Amazing Eggsac Opening

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Mark's Tarantulas : Congratulations on the egg sac that's amazing I reckon 900 odd 🙂

You Can Heal : Wow what a beautiful spider. What kind of tarantula is she? Maybe I missed it.

Angela Rios : Arachnophobia nightmares. I don't know why I'm here. It's too interesting to click away help

PRIMADINA • MountainWeight : Und ich hab gestern meine Mutter angerufen nachts um 2, damit sie herfährt und eine 1cm-Hausspinne wegmacht, weil ich sonst nicht in der Wohnung schlafen kann.......

mango : nooo don’t take the babe away from the mommy

Edward Tyndall : 956 slings

You Can Heal : I had to sub! The babies are so freaking cute. I hope they all made it 🕷🕸🕷🕸🕷🕸

natalie storm : She is the only person i see excited around spiders i was disgusted the while time like my cat touched me and i jumped

bngtntrash : damn thats gotta be at least 12


CreatorNite : tragic and cute;-;

emileo 42518 : Are you asking us to guess how many so that you can get an estimate on how much money you're going to make off this sack?

lovemoviesful2 : We're going to need more flamethrowers.

AlotVids Gamer : My worst nightmare

Ayaz Aygen : Imagine this is in your pillow

Jai : I'm guessing there's 500

RozenBlade : How dare you! You took the gift of birth away from the mother. How could you? You monster! jk

Booper 343 : 1. What do they eat and drink at this stage? 2. How do they get out of the tough sack in the wild? 3. Couldn't you have a few babies in with the mama? She never sees them?

Celeste Pina : I'm watching this because I'm trying to get over my phobia of spiders 🕷😫

Con Con Man Squip : Welp that’s enough internet for one day

jarjarfun guy : Aww I also felt bad when she refused to give it up.

Zyul64 Gaming : You know. I personally don't like insects and arachnids, but I want to learn about these creatures as well. I congratulate you for the babies and this video really helped me with research so I thank you

NiDino : I don't like spiders but for some reason I watch this also you have gained a new subscriber

TơKııØ : Imagine how amazing the sack would look whilst on fire 🔥😍

Jayda Jackson : Are those poisonus

Greg Williams : Arachnophobes nightmare😻😻😻

Swastika Sinha : why would u do that????


jesus Garcia : this video made me itchy

Sarah Hastey : *Why am I here? I was just watching SIMPLYNAILOGICAL and then I got here ;-;*

Aluny : Around 700-800 slings

Isabellaedriana Faris : Poor mother

Neon Lights : UGH EWWWWW So interesting... That's really cool but EWWW.

Mangoz • : .... I'll stick with dogs for now....

Mackie Pie Reid : Poor momma 😭💔

Grimalkin Felidae : And you can see their little eeeeeyyes AAAAAAHH! <3

Royalty : Whats a molt?

Blade St Paul : 112

Caren Du venage : I think there is 100000 babies

Rowan Briese : Never thought I would empathize with a spider.

maria samuel : 1000000000000000000000000,000000,00000000

Victoria Matalenas : 990

Erin Choi : I’d say.... 1,001 :)

Jonelly Navarro : 586

Cookie The Hamster : 879 slings

Cookie Crumblers : 605 slings

DooM Marine : There's a reason God sealed this away from sight

Layla Parson : Can u tell me how many years have you been doing this

Lylah Murray : 500

lisa Lane : 908