SECTOR 54: Planetary Invasion - Indie Devlog #5 - OIL!!!

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Seth Hamm : I really like the art style and UI gameplay is intriguing

Turtle Tom : Looks pretty cool, just watch out that the different buildings dont end up looking to similar. I can imagine that there will be a lot going on in the 'lategame'. first log i wawtched so you might've adressed this already though. :p i'll leave a sub tho, looks interessting

JoshuaH : Nice video

Robin : Man how you do dis

Mystic Arceus : 3:18 - time to meme ;)

Aviv Uziel : Just finished binging all of your devlogs, Its truly amazing what you have accomplished already with this game, especially considering you have school at the same time. Also i wanted to ask, what pathfinding algorithm do u use for this ? It kind of looks like Astar but I''m not sure. Love your videos ! keep it up ! btw I doubt that it'll be possible, but I'd love to test your game so reply if you're intereseted.

JoshTheNerd : This game looks like it is going to be super fun!