Mother and son incest couple answer awkward questions

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This is a Q&A video I did with my son. Some of the questions were pretty awkward and cringy but some weren't so bad lol. We had fun making this video for you guys so if you have any more questions please feel free to ask below! Thank you for participating in asking questions for this video! FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM: LasVegasBarbie FOLLOW MY SNAP/ TWITTER: LasVegasBarbie


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Cecil : Son: "when you asked if I was a virgin." Mom: "Not for long pretty boy. You came out of me and you sure as hell will be back inside me."

Ravioli Ravioli : Dont clickbait with the incest things, or maybe it's real lol

Crazy E : Ask him if he would spread your buttcheeks

Josh Cordova : Dude I really want her to sit on my face so bad...

Guillaume Fisher : If your son had a kid you’d be the hottest grandma in the world

BluWavyTv : why does he have his shirt off in the thumbnail😂😂😂

Ian Keister : Her shirt says everything about this video

XxJayCakesFrenZyXx : Do they bang? 7:48

Fox Mulder : Your son seems very mature.

XxDarkOceanxX : I honestly think the cops need to open a investigation on her

Keyshawn : This dude is baked af 🤣

Sudo : Oh man this video should be used to test mental strength of Navy Seals, I simply can not watch it!

INT PEN : 07:15 thanks me later

An Entity : Came for the thumbnail.....came literally...

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skelki Galatasaray : His mom: You still a virgin? Him: Yes His mom: Than lets change it😉

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Dominick Vega : You are so lucky my mother beats me sometimes 🤷🏻‍♂️

Dreno Kamp : *me* : **sees her son playboy shirt** *me* : I'm sure they did it.

Kevin Murphy : I have a question can you fix the mirror in the background it's a little crooked and it's bothering me

My Hair Is Blonde : I have a feeling they are very "close." They seem really giggly and flirty together...

White Girls are my Kryptonite ✔️ : I can tell this fly brotha gets all the girls

Per Ankarbåge : lord, save these commentators, for they know not what they do

adriannngp2012 : Damn you don't look 32 tbh your son looks your age

The Random Guy : 2:10 On the left corner wut??

My Name Is Daniel : I thought the incest was illegal in the US

YourOwnDumbAss : I call bs on being 32, you look more like mid-twenties and not being negative.

Żęåûx X : 0:00-0:03 that you’re hot 😂 look like she’s 28

xRiann : Sweet Home Alabama

New Blast : I swear her shirt said lick bait

Derp Shaco™ : he is 16? jesus im 19 and he looks older than me

Mr Moe : I like the fact that you like David Dobrik two. Much love to you and your son.

WWEMotors : happy Thx-giving, Morgan katt

Dallas Long : Hope you & your son have a blessed Thanksgiving 🦃

Final Limits : I think there's an incest relationship with your teenage son.

Ø Shådøw Kîñg Ø : 2:10 . He said he likes cats. *Cat passes by*

Jane Taylor : What do you consider to be an incest? Touching, kissing, penetration of any particular kind?

haris hamza : I hope With your son Very soon you will reach million subscribers

sithlordsoup : "is that your little brother"

dee hazel : I MEANN ... HE CUTE OR WHATEVA !!😂😍

TOP ONE : I think these two they're pretty cute, cuz.. they've got happy eyes, n' she raised a guy whose favorite book of Stephen Hawking! It's quite cool! P.S. Haters! Just admit - they're stylin' on you! lol

Chrono Cross : bruh yall look like Brother and sister or cousins

TNTFragz : Hmm ya ur son really likes that Playboy shirt i wonder where he got it from!??!?

sunny67707 : Barbie mom is freaking hot...

Butter Chicken : 7:15 whos ur fav human son:my mom mom: moans😂💀

Mankind19 Musa63 : Imagine what happened after the vid.

Courtney Kimberly : Couple goals 😍