Game Theory: The Fire Storm Of Star Wars Battlefront 2

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SuperCosmicKuma : The floor is lava? I got one better. THE SKY IS PLASMA!!!

Majesta : EA Games, its in your wallet

maruvacat : Mat, could you please make a theory on Don't Starve? Not many talk about the lore, but it's got lots, much of which is really well hidden as well. It's a really intresting and intruiging game, and I think making a theory on the backstory of the world and characters would make a great video!

Ryaquaza 1 : Don’t mess with weather, especially when causing excess rain, that will literally destroy the ecosystem. Also there is a moral to your business issue, don’t trust anything from America, businesses included

sstream17 : This video's longer than the entire Battlefront 2 campaign

thebahooplamaster : Moral of the story (beginning of video) Never trust EA in general.

Flam flam : EA: -hi, i like money-

Revell : Ha ha cinder from RWBY

Dorian Strobert : I'm Srry for making money on this game that everyone hates theory

nolberg19 : yayay lets bash battlefront II for being "pay-to-win" because no other game has everrr allowed players to have a advantage if they are willing to pay money. they made DLC free and people are still complaining about having to take time to unlock stuff and extremely expensive micro-transactions.


YayItsLihao YT : Operation Cinder... Geostorm

MatyBebe-_- : Just btw in star wars blaster and lightsaber blades are plasma

The Link to Hyrule : YO MATPAT!! FNAF 6 HAS CHARACTERS AND VOICES FROM FNAF SISTER LOCATION (and a character from fnaf 3). !! Baby, Funtime Freddy, springtrap, and fnaf Sister Location's narrator (the tutorial voice).

Corey Speed Mode : Hey, can you do a theory on Stardew Valley, if there is a theory to be made.

Danny Douglas : Did anyone else catch him say battlefield 2s campaign or was it just me?

Rook : Omg mattpatt made a rwby refrence

Bananaz Tuber : love the intro

Mustafa205 : 3:39 Battle Field 2?


Hiukas : That theory was dope

thebig C DaNCe : Game Theorists listen you said Chica wasent in fnaf sister location because she wasnt apart of the original gang however while re-watching Jacksepticeyes first fnaf sister location video I spotted Chica right next to fun time freddy! I have a picture if you want to see let me know.

Viljami Paimen : 31 seconds into the video and I already give U props man :)

ThrawnGames : Hey MatPat, can you PLEASE do a theory about Doki Doki Literature Club? There's so much to theorize about, like The Third Eye, the decoded .chr files, and what Project Libitina is. There's a huge reddit topic about it, which you can find here: like if you agree so he can see this

ChAoTiCKV : Bf2 plot kinda sounds like geostorm... Hmm..

Austin Cohan : Pay an extra $100 for the Burning to Death DLC

GoldenMaster h20 : You know what i think about EA?? Purchase the comment DLC for 68.99 with additional loot crate

DJ SmVツ : The only person to survive this will be Big Shaq

Theswimmer Gamer : MAT PAT!!! You need to see/play the new Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator! Plenty of theory content in that one. But I’m sure you already have 😁

EdrianGaming21 : make a theory of fnaf 6

Royallightningtiger : 3:39 is making me mad

Blue Neptune : 3:38 Yea I agree with you, but I thought we were talking about battlefront 2 not battlefield 2.

DJL GAMER : I thought this would be a video entirely about micro transactions

Just Nina : "The smaatest show in gaming" REALLY, SMAATEST? 😂😂

_CrazyBlade_ : U can’t spell steal without EA Edit 1: holy crap 95 likes never got this far Edit 2: wtf 380 likes Edit 3: holy god this is the most likes I have ever gotten

Mr. Turret : Minor spoilers for star wars 8 Ever since i watched it i was intrested in what would actually happen if a ship hit a ship at light speed please do a film theory on that

Naruto Girl : Anyone else want Matt to do theories on Death Stranding? Cuz I DO!!!

Deirdre McManus : I got an add for a star wars game on this so not sponsored

TheWildCard : Make a video on doki doki literature club pls

S_ Pollito : 3:39 Battlefield 2?

Amaro Rivas : Game theory of fnaf 6 pls

Nicole Politis : Just wondering..when will you make a new fnaf theory with this new stuff?

Karina Febles : cat, im a kitty cat and i dance, dance, dance, and I dance, dance, dance!

Infinity/ wargamer : It's return!u need a theory on...FNAF!!I know u don't but with new games like pizzara simulator

Jake Berango : 7:44 I appreciate the RWBY reference.

Tate Seishin : Hay Matpat! Guess what's back........ FNAF6

Peter David Anderson : Mattpat fanf 6 😑

DatsWhatHeZed v2.0 : Pls make fnaf pizzeria simulator theory plsss

Anal Schakal : 3:39 Battlefield?

Gabe Dubbs : 3:38 he says battle field not battle front... must of not had his Diet Coke.