Story of Hidden Anime Store in Korea | UnderCulture
Story of Hidden Anime Store in Korea UnderCulture

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[UnderCulture Episode 1] I made a typo "sounth korea". Sorry if my typo disturbed you. Address of the place [English/Korean] Kukje Electronics Center, Seocho-dong, Seoul 국제전자센터 서울특별시 서초동 Join our discord server! ■ Credit ■ ACH logo design by Josh Labilles Figure Presso: Web: 1st interviewer's special YT channel 까까TV: DenDen shop: Located 9th floor of Kukje Electronics Center ■ Music Used ■ Potsu - gazebo Potsu - food court Potsu - runaway Stessie - Sprinkles! Download for Stessie: #ACH #Korea #Otakutims


까까TV : 안녕하세요 영상에 출연한 까까입니다 ^^; 멋진 소개 영상 감사드립니다 ~또 뵈여~

5DarkTV / 오다크TV : 멋진 소개군요. (That's a nice introduction.) 다음 영상이 기대됩니다.(I'm looking forward to the next image.)

콜리 TV : 정말 깔끔한 영상 잘 봤습니다~!! 👍👍

Hibiki : yessssssss

Norwall Music : Going to go look through the rest of your channel after watching this.


Seb Trower : Opa

get a life : 0.02 "Sounth Korea"