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26magicman26 : Did you just manually lower the resolution of a photo? Lol what

Mahir Cave : Is this black magic

Fierag : And this whole time I was searching for the meaning of life😫 I think I understand now. : I'm going to try this with bitcoin

Trevor Tucker : You're a wizard, Harry.

Mr. Someone : This is why I have trust issues

Anime Games Online : yooo what is this wizardary!!!

Everyone's favorite Basketcase : And here I thought I was going to be able to go into the comment section and talk about the horrors of dog breeding but now I'm just trying to figure this magic out

Shake : Who's mans is this?

Anon Anon : Step 2 : Divide by 0 Step 3 : ??? Step 4 : Profit

OxyElite : so is that how dog chromosomes multiply???

Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex : Does this work with money?

Just another Hank Hill Account : Stuff like this deserves to be on trending. Not Stephen Colbert or Taylor Swift VEVO We need more content like this on YouTube

Stop Reading My Username : The sound of the paper being shredded is so satisfying 😍

Terry Kay : wow ... just wow 😂😂😂to hell with Photoshop

Dat Dog : When you divide by 0

Mahad Rafiq : Has science gone too far?

The Cancer Of The Internet : So...this is what happens when you divide by 0.

Captain Deadpool : Wa wa waaat

The Pickled Gamer : “Hey guys, so I found this new duplication glitch. All you have to do is get a noodle maker, and put the item you want to duplicate into it. It will basically double the amount that you originally put in. It might not work in the new snapshot, but otherwise it’s pretty easy to pull off. Anyway, that’s all for today’s video! Make sure to smash that subscribe button and ring the bell!Bye!!!”

suga kookies with a cup of tae : Just keep breeding Just keep breeding Breeding Breeding Breeding

Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex : First gen mechanical Ctr + C and Ctr + V

This Guy Miko : Unsatisfied. He didn't burn it.

武冠业 : what in tarnation

MutantManFish : What is the point of this? It's just a video of a dude grinding a photo into strips and pasting it together differently.

WavyBeats : this is some good asmr.

Just Promoting Min Yoongi, Please Appreciate Him. : If only I could do this with real puppies. Don’t wanna get sued by peta today tho.

Shaba Laba Ding Dong : It’s official, we’ve hit our peak as humanity.

CharFusion 28 : You just got 2 photos..... the other one was in the back

Negro Jerry : Its somehow satisfying

Her Bir Şey : La Casa De Wizard

Isabelle Belle : This is what humanity was made for.

splix : waIT -

Dany Zinati Chamoun : I CALL HAX

Rowan Carrias : Brain.exe has stopped

JinjoVitis : now do this with a person

Water Warriør : Explain this atheists

Ann Mary Chacko : the resolution is prolly 144p

The Mad Hatter : I thought this was going to be about how unethical and inhumane pet breeding is.

Romulus Rabisto : You can BET money I am trying this.

Λlok : Any human trail?

Hana Belle : This cured my depression and cancer, you have my sincere thanks.

Tiffany Love : :O

blankk : Thought it was a creepy vid at first

Green Lemur : LOL! Can't view other people's replies to comments!

You Tube : What sorcery is this?

Alekazam 19 : We gotta dig deeper. *I t s t h e o n l y w a y*

isaac a : Mind blown 🤯!

BRIANTCRUZ : look at all those froggys 😂 get it 😁

SleepForever Ent. : Does this work with coins