There and Back Again: A Packet's Tale. How Does the Internet Work?

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trolltothebank : LOL who the hell dislikes these kind of videos

Duc Trinh : MIND=BLOWN!!!

Eric Cochran : How is this even possible?

Priyal Deep : Mind blown!!!!!!! Wow.... Just wow! I can't believe 3 people even thought of disliking this video.

Luis Riesco : Guauu, this is the answer I was looking for to understand how internet works, great work!

Gicu Ionesco : ce-ai facut mah nene mah

jiminsjams : Confusing

Jessica B : How'd they get those things under the ocean

Mushi John shrooms : It doesn’t matter how it gets there? What about he most interesting aspect of packet data. Wireless transfer via 202 base station transceivers (cell towers) inserting electrons and charged protons into modulated em wavelengths

Aya Zanaty : that's awesome + so complex (that's too much for my mind) !! when the world did all that ?? where was I ??

Sanskari Boy : From udemy ...

Bob Johnson : what about domain name servers?

Vũ Lê Trần Anh : That 's awesome.

Kowshik Noor : How are the satellites in space involved? Are they an alternative to the cables under the ocean?

imusiqlo : Really funny and insightful, thank you!

Finlay Streetly Girl : Thanks mate very helpful

Andrew Greer : wow...


Virtuous I : Fourth to comment.

Rakesh kumar : One word: Brilliant!

Nehemaia Lord : I wonder who built that wire traveling across countries.

Mnesmeshno : First!