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John Marston : Your son seems very mature.

YourOwnDumbAss : I call bs on being 32, you look more like mid-twenties and not being negative.

HARRY7™️ : You got a cool channel, I just subscribed. :) You seem to be a caring mom P.S. how gorgeous are you! ♡

Chrono Cross : bruh yall look like Brother and sister or cousins

haris hamza : I hope With your son Very soon you will reach million subscribers


Faiq Ahmad : Even me n my eldest sister are 18 years apart. PS she was the one who raised me while I was a toddler.

HobbiePlays : My mom has that 7 habbits book! And my mom is single too my brother and i are the only child

Vince : Wheres the tiktok video?

Marven Wilson S Donque : I ship them so much, I hope they will break the line.. that would be soooooooooooo awesome

Game O Maniace : What happened after your son says -" let's make some tik-toks " ......... And you trying to cover his half naked body ..... He he he he , keep it up . Upload some on pornhub

Clayton Liew : How old r u I’m curious

RedShadow928 : She looks like your sister more than mom

BiG Maine : Yeah he f'in his mom

Boybeast 66 : She just uses her son to get views like all the other youtubers

xRiann : Sweet Home Alabama

TOP ONE : I think these two they're pretty cute, cuz.. they've got happy eyes, n' she raised a guy whose favorite book of Stephen Hawking! It's quite cool! P.S. Haters! Just admit - they're stylin' on you! lol

Pewkele : Incest is wincest

GKB PHOENIX : Lowkey his mom FINE AF👌

Derby Harrington : Cutest couple ever

Jayven Valladores : Your make up makes you so young that you both look like just siblings?

Alex Spurr : how old is the son if shes only 32

BANGANG Emad : 1:10 ,WTF

Black Tarzan : wow you are hungry for views... look at that thumbnail lol...

SAD : He doesn’t look into her eyes when they talk

SAD : She looks 40 so idk why people think she’s young

KaG 07 : Looks like sister and brother rather than mother and son

david sales : Her sweater says it all

RARE PEPE : imagine this is your mom one night she comes home drunk she tells you to get naked

AIDEN JOHNSON : Wait so you guys have like sex

el5letras1 : I thought you guys we're a couple for a second 🍆🍑🥑👅🍑🥑

the mid-night walker : 1:11-1:20 that’s how I be thinking when i’m on that good gas 😆🚀💨

Rosa Jimenez : Wait are they dating or

CLAWZ!?!! SetDisplayID TRUST_ME_DEATH_AINT_TEH_WAY! : Why he kept biting his lip like that 😞

Iranicus Malk : This is almost to weird even for me.Almost.

Daniel 27! : Will u marry me

einc70 : You are pretty and still young. I see your relationship with your son as baby bro/sis relationship. He'll be looking out for you. He is now. You're lucky to have a family at such young age. It's a blessing more than a curse some people might think. 🙂👍😎

Lewis Bell : Where’s your daughter?

Alle_Lust Will_Ewigkeit : People think about it.She's a YouTuber so much of her life is online.Whatever she post,no matter the content ,she will be known strictly for that content ,and therefore be put underneath that spotlight.So when she brings her son along and they both happened to be very attractive and are of close bond it makes people think,and feel awkward especially in this hypersexualized society.She's is not the problem here,nor her son being involved either,it's the people who see sex in everything in life.And consequently those very people would misread gestures and body language and call out for legal action to take course when it's not due.I hope the mom doesn't fall into legal issue over unclear speculation over YouTube.Many youtubers had already..

XxJayCakesFrenZyXx : Do they bang? 7:48

XxJayCakesFrenZyXx : Why he look like her bf

Marine 0321/0372 : This born and raised country boy and retired Marine think's that you are so stunningly beautiful and sexy i can't believe you are single. Ok now with that being said i really admire your restraint for not going completely off on these ignorant comments. It's really sad that just because you're absolutely beautiful and sexy and a caring mother that people jump to the ridiculous conclusion that you're having sexual relations with your son. It really is a shame that men in society these days don't know how to talk to or treat a lady.

Anthony Gaming : Is this mom and son Q&A or boyfriend or girlfriend ?

Dee Hazel : I MEANN ... HE CUTE OR WHATEVA !!😂😍

Michael Dennis : I'm really Surprised that you and your son are really Cool . I assume that if all mom and son has to be cool just like you guy's , it'll be Awesome. Keep going beautiful Soul's.

Mö/\/\Ø the legend : I will watch the rest on pornhub comment is useless now pornhub's now banned😣

Sathu : These two are disgusting

Josh Rodgers : Here’s a question for y’all so do y’all get high together 😂

GUNZ Lover02 : Better love story than twilight. Someone has to do it tho.

Lyrical unknown misfit : What type of cat is that