There and Back Again: A Packet's Tale. How Does the Internet Work?

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Eric Cochran : How is this even possible?

Duc Trinh : MIND=BLOWN!!!

trolltothebank : LOL who the hell dislikes these kind of videos

Rakesh kumar : One word: Brilliant!

Priyal Deep : Mind blown!!!!!!! Wow.... Just wow! I can't believe 3 people even thought of disliking this video.

Gicu Ionesco : ce-ai facut mah nene mah

Kowshik Noor : How are the satellites in space involved? Are they an alternative to the cables under the ocean?


imusiqlo : Really funny and insightful, thank you!

Finlay Streetly Girl : Thanks mate very helpful

Nerdysaurus : Confusing

Luis Riesco : Guauu, this is the answer I was looking for to understand how internet works, great work!

Andrew Greer : wow...

Virtuous I : Fourth to comment.

Nehemaia Lord : I wonder who built that wire traveling across countries.

Mnesmeshno : First!