Ariel's Having Too Much Fun With This! - Disneyland Impressions

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Kat Hugger : He never fails to put a smile on everyone's face

LibLob Lollipop : Do more at Disneyland they are hilarious and we all love them , Brian your so talented we love you 😘! ❤️💕

Nuki Howlter : imagine being Snow White or one of the other characters and then just seeing this guy doing your job better than you.

Tampatec : 2:35 Ariel's reaction was the best.

Nintendo Gamer : Man you are great. He could probably get all those actresses phone numbers too out of character they seemed very charmed by him. Especially Ariel. Most of them do in every video I have seen.

krieger maria : i love his stitch vioce

Cutie Pie18 : So what is your method of practicing your accents?

Ray Shultis : Ariel tries so hard to not break character. I love it...

Evangellene Railey : Ariel is the best princess he's seen since princess Tia na #lovedisney 😄😙😇😊

Julian Pagano : Ariel is the cutest

Mitch Greaves : That was fun Loved the way Ariel was setting him up with suggestions. She was really into it!

3liana .e : Cinderelly ain't havin it

kenny etenne : Brian had ariel in the bag!!

brucedodmj : Ariel is so cute, her voice sounds like an angel too

#DisneyCruising : Ariel's reaction is golden😂

Vionna Sudiyono : I think tiana and ariel have a crush on you

Made Evan P : Now everytime Ariel is doing a photo session she'd be like, "man, where is that guy?"

Publius Cornelius Scipio : Lady who played Ariel is sooooooooooo Gorgeous!!

Kanye Is Gaming : Im pretty sure Ariel broke character a few times....

Elise Castro : *GO TO ELLEN NOW!!!*

Babybluew :p : The way Ariel reacted to those voices was amazingly hilarious XD

Zachary Hawkins : Ariel is the cutest I have a crush

ignacio jara bauman : Ariel was wet, but not because of the sea...

Jasson Villalobos : I loved Ariel! 😍

Sarah Pitcher : You just made Ariel's life!

Madison Digby : I loved Ariel's reaction

Rage 'N Engage DeltaoneMythic : Lol She's trying so hard not to break character and cry 😂😭 its so cute she was truly happy

Funtime Foxy : Omg you need to go on amaricas got tallen4

Vitaliya Miri : I think you do a better Snow White than Snow White lol

J Mora : Man did you get a number?

James Model : I love Ariel!

KronooZ YT : Seriously, I Have to work in DisneyLand!!!

Chadderbox : Was it me or did Snow White look like she was about to kiss Brian when he was walking away?

Silent Rager : Shows you don't gotta be ripped to get the ladies haha

jjsupremeorta15 : Does anyone know the princesses Instagrams?

firstname lastname : That Ariel girl...I want to marry her!

Cameron Peterson : The girl playing Ariel is adorable

Isabella Clark : Ariel was just the cutest!!! Omg Brian never fails to brighten their days😂😄

chemdog73 : Last actress was ready to drop her panties for you bro

Bludrew14 Team Name: The Blu 1's : You broke Ariel, Brian! YOU BROKE HER!!! good job with the impressions

Candy Chau : I think the people who work there couldn't keep in character but it was so funny😆😆😁😁🤣🤣🤣😄😄😂😂😙😙🦄

Karen Joey : I really loved Ariel's overwhelmed & overjoyed reaction!! Kudos to you Brian!

Kay Kay : Does anyone else just sit here and smile behind the screen

Todomo : I have social anxiety so this would make me really uncomfortable in person but it’s really cool to watch

Fabian Emanuel : I would bang ariel all night she is super cute.

Help me get 9000 Subs without Videos : Ariel is so cute 😍 Love her ♥

NoCopyright Beatz : How to pick up girls: be talented

Tiffany Faye : Brian right when I saw your channel I subscribed you are an amazing person you never fail to make me smile! I love you and your channel! Have a good day

gamingpony joc 9 : Ariel be crushing

Serena Morales : The bets reaction was Ariel (she is my fav princess