Game Theory: The Fire Storm Of Star Wars Battlefront 2

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SuperCosmicKuma : The floor is lava? I got one better. THE SKY IS PLASMA!!!

Unhappy Marshmellow : Star Wars Battlefront 2: It's over, Anakin, I have purchased the highground.

Captain : I played it and it was actually pretty decent. Only thing stopping it is EA.

Happymonday 2015 : To read the rest of this comment please pay $29.99 Thank you for your purchase *ERROR CODE 404*

Michael Scott : On the other hand, if all your coworkers get blown up, thats less birthdays you have to remember

Evan Comiciotto : " Hey mommy whats that purple dot in the sky?" "Oh that's a ball of plasma that's gonna burn us alive." "......O-Oh......"

Kaspar Longva Buset : weather control unlocked wEAther control LOCKED

Hyperior V : Appreciate your fight against EA matpat! Thanks! (Now if only you could comment on net neutrality...)

Electronic Arts EA : *This video has been secretely sponsored by* EA's Starwars Battlefront 2 *please enjoy*

Trim Prism : 1:16 HelloGreedo Cameo :DD

X naM ageM Reversed : I swear, if anyone has the nerve to call matpat a sellout after that, I would just not freakin believe it. Thank you matpat. In a place as desperate for money as YouTube, it's nice to know there are people like you not willing to sellout and support something against their morales.

Kackelgubbe : how to turn the world to Arizona Operation: Cinder and yes its a THE,OD,ONEs,OUT refrence

Dayton Paul : 7:44 I don't know you liked RWBY!

Hezron Momia : 3:38 battlee feild 2 ????

Cayden Brady : One day I looked at the deathstar explode and felt bad for the other prisoners that Luke did not save I ALMOST CRIED! THEY ALL DIED! AND ALSO THE BAD GUYS DIED TOO! MILLIONS DEAD!

memes and more - overwatch enthusiast : Dude, Operation Cinder on planets is WAY cheaper than a Death Star.

stu matt : 51 seconds in and we already hit a well deserved thumbs up. preach that micro transaction hate mattpat

epic gamer : "You have 13 minutes of battery left"' *watches this video*

I Nigiri : I'm a simple woman, I see a Mabel... I LIKE

The Luco : Dark Wars Operation:Lords Of Cinder

thebahooplamaster : Moral of the story (beginning of video) Never trust EA in general.

Captain Alexander : At 3:40, you called it Battlefield

the Chara : Could you do a film theory on the effects of hitting a ship at light speed?

Daniel Hyatt : Ha love the use of cinder

DestinyTruth : The part where you said you would die a painful death before you even get hit by the plasma is where I'm like. "Well I hope that never happens in real life"

Supister : To see this comment you have to purchase the funny comments DLC.

Francis Ong : So, am I the only one who realize just how scary dragon ball characters really are after watching this video? Krillin could pretty easily destroy a city using this method. The androids can probably do this with ease considering they supposedly have infinite amounts of energy. What the saiyans could do is even more terrifying.

fox grant : Just before 4 min mat says battlefield 2

TrevorBOB : Disney should repost this, it adds a whole ‘nother level to the game and the comics

Mike Warnke : Just think about’re a soldier with a leader who wants galactic peace and a super weapon for peace, you’re the good guys and boom, millions of You’re non clone brothers and sisters, coworkers, friends bosses lovers all dead just like that, by terrorists, it would be horrifying.

ProtoMario : Thank you God for not selling out this time...

Ociel Amador : The poetic imagery at 12:12 was very beautiful....but yet so horrifying.

Eric The lv 51 battlemage : I'm not sponsored by EA either!

Shawnster201 store : 3:30 FORIST MOON OF ENDOR NOT ENDOR, ENDOR IS A GAS GIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xXCrazyGamerXx Mullins : The game was good

JayAwesomeGames : Thank you matt patt for not supporting AAA developers who try force micro transaction.

Unreliable Username : Operation *COLON* Cinder.

ctrl shift X : This is supported because in the dlc campaign because they return to baddies and theirs a bunch of ash everywhere

Commander snow : I'll hide in my freezer

Tacodog 76 : My god, that's horrifying.

Memetastic : This is just another reason I prefer nintendo.

Royal Rutter : I’ve got access to almost everything in the game and i haven’t had to pay for any microtransactions. And before any says it, i don’t hack the game. I purchased those things with the credits i earned in the game with the missions and the other stuff in a few weeks. I’ve heard people complain about the micotransaction for awhile and I’ve never seen them on the game.

RECK 317 : I was hoping that the intro would keep stoping and asking you to pay to continue over and over as a little pay to continue joke

NeppedWaifu : MatPat please make a game theory about The Simulacra pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its a awesome game.

LIGHTNING 2003287 : Mat pat I hope u see this: I would like you to do an updated Ubisoft universe theory video with the release of assassins creed origins

Daring Note62 : 3:39 you said battlefield 2 not battlefront 2

The rando show : The whole pay the dlc to get the game thing is why I like Nintendo more in this day and age. Some Games on switch are the same game on Wii U but with all the dlc and more content on top of that. I guess EA didn’t get the memo. Also EA made the Sims series right? LOOK AT HOW MUCH DLC IS THERE THAT COULD HAVE BEEN FREE!

ApexPredator : 3:38 did you just say Battlefield

MetalSonicWarriorX20 2018 : Would've hopped into the nearest X-Wing if I heard that lasers were being shot down....

SilverStep[GD] : When death star goes down... WELL plan B i guess....