Ariel's Having Too Much Fun With This! - Disneyland Impressions

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Alexa Leon : Omg she's having soo much fun

Sir_ Jaboc : Brian does a better Snow White than Snow White

FloweyTheFlower [MHTARDIS21] : I'm giggling so hard right now :D

Mr Pumkin : After literally no joke 8 refreshes, YouTube is finally normal

Danazea : Brian can you go to Disney land when your dressed up as Donald duck

Ray the Arcane Dragon : You are a a good person.

sd.WhoIAmMakesADifference : That was SO HALARIOUS!!! I was laughing so hard!! I love how you switched from Lumiere to Clocksworth and every impression was SPOT ON!!

bluetreefiddy : how come disney has not hired you yet for voice acting


Hosey skippy : Aries was the best

Th3_Watchman : That Snow White can get my white

Anh Phan : I would go to Disney world with you

Flowing Dragon : Omg Ariel is just too precious it's so adorable

Just Simply Crossovers : my sister loves The little mermade

Ramsey guilford : 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm laughing so hard

Nick Marrotte : These actors are really good at playing along with him

Shira World : Dude Ariel just too cute with the reactions!

Jacob Cook : That moment when Brian sounds better than the actual character

Wolflover 666 : Ariel was like wow this man is talented! Cinderella was like cool...

Maya Clarke : Try not to smile challenge......I failed 😂😂👍👍❤️

Janet Humphres : Cinderella have fun live a little

Rika Kim : Cinderella didn't seem interested at ALL, lol.

Mostashie Cake : I got a Disney ad .

Molly Smith : I need to marry you!

osieodi : Iam in love with ariel 😈😂😂😂😂

Kylie Frost : Lol Ariel's reaction is so funny

hyperion : I'm pretty sure Cinderella didn't know what was going on

Aubri Pena : how do you do it . I love u .you are cooler then me and I'm 9

Hamish McEwan : Those actresses are under intense scrutiny and probably stressing they'll be fired.

Dee Kochan : I want Cinderella's shoes so much😍😍😍

Eugenia Cook : He is the best at making people smile😁

Atsharp Taylor123 : I love going to disney,when i went to meet jasmine and aladdin and they were so cute and chatty,they would just talk and thwy were acting so cute

Scorpion1999 : i love ariel's reaction

ronch550 : They're all so pretty, but Ariel's cheerfulness won my love.

Allycatlovesag : That video made me smile!

Tina Wilson : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂

Cosmic Dot : Seriously, Brian needs to live at DisneyLand..

Victor Rose : with ariel u should have done ursala.

dancing gymnast : This is amazing that he can do all these. It must of takin so much practice

John Parker : Good job getting these poor, hard working girls fired.

Sunset Shimmer Gaming : I often wonder if the Disney actors think you're just mocking them or being rude. Still, much love to those who get the joke or are impressed. Ariel is loving this, though. That's awesome

Lanang Sismadi : that ariel is so cute

melovetorun : You should do Meg from Hercules.

theElectricgamer : I would love to do these impressions with the princesses...if I see them that Is lol

suzy rose : I . Love . This . VIDEO

Niña Loyola : I want the Ariel to have a happy life omg that was way too genuine

Redtag Gamer : Man, I have to go to Disneyland to meet Brian

marina vera : Wow he can get anyone he wants

charlie ward : if i could do donald duck, then i would talk to my frineds when i get annoyed at them, and they would be like what? it would be so funny!!!

LynxProd : That's the best Ariel I've ever seen. LOVED her reactions! What a lovely lady! *8 hours later* I've watched this about a dozen times or more, specifically when you're talking to Ariel. Makes me grin every time. She's adorable!!!!! And you're so talented!