Rick and Morty - Finding Meaning in Life

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ThreeDigitIQ : Your purpose is to pass the butter.

Antonis : *"Every place is the center of the universe, every moment is the most important moment, everything is the meaning of life."* *- Dan Harmon.*

É Pavê : My theory is still that rick actually found a Truth for his existence and got disappointed. I think the "absurd" he embraced was the fact that he's a cartoon character. Imagine yourself finding out that god exists and free will kinda doesn't. It would mean this God has power over everything and your story was written before you were born. So, knowing that every decision you make doesn't matter, because it was already chosen for you, is sadder than knowing that there's no meaning for life, because it makes your existence not just mediocre, but also a joke, no matter the grandiosity of your actions. There's also this scene where that robot asks Rick what its purpose is. Rick says "you pass butter". It says "oh my god" in a sad way. Rick says "welcome to the club, pal". It kinda suggests that rick also knows his own purpose, and the same thing happened to him when he found out. It feels like the butter-passing-robot is a Rick in a nutshell. Before Mr. Poppybutthole, Rick was the only character who broke the fourth wall and spoke to the audience (Us). Recognizing the Absurd and embracing it is more liberating than depressing. I think that's why Rick still struggles against depression, and being free from the sadness of knowing the reality of his existence is difficult. Not because he didn't find a meaning, but because he found it and it was fucked up. Idk... Anyway, sorry about any mistakes I made. My first language is Portuguese. If anyone thought the same, let me know ^^

Cooper Smith : FALSE. All of Rick's actions have been to get that Mulan schezuapn McNugget Sauce. Everyone knows this

alexis !! : nobody exists on purpose nobody belongs anywhere everybody’s gonna die come watch tv ???

SuperNoone89 : I'm happiest when not thinking too much. Maybe the purpose is not to have a purpose and just go with it.

Micoola : Optimistic Nihilism is the term you're looking for

nikkalick : Rick and Morty literally helped boost me out of my depression so that I could take the steps necessary to get better and what you acknowledged in your video is exactly the reason why

Lukas Zara : i have no one to share it with. Can i get a like and we can all share this moment together?

Spacecookie : Yep, there are a few of us sat alone at the end like that.

K S : i'm crying and high af

Heneral Luna : Very well-made vid dude. Existentialism at it's finest. Keep up the good work :)

Lauren Gillis : I think Rick & Morty low-key broke me

Carlos Pires : Happiness is only real when shared

Darian Javier : the absolute irony is, quantum theory would suggest that the reality you experience depends on the perspective you have... so life is as meaningful or meaningless as you want it to be

Jessica Rose : this was one of the smartest rick and morty philosophy videos I have seen plus I love camus #camusisbae

The Absurd Hero : I've seen this video more than 15 times! It helps me to focus in the important things...

Dillon Bishop : This video literally helped explain how I've felt about life for the past two years. Thank you now I can show somebody what I mean in a more relatable sense

Arraik Cruor : The meaning of this video was to make me cry.

DiamondGuy34 : In some ways, Rick reminds me a little bit of Alan Watts: A highly intelligent man, able to view the universe in a way most other people can't comprehend, yet he's also an alcoholic with a difficult family life; someone who experiences deep pain despite his fantastic cognitive powers.

Learn Hacking : I'm nothing to judge, but what you said about just enjoy it is kinda tricky, i think enjoying is the first step for becoming depressed.

eqw321 : i see alot of people talking about how this video hit the spot or made them cry, well, this video also hit hard in the heart of an idealist who constantly thought about life instead of actually living it with those around him ...

skyvoice : Every time I drink nowadays, I think of Rick, and think about these exact concepts and just relate to him so hard. I try to find joy and happiness in the small things, but my mind also wanders and tries to expand into uncharted territory. It's fruitless in the end, though.

Angel O : I discovered the purpose of my life at 40: Give, give, give. Not necessarily money, as I don't have much, but by being of service. Help, teach, volunteer. And the more I get in return. Wish I had known before...

G Savage : This video was great until the last part where you claim that the only thing more terrifying than existing and not knowing why is existing with nobody to share it with. You can enjoy whatever you want without anybody to share it with. You can be happy alone, in a room with nothing but a roof over your head. Sometimes sharing life with people can be annoying and cause more drama than it's worth. You nearly made a perfect video, nearly.

Harivatsa Parameshwaran : Something I found very interesting is that the show provided a situation which highlighted "purpose". The Meeseks were creatures which had a purpose, a single purpose which if they fulfilled they could be at peace or cease to exist. But if they didn't fulfill their purpose they couldn't escape existence. So if we had a purpose, would we not devout our entire lives to the purpose, failing at which we would be stuck in an eternal loop. Maybe thats why we don't need a purpose, the burden of not fulfilling a purpose is far greater than the joy of fulfilling one. Maybe the purpose of life is very personal and subjective. Each one is an actor on this great stage which is life.

Sisyphus : Easily the best video on YouTube

Brannon Naito : I saw this a number of times, I love it. I can't agree with it more. I think what bothers me still despite feeling the same way, is that happiness is ephemeral. You can spend all the money you want, enjoy your time with family or experience new experiences, but still it's short-lived... at least for me. I'd like to find out what makes me happy for more than a moment.

Jonas Martinez : This is existential philosophical ways of thinking. Our existence is meaningless but it creates the beautiful freedom to find meaning in anything we want in life. Jean Paul Sartre has great work on existentialism.

The Absurd Hero : Once again here! I've seen it like 30 times and I still love it...

Yana ihmeneva : But what if you have born in very bad place with terrible conditions. And even if you have born in normal place, your life basically consist of suffering and some carnal shit that your body must do. Ofcourse we can live and try to find some good things that makes us (who?) feel better, we can use our consciousness and shit like this but is it really worth? Why we just can not to live? Who said that do live is better then do not live? Sorry for my english.

Gym Rat Drew : Subjective meaning is itself meaningless though. I love weightlifting, for instance, though I know that (if I manage to live to 80+) I will literally watch every bit of muscle and strength melt from my tired old body. This doesn't mean I stop in the present, but realize that much like everything else it is meaningless in the grand scale of the universe. Create your own meaning, sure, but do not deceive yourselves into thinking it is objective by any stretch.

Daniel Blanco R : Dude you put the song when Rick tried to kill himself at the end? I came to laugh not to feel

Sako Gekchyan : Nihilism is hilarious to me. It's hilarious because people seem meaningless this as a bad thing. Even though most nihilists try to be on the positive side the initial idea of meaninglessness to them is negative. That's why it's called an existential crisis. The hilarious thing is that most nihilists don't get the punchline of the joke. Life is meaningless but it is also meaningless that it is meaningless. Students of eastern philosophy have solved this supposed problem thousands of years ago. Taoists are more nihilistic than the nihilists. The truth is that life is meaningless. It is meaningless in the same way that a sunrise or a cool morning breeze is meaningless. We don't try to put meaning in any of these things. We just enjoy them for what they are. I would recommend checking out Alan Watts' lectures and in particular his lecture called "man and nature".

Sanjay Vasnani : I wanna explore that 'meaningless Universe' cuz it's not meaningless. It's full of things to discover and learn from. It's where we live just like the Earth, just like our country, just like our city, just like our house.

The Fireface : Life's purpose is to serve god -with your acts : helping each other , easing everyone's hard life , charity etc.. -Pray And know that every thing in life is meant to be, beside sins The result is heaven and an infinite happiness I am telling you this " resumed " just to give you hope I am not perfect i have a lot of weaknesses And i will be attacked by atheists in 3..2..1..

Quicktwosteps : I can just play this in my church and I won't need to come back every Sunday mass.

The Absurd Hero : Great video! Personaly I've had this kind of existential crisis with a nihilist perspective. But you always find small things that give meaning to your life.

Don't Kill Yourself Before You're Dead : we DO have a purpose. To help people see that there's hope. Billions of people are suffering. Isn't that enough to see that our meaningless lives can have a purpose and meaning by sharing the good things we have to those in need? The greatest gift that we can share to suffering souls is the state of mind that it's okay, everything's going to be fine. Suffering souls tend to cease to function and it's our mission as enlightened beings (if we consider ourselves enlightened) to enlighten others. That's my opinion.

Gym Rat Drew : Camus disappoints...Why ought I imagine Sisyphus happy? Does my imagination enforce happiness upon Sisyphus? If it does, ought I care? Happiness or unhappiness, you shall die and be forgotten. Riches or poverty, you shall die and be forgotten. Loved ones or loneliness, you shall die and be forgotten. This is your lot. Accept it or do not accept it, this is still your lot. Post this comment or reply to it, you shall die and be forgotten. Life is truly absurd. Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die...just do not make the mistake that anything you do, say, think, or feel possesses any meaning whatsoever.

Sion : I agree, existing with no one to share it with, REALLY sucks!

Disappointment Bot : this is what i found out when i was 12

StellarFrank : This is why I love Rick and Morty. Not only is it filled with witty humour, plot twists and intricacies, it brings up existential questions. Also, You did an amazing job with this video, it was really well put together :)

I AM DANNY EL : I still believe in God, I still believe in the fact that everybody has a purpose should they choose to accept it, but I do agree that you should quest for Adventure and search for meaning in things you're curious about or just stuff you love doing, I think we were all created with a very high tendency to wander in the right direction when we do that. That being said... Don't do drugs kids.

joaomiguel1988 : this was spot on. never a show meant so much to me as Rick and Morty, I just want to share it with all the friends that i know will understand it. Like music in a way

Bruno Osti : Holly shit man! I watched the entire show during a depressive period of my life. No wonder I enjoyed it so much. Maybe, subconsciously, I could reach this message. Nice video! Excellent ending!

reemal : this seems stupid I know, I never believed it but Jesus really is the answer to life! taste and see that the Lord is good <3

The Greatest Youtuber! : Why should life have a purpose u make the purpose for your own life no theory can argueverthing happens for a reason!

Minimations : There is no meaning, we give LIFE meaning, WE are the meaning "time wait for no one" as we say we live to live a fulfilling life not some existential meaning why we try to find a meaning, because we sub-conscience feel useless even if you don't accept this it's true there may be other species, time-line, universes now if there is a meaning meaning you can't look for it you have to let it come to you but ask your self is the meaning of life really worth answering instead of finding one let one find us accept reality and for people with depression why be sad when you could be happy and if WE DO find the meaning then complete it what will be left existence will be pointless so instead of wasting existence live it well UwU

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