How To Buy A Machine Gun Legally

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KhanSeb : As a non American, it's a very interesting video to watch. Thanks for it !

Commissar Gamza : There is only 1 gun law in the U.S. the 2nd Amendment!

the308capital : And that folks is why the bumpfire stock sells so well.

s Can : Australia in general thinks Americans can pop down to Walmart and pick up a free machine guns with a pair of jeans. Stupid people. Thanks for the vid!

GunQuickie : I was not of age before the cut off date in 1986, therefore I had NO opportunity to register a fully automatic firearm. THIS IS AGEISM AND IS DISCRIMINATION. #ILLEGAL

MrChuckwagon55 : Ted Cruz said if he's elected he will get rid of the NFA.

Everace : now we need "how to buy a machine gun illegally"

Foster Rich : "No sporting purpose"? So they fail to realize that the 2nd amendment is in place not so we can hunt or target shoot, but to resist a potentially tyrannical government.

Zen Jon : So you're telling me that the most gun control measures were signed into law by...Republicans? That's weird!

BIOFILTER : Ya know when I'm thinking about robbing a bank or worse, I always make sure my machine gun is legal first

Cosmic : Wow, so you have to go through all this just to own a gun that has one extra firing mode? Not worth it in my opinion. Also if a pro gun president is elected I might start a petition to repeal all this BS. Would anyone be willing to sign it?

FlyingGrunt28 : I met a AK-103 that identifies as a 1807 musket and is transmanufactured so he was created in 1807, not 2001. #checkyourprivilege

Leo U. : In germany we are not allowed to use Full auto Airsoft guns only semi or manual

Michael Prouty : WAIT... Social media and the Newscasters tell me ALL THE TIME that I can just go online and order "full auto assault weapons and machine guns" and even "High Capacity 30 Caliber Clips" and have them send to right my door without a background check or anything. Has my life been a LIE?!?!? Darth Vader for president! :P

Di Pudriano : Am I lucky. I have a M249 made in 1879.

Faggerest : So where can i get one of these assault style semi-auto automatic black polymer military grade weapon high capacity clip hunting rifles?

Kanye West : Not illegal if they can't find it (<.>)

Forge North : I love it how people worship Ronald Regan when he has removed more important rights then Obama could ever dream of

bigchunk1 : Can we just get rid of this law?

timinator855 : Compared to some other countrys this isnt really much efford to go through. I think its worth it..

Toast Busters : If you are an amateur gunsmith, you can convert your gun to fully automatic by filing down a few parts. This OBVIOUSLY is illegal. A friend of mine converted his 1911 to full auto by doing this. He ran through 7 rounds very quickly and his hand was bruised by the end of the day. I am relatively certain you can do this with ar-15s, Uzis, and sks rifles. I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS!

Jacob Staten : There is a special place in Hell for William Hughes.

Gonçalo Coelho : then ban then 86 gun act

Russ Powell : 83 down thumbs? must be done by anti-gun zaeliots

Alpha Fort : What can u do if u legally obtained the gun and the essential parts that make it a machine gun are no longer available? Can u mill a new part?

James Cornman : The NFA, gun import ban, and the Hughes amendment are a load of BS and unconstitutional

Cobalt : To make this short! Unless you have money to burn, you're not going to have a machine gun...not a legal one any way. I guess the only criminals are the working class =/

Antbreach Yt : I see many YouTube videos with modern full auto guns

digital1911 : I have an SBR and a suppressor from my trust paperwork. I actually use my sbr/can for hunting hogs.

special jester : I don't think machine guns would be a good investment because at the stroke of a pen, the government could come and collect them up and there is virtually no way you'll be adequately compensated. There is too much risk to buy something for 25,000 dollars when the government could easily take it from you due to a political climate change.

Robert : I seriously don't see the big deal about having machine guns.. I mean whats the worst that can happen?

Kek Flakes : This is why we all should start voting libertarian ;)

Cameron Bartlett : Yea it’s pretty upsetting my rights were violated before I was born.. it’s funny how this didn’t stop criminals from killing people but stops me from owning full auto.

ForNoGoodReason : I learned something

Nikolas Wirz : Even though gun laws are generally speaking more strict in Switzerland than in the US getting a fully automatic firearm is apparently a whole lot easier. After having successfully applied for a license for regulated firearms(Waffenerwerbsschein) one can apply for a license for "forbidden" firearms(Sonderbewilligung). Said license allows you to buy any fully automatic firearm no matter the date of production. Thus if you have the time and money to go through that process you can legally own stuff like H&K MP7s or select fire SIG 553s.

Elliot Axelman : Sorry, couldn't watch the whole thing. It's too sad to hear how many infringements we actually have... And how few people care that the second amendment has been repealed.

Blackmer69 : Insane.

Isheian : What about a video showing the become a class three firearms dealer and get new machine guns that way?

Morningstar : Can TFB TV make a video about how to trick girlfriends or wives into letting us spend ton of money on guns. That would be really useful.

Joe Yummiestanimal : I have seen modern firearms that are machine guns... How is this possible?

Stephen Monroe : thank you  for detailing the anti constitutional actions of our public servants.justice will be served.

greenrover10 : Do you think the ban will ever be repealed?

Phoenix Archangel : While I always love and impressed with that most rare of endangered species: the well informed person online that actually researches facts and knows what he's talking about, here's the simple truth: AMERICA HAS ONE GUN LAW: THE SECOND AMENDMENT. ALL OTHER "gun laws" are actually INFRINGEMENTS and do not apply to law abiding CITIZENS of the united states of america. Any and all government officials interfering with or infringing upon the second amendment are violating the bill of rights, their oath to the constitution, committing organized crimes as stipulated in rico statutes, committing acts of armed robbery, kidnapping, conspiracy to deny rights, piracy, and domestic terrorism (all federal offenses) as well as acts of TREASON and SEDITION against the rights, freedoms and liberties of SOVEREIGN CITIZENS. (Which is WHY we have the second amendment, to fend off such criminal acts of immoral assaults upon our persons and our rights) SEE YOU ON THE RED LIST

LevelFourTea : tbh I believe that any form of guncontrol is unconstitutional.

Mr. Hyde : step 1: buy it done. if you live in the U.S. it's perfectly legal to buy any weapon you wish. beurocrats can't stop the Constitution. sure they'll fight you but it's always legal

Reynolds Colton : How much would i drop for a FN FNC or swedish ak5

Chairdolf Sitler : as a fan of reagan, this is one of his downfalls

Ethan Hohlt : if i had to see someone torch the gun i think i would die from the pain watching it

Michael Weston : Repeal the NFA!

Sam Evans : I hope Trump will change this...