How A "Fast" Five Minute Law Enforcement Response Feels
How A Fast Five Minute Law Enforcement Response Feels

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George D : The 5 minute response to this shooting implies the LEOs were not tied up surrounding some guy with a camera taking video in a public place.

Dave K : That is an extremely powerful video, CJ. Well done.

Jay Kaiser : And after the five minute wait, the first responding officer holds and waits and holds back everyone else until the shooting stops.

Anthony G : There supreme court has ruled cops don't have to respond at all. So factor that one in....

Dennis Taylor : The fact that they are called emergency responders should tell everything. They can react they can not defend.. PERIOD!!!!!! All citizens should and has the right to protect themselves with any means necessary....

SittingInDetroit : Love it, should be played in front every legislative body.

south florida news now : Wow CJ that's it feels like forever in 5 minutes I think I drove 10 to 15 miles on this highway it was a long as thing I only know how many than gunshots went off I should have been counting but great video I don't understand why people don't want to have guns so stupid thank you for the video once again appreciate you

sasquatch : thats 5 mins to get there, they still have to find the shooter, sorry to throw your time line off CJ

D.C.J. News Media : Fantastic and awesome explanation of real life when you don't have a gun for self defense...

Robert Allen : Even worse when the shooter is armed with one of dem 200 round full semi-auto pistol clip thingies!! Scary 😐 BS gun control works perfectly, control how much practice you have with it, control how it operates by cleaning and maintaining it, control when and where you have it (always, everywhere) MOST IMPORTANTLY CONTROL YOUR 2A RIGHTS - VOTE, be an ACTIVIST, support other ACTIVISTS!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

russell3380 : Just what you get when you have an expectation of protection from LEO's.

D.C.J. News Media : If they had a camera they would have been there in 30 seconds...

jeffy acorn : Wow really strong video, thanks CJ

Froggy Master77 : NICE ANALOGY like the shots from the background. defend yourself cus nobody else willl

Cory Farrar : At one shot per second after 5 min = 300 rounds fired!

R Boyd : CJ speaking truth, yet again.. When are people going to learn?

Lowtan18 : Hearing the first shot made my heart race. Then realizing this rate of fire is a lot slower than what you'd really experience in an active shooter situation. Gun laws save no one.

Patrick Carey : It is physically impossible for the police to get there quick enough.

Pat Riot : This video should air on mainstream media.

Jim Johnson : Bahahahah not very quick if you ask me... That's why I won't go anywhere I can't bring my gun.

One Day Soon : Hit the like button and spread this vid far and wide!

MudWheelin : man. good vid!

Mark Viereck : When seconds count, cops are only minutes away.

Gunga Dinn : In Maryland State logic, give us more money and we'll get there quicker. Then like the Florida schools shooting, they'll wait for the SWAT Team to arrive before they deploy. The armored personnel carrier needed a jump start due to dead batteries and the SWAT officers were off at the doughnut shop. Former Merrylander here, but no longer there. They (the police) can turn that longest 5 minute wait into an eternity.

sam drucker : 5 min is a eternity when you are being shot at

uindy4 : 5 minutes feels like forever.

Edjou Vladimirovich : Maryland is run by "hard-left" career dimocrats who are anti-guns, anti-cops, anti-shooters, anti-everything/everybody. Don't expect rational thinking out of Maryland...unless of course you happen to be a commie-SJW-snowflake. In the end they get what they deserve 😐

Jim Johnson : This is an imaginary gun because remember the law says only cops can have guns lol. So you died from imaginary bullets.

sam drucker : Excellent video CJ

William Keehn : Right on brother!

Jacob Rutherford : 300 rounds down range in five minutes versus minimal rounds discharged to end a dangerous situation in seconds. This should be a simple common sense issue.

DavidLovesLiberty : Too bad you didn't have actual audio of the scene. Those slow shots and the complete absence of terrified screams and agonized moans of the wounded and dying doesn't really capture the horror. A great illustration of the impotence of police, and the importance of an armed public, none the less. Thanks for all you do Mr. Grisham.

Cheezy Truth Seeker : Psyop most likely a drill gone live.

thorsbeat : Lol at one minute dozens could die.

oddball 43068 : Your r right

AJ Sullivan : My little town boasts a 2.5 minute response time, which is great... but think about 2 and a half minutes of being shot at and how many people could be killed. Even 2.5 minutes is an eternity compared to my 2 second draw time from concealment. Gun control laws only make criminals and terrorists safer.

War Pig0068 : Amen brother

Alex P : What car are you driving...on the right side?

sarah te : lol

crazy carl : WoW that's unrealno way some idiot said that 5 min's eas a really good response time for a shooter??? I sense your sarcasm because that's just straight up stupid to think 5 min's is a good response time. Brother when people ask me why am I against cops and I tell them I'm not we need them just like our military. And I ask them what are u going to do when you live an 30 min's from anybody and someone breaks in u call the cops or u arm ur self??? Because if u waot for the cops ur going to be dead. Great video brother stay safeπŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ€™

DoubleTap AndOneInThe : At one minute, slow rate of fire, one shot per minute, is still too many fatalities. An active shooter is going to be amped up and mag dumping! Inaccurate shot placement, but still very dangerous. Five minutes is nothing to brag about.

Where's Waldo : Look at A story happened in Texas about Lubys shooting

eric thefathead : what type of gun is doing the shooting?

nelson farmer : The Narrative Maryland and other anti gun touts we want LE to have a clear picture when they get there. That's the most ridiculous comment ever, the fact are simple, shooter starts shooting, good guy takes out shooter and or holds the bad guy at gun point. Wow guess what you get lives saved, and don't need 3 or 4 agencies to respond. For all you gun grabbers, think about this if 3-4 police agencies respond to an active shooter, who's going to respond while your getting robbed, or your home is broken into or any other violent crime happens to you.

Charlie Kelley : I watched this at X2 and it was STILL WAY TOO LONG! Good night! I could've wasted that bastard in 30 seconds or less! (Or died trying!)

Peter Burnett : ty.

FREEDOMFIENDNEWS : My wife an I were at the gas station.Bout I go in to pay, a drunk Mexican national tried to fight me .Im a former bouncer so I laugh walk around an pay.As I leave he's attempting to pump his gas while falling over.we call 911.I have to follow him for 13 minutes till p.d caught town mind you.Benn shot in hunting accident.i would tell you folks shoot BACK!

TheKira699 : You are also assuming the cops went to the right address. Gun control works in other countries, mainly because we were never brought up with the gun. Australia never needed a gun culture. A friend asked me if he should get guns because his boys like to shoot. When he heard what was involved he decided against it. Cops have the right to inspect your gunsafe and may come inside without a warrant. Not worth it.