I'm Brian (Original)

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Peter Smith : Keiran Tierney brought me here.

SeanFinlay64 : am brian

Dapper Pickle : Braveheart : Deleted Scenes

President Dank : W E L C O M E T O T H E B A T T L E O F S T I R L I N G B R I D G E

CallumM : Looking forward to this being in all those dank meme compilations

kierantuohy01 : The thing is I used to play with football with him

Cammy wammy 09 : XD

Erminatz the Allround Fuckup : Dita brought me here..

Lee Hamilton : 😂😂😂👌

Ben Campbell : I'm Stephen

David Does Games : LOL 😂

Jax : I feel proud to be a student at calderglen now XD

Your Average Joe : *B r i a n*

KSJDbv : *B R I A N*

Nerd Number K : Loop 0:18

DROOKiEZ : It's always calderglen high school

Connor M : Na mate am Brian

I really don't like a lot of stuff lol xD : "I'm gay." "I'm lesbian." "I am actually pansexual." "I am transgender." "I'm Brian" someone needs to make this now

DildoGaggings : 0:11 I'm Brian 0:12 I'm Brian 0:15 I"M BRIAN

Ioni B. : :D:D:D

NinjaMunchkin : oh thomas doherty

Koozy.DATBoi : Sometimes what Scotland really needs is for you to be yourself. Byoutiful

MoodyOldDude : So this is all we get for the scottish Life Of Brian?

Riyz : I'm online, I'm Brian

Shawn Jorgensen : Oh my god, did this get sent through an ADR process!?!

BJA ScottishIdiot : I canni, ffs nut man

Oden Gaming : My brother is best mates with him (there in s5 now

Howirya Doon : Whats the kids name 12 secs in?

Brian A : Well I'm about to know how Jeff feels.

valchinjs : He's Brian

Mc Monobrow : B R I A N

Jacob Toland : Thanks KT


R4COON R4MPAGE : I’m Brian

aqua marie : im b*R*ian

Cave Beast : You just know he is going to be smoking weed at break times when he is older lol

KobraApple : looping this

Donuts Are yummy : I'm scotish

Not Cthulhu : *FREEEEEDOMMMMMM* ... I mean Brian.

Nick Boote : I’m brian

Gemma Kennedy : What a work of art

TREBLE 67 : KT does it better

Ellie Hunter : *am brian*

DeeJayBliss : KT done it better

Connor M : Look left at the start