Johnny FPV x Beautiful Destinations - Turkey
Insane fpv drone flying

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Johnny FPV takes you on a rollercoaster ride through Cappadocia, Turkey - home to the iconic hot air balloons, ancient cave towns and fairy chimneys. Johnny Schaer | FPV Drone Pilot | The Beautiful Destinations Team Tom Jauncey | Creator, Producer, and Director | Jake Irish | Editor and Visual Effects| The Music "6 Days" | Mahmut Orhan & Colonel Bagshot Instagram: Ultra Music:


Arjay Neyra : 3 people disliked the video because they crashed their normal drones trying the FPV aerial shots

Khizar Ansari : Those transitions on 1:20 and 1:24 are awesome !! Didn't even noticed first time

Benn TK : How many people went and bought an FPV drone after watching this? (; epic precision Johnny! that's some insane manoeuvring!

Ryan Shirley : My brain can’t handle this video 🤯 amazing video Johnny and Tom 🙌🏼

Anıl Şanlı : Thank you for this great video welcome to turkey 🇹🇷

Burak Kaan SOYLU : Welcom to Turkey Jhonny Eline sağlık dostum (Kırımsız uçuşların olsun) @Beautiful Destinations’a teşekkürler

Ancienne chaîne Simz : Probably one of the best cinematic FPV video I've ever seen 😍😱

HowiDoit : Damn start from 0:28 - Gave me shivers man! absolutely epic! - @JohnnyFPV will change the Hollywood Action chase scene forever <3

Murat Doğu : Süper olmuş İSTAMBUL klibini bekliyiruz . ❤ Tr❤Az❤

Kay : Genius! Those clips blow my mind😵

Laura Davis : How many people would it take to produce this in Hollywood? One mind blowing factor about this is just THREE people created this work of cinematic art. Johnny FPV + Tom Jauncey + Jake Irish = Pure Genius!

Fatih KIRAÇ : Ülkemizin tanıtımı için gerçekten güzel bir video olmuş. Videonun müzikle uyumu da yine aynı güzellikte. Ülkemizin her yeri cennetten bir köşe. Türkiye'ye hoşgeldiniz. 😊👍👏

Jason FPV : 0:19 legit looked like it would be a huge professional movie production. Johnny, you are the best cinema pilot there is. This was mind blowing.

WOULINX : I'm living in Turkish Republic but i never saw Kapadokya from this perspective, they are really great shots. Keep up your good works man, it's so awesome.

Marc Sapa : This is INSANE! Literally taking it to the next level.

Metehan genç : i've never wanted it to finish. just blown my mind . thanks for sharing that beauty with us. Greetings from Turkey.

Lacro Sim : Johnny is juste the best pilot ever !!!!! My inspiration ! 🔥🔥🔥

Varun Nahar : Can someone please help picking my jaw up!! What an INSANNNNNNEEEEEE droning skill.

Ömür Fırat Şahin : Thanks for this amazing video. I hope you had a great time in Turkey

FPV - RUSH : Sweet shots Johnny and great editing BD :)

bm3racer : JohnnyFPV Makes his Turkey video the best of the best of his work. Leonardo Dalessandri Makes his Turkey video (Watchtower Of Turkey) his best of the best. What is it about Turkey that Inspires & Motivates Artists So Much? (Now I'm Curios)

9Lives : I've watched this at least 20 times now

b14ckyy's Tech : Every time I see a video from you, I just think… Okay that is ultimate skill… end then the next one comes and I'm brainfucked again *_*

Epica Nederlands : what an amazing video...respect from istanbul

Jamie TK : Holy shit. Johnny FPV is the greatest drone flyer out there...

Ito San : God bless JohnnyFPV! One of the best pilots around!

Eray Köroğlu : Thank you for this great video welcome to turkey 🇹🇷

Jon Dresser : absolutely incredible. I could watch this again and again and again... I feel like I should be paying admission for this...

bragee : This is gold. A majestic collection of some typical JohnnyFPV impossible lines... Amazing editing and light and place, and pilot, and everything.

Elia Canu : Jonny... How many times will you be over delivering compared to the previous work... It just doesn't stop... Truly baffled, thanks for bringing this beauty to life.

Arse Tuvad : Hiç bir türk bu şekilde reklamımızı yapamazdı gerçekten efsane olmuş very very very nice 😗

M. Dahri Amjad : Just can't speak...BD sets the bar to the next level. Great job guys.

aspen : man johnny & bd is such a beautiful collab. this was amazingggg

Amey Bane : My heart was beating faster as every shot passed by..! At every fucking scene I was like.... No way... Now it is going to crash. Awesome work Johnny and beautiful destinations.! 💙

GrafikTasarim İstanbul : Thanks for that's amazing video. Johnny FPV. Welcome to Turkey

Sokak Sanatçıları : I'm from Cappadocia and I have watched your video slack -jawed. Congrulation! 😎

erkancal : Turkey has lots of such amazing places, please put more different Turkish places again:) Thank you for this amazing video...

nekkoz fpv : Это действительно круто! It's really cool!

Adem Kaya : Toprağına, taşına ölürüm Türkiyem 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

Arpal Jain : I was High & watched this video & Now after watching this I think I'm on LSD 😍 Johnny You're Legend

Dante Corbett : These fly by transitions are mind blowing. Losing my mind watching lOl. amazing... this is cheat codes of video editing.

MrArbeter : The video should have a warning saying dont try this at home Unless you are Johnny

titouan gorin : Fabulous ! I vomit right after but it was very pleasant ! :D

Corey : Awesome compilation of clips.👏🏻🙏🏼👏🏻

Jake Fly Fpv : The most beautiful video ever...Chilling

Jake Irish : Such a fun edit! 💪🏼 #BDTeam

Swift : This is by far the best piece of aerial photography ever recorded.

Luca GoesTo : It looks like CGI 🔥 Incredible work!

Trollvor - The CS:GO Idiot : AS AS AS BAYRAKLARI AS beautiful video, johnnyfpv is the man