Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom (Zero Punctuation)

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SilverShion : My Bill Clinton can't be this cute, The anime

Pajamapants Jack : Would have been cool if he could only use his gun a certain number of times in the whole game. That would have made sense and would have added some strategy

nunyabiznasty : Wait, that can *NOT* be how that game starts. Let me look this up real quick... _...holy shit._

Nope Nopington : I did not have sexual relations with that catboy.


Code95FIN : I hear about this start: Didn't believe it I watched Yahtzee review: Didn't believe it I watched opening cutscene clip: I still don't believe this!

Sailor Italy : That opening sounds like the most insane opening to a JRPG ever

Pyrus : RE:CLINTON starting life in another world

Evan : Yeah? Yeah well yahtzee backwards is eezthay which... uh... sounds stupid ha take that

Enjutsu7 : Ye, I found it a bit disappointing that the main character was not mister president, but it was at least bearable.

Satch Boogie : Next week Dad of war

NecooMonsoon : I literally had to pause the video so that I could look up the intro to Ni No Kuni 2 because there was no way in hell that I was going to believe that what you described was actually the real beginning of the game... I was wrong, that absolutely was the beginning of the game...

WOLF36554 : I never thought I needed a badass anime Bill Clinton teaming up with a dogboy king to conquer the world in my live until this video.

Joseph Garfield : It still blows me away that Yhatzee liked Persona 5.

CPU Purple Heart/Neptune : The President was a better main Character, if we had been left as a President Kickass to help Evan grow, and teach him how to properly rule it might have made things more fun for my taste, also this game's art style is nice

fundude365 : Sounds like President Kickass and Vaas Farcrythree need to join forces and demand a better game to be in.

DiscipleofPentagon : 1:00 I'm sorry what? I had to rewind the video to see I wasn't seeing hallucinations.

Aleer1000 : Now I want a game where you play as a modern gun weilding character sent to a fantasy world, and proceed to take over the world with your modern weaponry.

UltraVast : President Badass has my vote.

Ludwig Ziffer : So we finally have actual combat at the cost of... everything else?

Anthony Paull : Wow 52 seconds ago I was wanking now I'm watching this

Spartan0078 : I didn't believe that Yahtzee was telling the truth about the start of the game so I had to go look for a cutscenes clip. Holy shit that is a messed up start to a fantasy anime game.

CafeSensei : Yahtzee for the love of God, talk about Into the Breach. The guys of FTL made it, and is gonna fall into oblivion otherwise.

Matt Rowzee : My fav part of every Wednesday right here

Alex Steward : Is the President bad enough to save the kingdom?

JackgarPrime : It's time for America to move to an entirely Power of Friendship-based economy!

Endrance88 : one thing i really enjoyed is that opening cut scene exactly:"oh boy, a democratic and a monarch leader working together to reclaim their kingdom? I'M SO INVESTED"

ADHadh : This president is a bad enough dude to save the king.

GoombaGenocide : Futurama references give me life.

009nhalf : I've never resonated more with one of your reviews than this one. The guy wants to cure War by becoming a dictator who wants to cure free thought by commanding everyone to get along or else because he owns the world now. And the Kingdom Builder is nothing more than a checklist with requirements of personnel and money. I do like the game but it can be very tedious at times

Danny : "You'd have peace in no time if only they'd calm down and hold still while President Kickass stabs them to death!"

Lance Babcock : I've just gotta say it, JRPG Bill Clinton is my kinda president.

Bluecho4 : Well then this HAS to be a fantasy, because the current guy squating in the White House, like an orange goblin, would be too much of a coward to do any kind of fighting. Trump would rather use the prince as a -human- catboy shield, then beg the attackers not to hurt him.

KensanOni : I didn’t believe you at first. I mean, this is a kids game, right? But dang, that’s a really dark opening.

MegaHOP : Legend has it that this game takes place in Trump's pipe dream.

TheArklyte : Ok, is it really summary of the game or "someone" is just bullshitting us because none of us had likely played it and we usually trust that person? Huh?

Dany21251 : 3:44 For some reason, I love how Yahtzee's visual for dodging is always a backwards somersault. Not a flip, a dash, or even a forward somersault; it's always a backwards roll. I just always get a chuckle out it.

Lens Hunter : The opening of this game is beyond epic, but he's right it settles into less than epic for the rest of the game, however I find it very good. It was really fun. Sadly you can't go through your whole life comparing everything to Persona 5 and EarthBound. You'll never have fun again.

Dialask Isel : ZP Translation: Its pretty weird and engaging from the word "go", but drops off a bit afterward. Combat is fine, but skirmish battles and kingdom management are a bit tacked on. And sometimes the story dives off the deep end.

Thule117 : Can we exchange Trump for this "President Kickass" fellow? Frankly he sounds far more capable than our current (technically) leader at basically everything that doesn't involve atrocious hair or narcissistic sociopathy.

Capn. Squishwart : Wait, you have a gun but cannot demonstrate the technology, nor teach someone how it functions to produce more guns and ammo?

Noah Anakwue : I thaught Yathzee was making that bit about the president up........

Death Mountaineers - : guys i think he liked it

henlobish : badass president!

Mr. Gentleman Robot : Want a good RPG? Play LISA The Painful.

Will Reaper : Has anyone else noticed how a lot of games recently have the entire 'the US is screwed' thing going on? Far cry 5 did it too n im sure some mwtaphor can be pulled from god of war

Zel G. : Has the same problem the White Knight series had: you are falsely promised an adventure from a badass' perspective, then the game pulls the rug from under your feet with a "...sike! Just kiddging, in reality you'll be forced to play the second flute to the *real* protag - the purehearted, boring, brighteyed douchebag who wants to save a boring princess with no tits from a moustache twirling villain from a kiddie variety show". This type of blueballing the players should be illegal.

Mittens FastPaw : Honestly this is why I stopped playing JRPG's because once they found the formula they stopped evolving for the most part. You used to constantly get great new stories or gameplay elements even if some parts had the formula but now though... Honestly they all blur together with only one element ever being good especially with sequels because once they have the weeboos. They know they will defend it to death so why keep trying? Just bleh...

Sivick314 : can we get a game staring president kick ass?

Ed Cowley : to quote a well known jrpg "i've been waiting for this"