Game Theory: The Fire Storm Of Star Wars Battlefront 2

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SuperCosmicKuma : The floor is lava? I got one better. THE SKY IS PLASMA!!!

memes and more - overwatch enthusiast : Dude, Operation Cinder on planets is WAY cheaper than a Death Star.

Captain : I played it and it was actually pretty decent. Only thing stopping it is EA.

Trim Prism : 1:16 HelloGreedo Cameo :DD

Hyperior V : Appreciate your fight against EA matpat! Thanks! (Now if only you could comment on net neutrality...)

Dayton Paul : 7:44 I don't know you liked RWBY!

Unhappy Marshmellow : Star Wars Battlefront 2: It's over, Anakin, I have purchased the highground.

Kackelgubbe : how to turn the world to Arizona Operation: Cinder and yes its a THE,OD,ONEs,OUT refrence

Reflex : I'm a simple woman, I see a Mabel... I LIKE

Evan Comiciotto : " Hey mommy whats that purple dot in the sky?" "Oh that's a ball of plasma that's gonna burn us alive." "......O-Oh......"

Hezron Momia : 3:38 battlee feild 2 ????

thebahooplamaster : Moral of the story (beginning of video) Never trust EA in general.

Happymonday 2015 : To read the rest of this comment please pay $29.99 Thank you for your purchase *ERROR CODE 404*

Francis Ong : So, am I the only one who realize just how scary dragon ball characters really are after watching this video? Krillin could pretty easily destroy a city using this method. The androids can probably do this with ease considering they supposedly have infinite amounts of energy. What the saiyans could do is even more terrifying.

Kaspar Longva Buset : weather control unlocked wEAther control LOCKED

Captain Alexander : At 3:40, you called it Battlefield

S_ Pollito : 3:39 Battlefield 2?

Jon Edits : So how to create a Spirit Bomb in real life XD Also nice anime references!

epic gamer : "You have 13 minutes of battery left"' *watches this video*

Michael Scott : On the other hand, if all your coworkers get blown up, thats less birthdays you have to remember

DankinDolphin : It is my belief that being sponsored by EA would be damaging to my already weakened PR, and had the whole fiasco not had taken place I would’ve gladly taken their money however I would rather jump on the hate train to gain views.

xXCrazyGamerXx : The game was good

ctrl shift X : This is supported because in the dlc campaign because they return to baddies and theirs a bunch of ash everywhere

TrevorBOB : Disney should repost this, it adds a whole ‘nother level to the game and the comics

SHF // ShadowHunterFi : 3:38 *Battlefield 2* :D

Danny Douglas : Did anyone else catch him say battlefield 2s campaign or was it just me?

The Lucoso : Dark Wars Operation:Lords Of Cinder

LIGHTNING 2003287 : Mat pat I hope u see this: I would like you to do an updated Ubisoft universe theory video with the release of assassins creed origins

David Lannister : Battlefront 2 was the most dissapointing thing ever

RECK 317 : I was hoping that the intro would keep stoping and asking you to pay to continue over and over as a little pay to continue joke

MurderofBirds : Props on the RWBY shout-out at 7:43 ;)

Unreliable Username : Operation *COLON* Cinder.

TheNo1Gamer : He said battlefield 2 at 3:39

Daniel Hyatt : Ha love the use of cinder

DarkShadowProductions : 3:40 * battlefront 2

Supister : To see this comment you have to purchase the funny comments DLC.

LaRusso : Moral of the video: this game is trash

SilverStep[GD] : When death star goes down... WELL plan B i guess....

Negotiator007 : 3:40 ... battlefield 2... battlefield 2? BATTLEFIELD 2!!!???? It's BattleFRONT!!!

Alex Holowaty : 3:39 “ battlefield 2”... ITS BATTLEFRONT

Majesta : EA Games, its in your wallet

Ociel Amador : The poetic imagery at 12:12 was very beautiful....but yet so horrifying.

Super Saiyan God Gohan : Would've hopped into the nearest X-Wing if I heard that lasers were being shot down....

Commander snow : I'll hide in my freezer


La Volpe : There's something cathartic about hearing theoretical ways I could die

The All Memeing Eye : I remember that vsauce once mentioned that 1g of sun matter would instantly kill everything in a 1000 mile radius. You mentioned that this is hotter than the sun, and I imagine that the column of heated atmosphere weighs more than 1g, so they're screwed.

Tacodog 76 : My god, that's horrifying.

XO DarkGawd XO : i have never seen another more unsettling episode of game theory thx matpat

Bam Hits : But would the gungins be safe because they are pretty far under water