge you for content that fills out the shell that should have been there when you paid full price for the game. I wish microtransactions were never created.

slim1132 : And this is why you dont buy a game that EA has anything to do with

Tom R : After the first EA Battlefront I cant believe anyone actually bought the second - you people are just enabling them STOP!

You're doing it wrong! : EA = no buy. Maybe that's why I'm such a happy person

Derek DeSmet : Oh is EA still a thing?

DudeWithStuff : secretly abandoning? everyone hated battlefront 2, noone officially loved it, how did this anger anyone

Scott Wallbank : Personally have no interest in any future EA games after the mess/cash grab of some of their recent releases.

TheWhiteFoxTruth : Really not secretive at all. They have been saying they want to support it while back pedaling the whole time. I'm waiting for the full sprint away.

Nikal TV : *Working on* *Soon* *Wait* *Next Month* Me: "The more you make me hate you, the stronger I become behind my keyboard."

TehBCB3AST : Dice: We have a new idea for a star wars game EA: Hello there *Obi wans voice

Brqzu Vocè : fuk

Brandon Sentyz : The game is garbage... you know this when the originals are still better. Shame all they need to do is reboot those and walla $$$$.

Kyle Grave : EA is dead to me, they also abandoned ME: Andromeda and didn't even ship the Quarian DLC, because the game was a failure in their eyes. Sure it was mediocre but not terrible. This company is a blight to the whole industry, not the only one , but one that consistently crosses the line and just go for the maximum profit, players are just the moneysacks who should pay for their fullprice MTX and just eat it up. I am sick of this company. Take2 /2K Games should also be observed very carefully.

Reuben Productions : Ugh I want a spectacular Star Wars game with nothing too controversial, and idk if Disney must have been hit in the head if they didn’t check EAs past but seems like marvel is the only Sci fi franchise getting something right

bic boi : Wouldn’t be surprised, where’s skate 4?

ShadowXgames 360 : The next starwars game will be EAs Last Hope :)

TheWereparadox : Well if we were smart as gamers as soon as we saw the E.A. label maybe we should run away. Not walk, RUN! Run from E.A. but we dont. People keep buying thier crap and then whining when E.A. does what it always does. At this point if you buy more E.A. titles Im just going to laugh at you from now on cuz yall are FOOLS! E.A. will gobble your favorite hard working dedicated studio and turn it into what Bioware or Bungie has become. Say what you want but its not a coincidence that every great studio they "Take Over" turns to instant garbage. E.A. is a studio eating monster that leaves only hollow shells in its wake.

Lelouch Vi Britannia : uhmm ...this isn't Rocket League

DoubleDsRevenge : Fake

BENJAMIN SANCHEZ : I love star wars but battlefront was not fun for me after awhile. Never touched it since. Its been like at least 3 months. And the waiting time for new content is ridiculous.

Aqua-HAZ3 : But

Steve L : I like Battlefront 2

BLACKAXE900 : Honestly not surprised... this shit was going to happen anyways. EA treats their consumers like shit.

General Grievous : *Time to abandon ship*