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Anon Anon : There's things we shouldn't be messing with...don't play god Edit: If you're that pathetic enough to make everything political and religious base off a joke, to push your agenda everywhere you go, you should reflect on your life. Try learning to take a joke and move on with your lives.

Mahir Cave : Is this black magic : I'm going to try this with bitcoin

Trevor Tucker : You're a wizard, Harry.

Fierag : And this whole time I was searching for the meaning of life😫 I think I understand now.

Mr. Someone : This is why I have trust issues

Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex : Does this work with money?

Mahad Rafiq : Has science gone too far?

Just another Hank Hill Account : Stuff like this deserves to be on trending. Not Stephen Colbert or Taylor Swift VEVO We need more content like this on YouTube

Anime Games Online : yooo what is this wizardary!!!

Justin Y. : The sound of the paper being shredded is so satisfying 😍

Shake : Who's mans is this?

Everyone's favorite Basketcase : And here I thought I was going to be able to go into the comment section and talk about the horrors of dog breeding but now I'm just trying to figure this magic out

Wolkify : haha, weird, yet really cool video! and also awesome to see that someone with just over 1000 subscribers can get a video on trending! that gives me hope for my own channel 😁

The Cancer Of The Internet : So...this is what happens when you divide by 0.

Dat Dog : When you divide by 0

Shaba Laba Ding Dong : It’s official, we’ve hit our peak as humanity.

MinFires? : If only I could do this with real puppies. Don’t wanna get sued by peta today tho.

My_YT_Life_Is_ Trash : The law of conversation of matter states that matter cannot be created nor destroyed. How do ya explain this Ms. Give Me a D

Poseidon : At 0:04 you can see 11 shreds come out At 0:07 you can see 22 shreds on the table

Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex : First gen mechanical Ctr + C and Ctr + V

Shawn Moran : We need to go deeper.

uwu Juliet : Just keep breeding Just keep breeding Breeding Breeding Breeding

Agent Ham : I quote Monty Python: SHE'S A WITCH!!! BURN HER!!!

PKMancer : Top 10 Mysteries Scientists Are Still Unable to Explain

Hassan : *Warhol* *would* *be* *proud*

James Bunker : Explain this atheists

Nish B : Damn. He’s the best breeder in town! I ‘ought to buy a pup from this dude!

Iván Egües : The Matrix is cracking. Amazing times ahead.

DaSpoody [i make underrated memes n stuff] : Real life duplication glitch

This Guy Miko : Unsatisfied. He didn't burn it.

Anon Anon : Step 2 : Divide by 0 Step 3 : ??? Step 4 : Profit

xxpipsqueakxx 1 : So many questions.... SO LITTLE CONTEXT

Isaac Randolph : I feel as if I have just ascended into the 9th demention while in acid. But also understanding the universe on a more fathomable level

OnTime 74 : That’s really cool 😎 I love YouTube GG’s guys 👊👍

Skoih : That some next level black magicry.

Christopher Leveck : Does it work with money? We could be RICH!

Terry Kay : wow ... just wow 😂😂😂to hell with Photoshop

Nico Johnston : And this, go...EVEN FURTHER BEYYYOND!!!

Hana Belle : This cured my depression and cancer, you have my sincere thanks.

Alexa Carson : We gotta dig deeper. *I t s t h e o n l y w a y*

Taki3d : literal copy pasta

KiddsockTV : Because that's how cloning works. SCIENCE!

radiant pies : Hey science, what's your excuse now genius?

z2 [g7] : I sent this to my dad and he responded with this. "Whoa! That reminds me of a physics theory that argues that the universe is made of energy, time, consciousness and information mixed together and that each particle contains information on everything else in the universe. I think it's called the Hologram Theory. So that, theoretically, everything in the universe is interconnected, not as separate parts but as complete parts that are just being what they need to be at that (this) moment. So that if one where to chop that dog picture into smaller and smaller pieces--down to a subatomic particle even--there would be enough information to recreate the image of a dog."

MemeQueen : Explain this, round-earthers

Patrick Andor • : when the infinity war ended this is doctor strange

Newer Account : I knew my parents lied about how puppies were made. They tried to tell a story about them coming from my dogs crotch! Thankyou

CharFusion 28 : You just got 2 photos..... the other one was in the back