DIY Concrete Countertops | Part 2 of The Total DIY Kitchen Series

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Donna Roselyn : 2:25 "...mixing it in a mixing tray, using a hoe. It's helpful to have another person around..." I thought for a sec. he was talking about the girl, lmao

korej94 : 2:25 lmao "mix it using a hoe". It's a clip of his girl mixing it😂😂

Asher Asberry : 4:14 I'm the guy in the orange shirt with the beard

Scott Nelle : I've noticed that you usually use molds of 2.5 inches or more. Is that just your aesthetic preference, or is there some reason that thinner concrete slabs made this way are impractical? Thanks!

DRMR frbr : I am shocked at the price of the sink. you got to be kidding me. video is amazing all they way just shocked at the price, id expect to pay not more than 100$ on a sink. maybe its just that here, in Serbia, they are cheaper, or you picked a very expencivce one. Non the less, looking forward to the next video :)

News now america : i like the idea. but should have put rebar around the sink cutout. now its gonna break in front of the sink. and should have been set down on blobs of liquid nails so it sits flush and can not rock around and break.and use your palm sander to vibrate the forms. not a saw! and dont forget to remove the sand paper before you vibrate.

Confused Ostrich : Using a hoe, lol I thought he was talking about the girl

Dwight Stewart : This is awesome. this is exactly what im going to do to my new kitchen in June.

Ricardo Martins de Oliveira : You can spread oil or grease on the pvc pipe and it will release incredibly easy from the concrete. Nice job!

Kaleb Graham : Love how he said using a hoe and his sister was compacting the concrete

Walnut & Maple : nice idea, but needs drawers. that wont stay neat for long and I don't like guests seeing all my stuff

David Ferrer : is there a reason why you used the 5000 concrete and not counter top concrete ?

David Ferrer : love the open design of the kitchen so much inspiration :)

Kyle Rogers : this is awesome

Patrick Drury : just take the blade out of you're recip saw to get plenty of vibration...

Joe Towers : I am not handy by any measurement, so I won´t be doing this, but I really like the aesthetics of the kitchen. I might have to have somebody quote this for me. Thanks for the videos.

Jerome Walton : Nice looking job but wow. Mixing it on your floor and making a giant mess all over, not securing the tops to the cabinets, sanding after installation...should have planned out your job a little more

Rares Oance : 2:25 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

718sFINEST : 0:35 is that a security tag on her pants? "oooohhhhh she stealin"

litch1374 : Hey quick question. I know Quickcrete sponsors you and I'm curious why you chose 5000 mix over their countertop mix. Was it an issue of what was available to you or did you like the look or functionality better? In the next day or two I'm doing a pour in place, outdoor concrete countertop and read reviews of Quickcrete's countertop on home depot and wondering if I should use 5000 instead.

Rick Lohre : General cost on this countertop project? Sans the sink and faucet.

Matthew Snell : Nothing like exposed end-grain on a bunch of Home Depot 2x4s. This transitional period where everyone who handmade their vintage stuff and are now trying to stay relevant with modern fixings aren't quite there yet.

P Nwa : 2:25 using a hoe. She appears

Maeve Chen : Hi Ben, are you going to add a splashback at the sink? It's weird for me to see a kitchen with wood flooring and an untiled wall because I live in the tropics and that will rot very fast. Beautiful work by the way!

erik iverson : I know it helps to have an extra person around. Isn't that why you are using the hoe?

Edward Roscoe : Hi there, Can anyone recommend an equivalent of Quikrete 5000 that is available in the UK? Would be most appreciated. Kind Regards, Eddie

Jason Johnston : Exactly what I needed to give me the confidence to tackle my kitchen project. I like how you simplified the process and were able to provide a general walkthrough.

georgyboy2323 : Nice, but how long can it last in a kitchen? I fear the water of the sink...

Franklin Michael : If you do stain it can you clean it by sanding it down a little? And how much does it cost to build the countertops and the stands and sink and so on?

Atha S : !good idea

Missy Evitt : What was the cost of the coutertops?

Sirthinksalot : I like your videos, they are clear with nice music and voice overs. But is have a question; why did you let the concrete dry slowly? what will happen if it dried fast??

John G : is it possible to have a finish with no holes at all, and to feel almost like granite with sanding? Or is that kind of finish just not really possible with concrete? This looks great, I'm just curious if it could really rival the look of a polished stone.


anthony thompson : Good video, +1

redtiger546 : nice breathing protection from your carcinogenic melamine dust

HOLD FAST : That turned out awesome. I've been wanting to make mine for way too long and keep putting it off. After seeing how these turned out as soon as spring gets here, I am definitely doing it. Thanks for sharing.

RetroWeld : 2 in one day! Nice!

Scott Haun : if you had the tools, next time would skip the pvc pipe for the faucet you just drill out the faucet hole?

Meeno Do : Hmm open shelves..... Good luck keeping your stuff dust free. We've evolved to cabinets for a reason.

Anthony Tran : Great video, did you use any coloring to the concrete?

Bo Slutz : You mentioned that brand of grout used. What sealer and wax did you use and are you pleased with the results over time?

pow shredder : And in the next vid we will show you how to replace our hardwood floor we destroyed.

zeroyear1212 : Hey what sealer was used? I can not find this information

Ihsan Kibar : Amazing... I wonder what you do with all this stuff you make?? Like dont you guys already have stuff in your home :D

COMPETITIVE PLAY : im gonna talk in 3rd person all video and make it sound really annoying

raekendyk : 4:57 i see a crack ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Donovan Gregg : Feel bad for those hardwood floors :(... spilled concrete and water all over them as they look to be unfinished?

Samtagri : 2:25 "mixing it using a hoe" just as Elly walks into frame. I was like: say what?!?

iolo9982 : when you said, I try to get out all the bubbles with a hoe and then the gal pops up to help you, lmao