Amazing Footage: Goats Climbing on a Near-Vertical Dam | National Geographic

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John Adams : When it comes to climbing nearly vertical, salt walls, these animals are GOAT.

William Tha Conquerer : if youre reading this stop procrastinating and do your homework

Cristian Rivas : At least we know these goats can climb Trump's wall.

Rpk Tv : When they praying on your downfall but you're the G.O.A.T.

Xenomorph : People want 15 bucks an hour to flip patties whilst goat's climb 90 degrees to lick salt.

Snatched. : I wonder how many dead ones are at the bottom

harry sachs : damn nature you're scary

Nathan Ellis : so they do crave that mineral

Zapzel24 : Damn look at those damn dam goats climbing up that damn dam so the damn dam goats can lick the damn salt, damn!

Tintin Trancy : I can't even climb stairs

SailorThug : They took a lesson from Skyrim Horses

Penda J.r : 더포레스트 현존 최강 싱크홀 내려가기 고인물

SHELDON AMANTIAD : I bet once in a while a goat will slip off the cliffs wall and plunge to their death.🐐

Alex Vickers : God is amazing

Abdega : I saw this and was like… "Dam"

O'Kaylor : They are playing Mysims music are you kidding me

James Martin : t h e y c r a v e t h a t m i n e r a l

연우홍 : 고였다;;

liveyourlife1777 : Look at the capricorns climbing to higher heights lol

MrWhataboss23 : How the hell do they turn around?

Dale Winston : Im looking at this during Capricorn season 😍

Suhel Sayyed : God is great

Jasmin Flowerz : Mother Nature never fails to amaze me 💚🌎🌍🌏🌐.

drew waters : they crave that mineral

Chris Fleming : there like horses in skyrim

Luis Santos : God and His creation is as perfect as complex.

LT Maria Jaranilla : You what will be really sad. If the dam breaks when the goats are on it.

Feels bad man : They climb because they crave that mineral.

tinangyuen : bring the crave that mineral meme back

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noodle : they craved that mineral when no one else did ❤️🙏🏻🙌🏻💕😩👌🏻👏🏻

theCreator : If they slip off and fall, because their teeth are so jagged from the rock salt, they are able to grasp on to the cliff with their teeth, and pull themselves to safety.

Mulinaster : Holy crap, way to ruin a beautiful video of beautiful animals with pointless giant yellow and close-up boxes. Is National Geographic run by idiots? First you guys miss out on the cute animal craze on Youtube and social media which could have made you millions, and now you ruin every video you DO create by putting enormous and pointless fact boxes in them. Please fire your media director. Also, can we move beyond this notion that children's attention spans can only be harnessed if you put giant fact boxes juxtaposed by splash imagery everywhere? Why is our estimation of our children so low?

AlexStealsMemes : They are training to climb trumps wall

Raj : And we think our life is difficult 🤔

2080TI RTX : GOAT Idiots are always riding cliff and get die by Peregrine falcon

rouuf suud : Masya allah

Ladyflo : saltbae would be proud

Ryan Davis : I wonder how many dead goats are lying at the bottom.

Muhammad Mirsab : The annoying iCards Make it hard to read what's in the video

Mike Jones : Wait what huh Amazing a Goat can claim a Mountain they are very Ambitious Capricorn Males and female

kajcsapapa : they aren't death defying. they often fall and die

Leon Tarmann : Real life cheaters right there.

Speed Grump : Mountain goats aren't actually goats?! You can't just leave me on that procrastination cliff hanger!

haşim atmaca : Where is LEbron

Faithful is He : I think they just like the adrenaline rush lol

FABIAN P : No predators up there.

코코넛 : The forest sinkhole master...

jaja Wezzy : They risking it all just to Lick the Stones 😂😂😂

Fighter197 : These are also in the Crete of Greece