Ariel's Having Too Much Fun With This! - Disneyland Impressions

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Kat Hugger : He never fails to put a smile on everyone's face

LibLob Lollipop : Do more at Disneyland they are hilarious and we all love them , Brian your so talented we love you 😘! ❤️💕

Cutie Pie18 : So what is your method of practicing your accents?

Kanye Is Gaming : Im pretty sure Ariel broke character a few times....

Anas Nazeer : Unwanted crush on Ariel

#DisneyCruising : Ariel's reaction is golden😂

Rage 'N Engage DeltaoneMythic : Lol She's trying so hard not to break character and cry 😂😭 its so cute she was truly happy

Babybluew :p : The way Ariel reacted to those voices was amazingly hilarious XD

Vitaliya Miri : I think you do a better Snow White than Snow White lol

Emma Stephenson : I love how Ariel just drops people's names so she can secretly hear the impressions

Tampatec : 2:35 Ariel's reaction was the best.

Cameron Peterson : The girl playing Ariel is adorable

Todomo : I have social anxiety so this would make me really uncomfortable in person but it’s really cool to watch

Peter Andre : I think I just fell in love with Ariel!!!😍

Abrielle Elise : brian’s snow voice was better than snow’s 😂

Julian Pagano : Ariel is the cutest

Madison Digby : I loved Ariel's reaction

KronooZ YT : Seriously, I Have to work in DisneyLand!!!

gamingpony joc 9 : Ariel be crushing

56Landon : Snow White Seemed So *Mad*

A NgryBirdsTeam : Brain, you are just an amazing person!

Help me get 9000 Subs without Videos : Ariel is so cute 😍 Love her ♥

IcyPaw Mc : I bet the kids waiting where like "um..... We just get a picture!!!!"

James Model : I love Ariel!

Candy Chau : I think the people who work there couldn't keep in character but it was so funny😆😆😁😁🤣🤣🤣😄😄😂😂😙😙🦄

Kaia Parker : Your Disney impressions are awesome

Serena Morales : The bets reaction was Ariel (she is my fav princess

nittoburn4 : ariels reaction was so cute!!!!!!

AkinaKat : Ahhhh Ariel was so good!! It was what I would have done too haha tbh I have a weakness for impressions

GeminiMUAartist : Cinderella kinda falls flat personality wise

SirExxodus : We need to get you on Ellen bro.

Hailey Sodke : I love how Ariel tried soooo hard not to break character

Kyking Jordan : Ariel is just finding out how many voices she could sell to ursala... lol

Cantoons : *This was amazing!!*

GreenBean 31 : Absolutely love this!!! Ariel’s reaction was the best! I bet you made her day!

Nuki Howlter : imagine being Snow White or one of the other characters and then just seeing this guy doing your job better than you.

Crazy Craz Ashley! : 0:52 awkward moment😂😂😂😂😂

kiba the wolf : omg you did cogworth and Lumière😂

Bella : Ariel is so pure I love her so much. 😂💕

Judas7 Dreemurr : Brian has a gift

Chadderbox : Was it me or did Snow White look like she was about to kiss Brian when he was walking away?

Savage Kvang : The perfect girl doesnt exi.... 0_0 "sees ariels reaction"

Dina Lester : Ariel is trying so hard to keep in character.

JifToons : She was loving that

Meganly : Ariel needs a breather holy moly 😂

Aurora Mannola : Ariel was so adorable

Hiccups Hudson : Brian. Just discovered you by "accident". ;) Great voices. I like it a lot. I guess you brought a lot of joy and fun to arielle this day. :) Of course I subscribed!

Giselle Carter : this man cured idubbz crippling depression meme!

John Borris : So impressive, how the girls stay in character. Snow White was on point.

krieger maria : i love his stitch vioce