Kevin L. Schwartz at the Comedy Club on State -- January 27, 2018

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ComediAnn : I found you on r/StandupShots and you have no idea how much I look forward to these clips. Keep going!

Joey Kinney : Hahaha. The Jesus jokes at the end killed me. There's a shortage of those. Who does them? You and Carlin? Those are only ones coming to mind.

ChuTheMoose : Good stuff man. Had me cracking up.

MRLplays : Some good stuff in there. I think Steven Write and Mich Hepburn would approve.

Kris A : Great set. Nailed it.

Matt Holmes : I have watched nearly all the Netflix stand-up specials and I laughed more at this 8 minutes than all of those others combined. KILLED IT.

stefan mama : amazing man keep up the good work

Wigwam : Getting in before this blows up

Miles Pro : This is quite close to my favorite set, cheers~

CallMe Blew : good shit man

fred rubble : cracking me up, silly grin hear, Thank you, KS

kingalexcomedy : Fantastic job, man!

Good4Y0u : Reddit brought me here. Dang you're funny!

Smitch Darkskin : Human centipede joke followed by the Jesus joke was incredible. You remind me of Carlin in th best way possible. Keep going!

Mike Simmons : Reddit nailed it

Corbin LeGrand : You'll finish those suicide notes one day. Just as soon as you figure out how to end it.