SECTOR 54: Planetary Invasion - Indie Devlog #5 - OIL!!!
SECTOR 54 Planetary Invasion Devlog 5 OIL Trying a new shorter format

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New Modelling Timelapse! "SECTOR 54 Modelling Timelapse - RESEARCH CENTER" --~-- SECTOR 54: Planetary Invasion - Devlog #5 - OIL!!! What's up guys and welcome to the fifth game devlog for the space tower defense, SECTOR 54: Planetary Invasion! In this devlog, I will be going over the new petroleum resource, the first implementation of enemy path finding, and the new and improved day/night cycle with just as new and improved lighting. Comment if you have any suggestions for future the game and devlogs or other videos! Enjoy!!! WHAT IS SECTOR 54? Sector 54 is a game that is being created by me, Coba Platinum, using c# within the Unity game engine. This game is a low poly space themed tower defense that will require you to strategically place different buildings/turrets and gather resources and research to upgrade those buildings/turrets. There will be many different planets all posing different challenges to the player on his journey to the center of the solar system within Sector 54. This game will have a complete in-game story line to go along with it. Website: Forums: Music: Brittle Rille - Reunited by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Source: Artist:


Turtle Tom : Looks pretty cool, just watch out that the different buildings dont end up looking to similar. I can imagine that there will be a lot going on in the 'lategame'. first log i wawtched so you might've adressed this already though. :p i'll leave a sub tho, looks interessting

Robin : Man how you do dis

Mystic Animator : 3:18 - time to meme ;)

JoshuaH : Nice video

JoshTheNerd : This game looks like it is going to be super fun!

Aviv Uziel : Just finished binging all of your devlogs, Its truly amazing what you have accomplished already with this game, especially considering you have school at the same time. Also i wanted to ask, what pathfinding algorithm do u use for this ? It kind of looks like Astar but I''m not sure. Love your videos ! keep it up ! btw I doubt that it'll be possible, but I'd love to test your game so reply if you're intereseted.