Run — Kelsey Barnard (original)

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hubertgunpowder : Beautiful song and performance, Kelsey !!! ♫ ♥

Tom Andrews : Amazing voice 👍

Kelsey Barnard Music : Thanks so much for the kind words! Feel free to share this if you like it :) & hit that bell for notifications!

Sonny Greenwich Jr : 🏃‍♀️⛰ ☮️

Nomadic RV : G'day new subscriber, saw you on Pusa Studios live stream, showing you some love and my support. Very good song, really enjoyed it :)

The Official Rishona G : Lovely voice and nice song! Thank you Kelsey for sharing your gift!

The Idahonian : Another beautiful tune. I love your voice Kelsey!

isthisronnie : Just found you on Reddit. You've got such a beautiful voice. Reminds me a lot of Daughter. Subscribed and can't wait to see more from you :)

Geoffrey Hewitt : Such an incredible voice! Lovely song, too! :)

OakHillsRunner : I like the words in this song. Thank you for singing!

Dan Anderson : Hi Kelsey. You are so awesome. You have such a beautiful voice. Are these all originals, or??? God bless you sweetheart

Tingle Times : Best of luck for your channel!

Brian Unboxed : You have an awesome voice!

Living My Way : Great voice: new friend here from Pusa Studios here showing support I subscribed and hit the bell 🛎 please do the same for me. Thank you so very much.

TanavSuchi Kids : Original wowwwww excellent!!!!..

2TEN90 Brewing : new supporter from Pusa Studios and wow. Absoultely amazing channel and voice/talent. Love this original song. So talented. Look foward to watching more! Cheers Kelsey!

Living life Illinois : Wow you sing good nice voice you have you should god you should go for America God the talent. Nice like really big thumps up new friend I come from pusa studios live stream.

Konserwatywny1990 : Greetings from Poland, you have a great voice :)

PD Tech : Beautiful song and you sang it from your heart! Supported your channel through pusa live stream sometime ago!! 🎶🎶🎤😀🤝

Angi Butler : Hello new fro Pusa Studios stream

Brian Finger-less Guitar : I wish I had that kind of rhythm in my voice, you don't even need the uke, speaking of your ukulele, did you do that artwork on the body, it almost looks like leather??