Nervous Stand-up Comic KILLS!!! (First Time Doing Stand-Up Comedy)

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Daniel Hornbeck : First time, really?? Incredible start.

Charlles Nunes : Juliano, CONGRATULATIONS for showing us that it is possible to succeed... Keep up the good work! =D

Travis Steele : Good stuff. I'll be doing my first ever stand up April 20th.

2886rex : Great jokes and delivery. And looking a little nervous made the crowd want you to succeed.

justin molanick : omg dude God bless you that was amazing also sooooo freakin funny thank you thank you!!! first time? jeeeze! pursue it you really dig it!

Travis Collins : good shit

getasimbe : Dude this is very good! Good luck going forward!

ChazWick4 : You killed. Once you shake off those nerves and develop a confident persona you'll be fantastic

HilliIndustries : I´m a comedy writer in germany (yeah its as hard as it sounds :D ) and i want to start with stand up. I am so fucking scared of the first time because no stand up comedian I know, told me it will be successful. It will be the horror and i will die on stage. But i have to get over that to start. But you give me strenght man! You proved it can go well and so i stop crapping my pants and just fucking try it. :) Very good first show dude! I´m impressed! :)

Thomas Curl : The headphone-fart joke was great. Pretty great start.

Flip Flop : That was a great crowd for his first time

Laura Gameson : His first time. AMAZING. Who are the 50 people giving this a thumbs-down? How big of a piece of shit do you have to be to give this guy a thumbs down for following his passion and giving it a shot? he did very well

Blanko Gomez : brooo. get to woooork, you have a date with destiny.

Black and Blue : Yeah I hope you blow up cause this shit was hilarious

stephenvaldes : the most canadian sounding south american EVARR!

TheeConductorist : Nailed it brother. Nailed it.

The Jingle Jangler : I know that feeling, he did something a lot of people would not! Good job!

Wade : Excellent stuff man, definitely get a Jeselnick vibe from you. I hope you pursue this career.

Rebecca Vocal Athlete : You're amazing.

st marine : i love the joke about the half brazilian wax and half apologizing for the bush lmao!!

Kryptic logic1 : Fart jokes rule!!

Ghostlore : Great crowd and a great first start. Congrats.

Sam King : Nice!

Christopher Prichard : helljew get off my grass

Cameron Roberts : Dude you killed it. Great job buddy keep doing what you love.

Srbistanik 01 : This guy has great delivery and amazing jokes

Lucky 22 photography : Was funny keep it up

Sam Dixon : You're very good. You did well.

M.C. PhatBoyNicky : "It kept showing me results for my family members - which is weird because Tinders supposed to suggest people you haven't fucked yet." Give this man an hour special yesterday.

daniel vasquez : A lot of respect for this guy

Wise Fool : Wow man very impressive for your first time doing stand up. It takes a lot of balls to get up there especially the first time. I tried doing it myself just one time was suuuuper nervous and bombed terribly lol. Good to see another first timer make it work. Way to go man keep it up!

sheepthehack : ANYONE!!!! That says this guy did ANYTHING other than FUCKING AMAZING!!!! Has never been up on stage to do comedy.. its easy to judge if you have never had the guts to get up and do it.. All of your material falls out of your head, no matter HOW MUCH you have practiced.. the bad thing about comedy is that .. the more you practice your routine.. the less it sounds genuine.. so you need to find a way to remember your act and ALSO make it sound like its the first time the material has come to you.. this is a very hard thing to do.. this guy was brilliant in that regard. All round amazing.

D' NICE : That was a great set!...That couldn't have been his first time...I'm flying out to Cali next weekend for the first time, wanting to find somewhere that's Open-Mic for first timers

MrBiggysmalls87 : I laughed out loud! Funny as hell!

Derek Reese : That's awesome man! There was a good overall flow during your set and you seemed sincere which will always win over a crowd. You had some really great punchlines that were delivered to perfection man. Thank you for sharing. It really inspired me. See recently I was hanging out with some friends at our favorite little dive bar and was introduced to a guy by the name of Joe (Yes generic ass Joe is his real name). Now Joe puts on a big annual music festival I love going to. He was a really cool guy and we had instant rapport so the conversation was loose & I felt completely free to be my weird random self. Needless to say I had a blast, and apparently Joe did as well because the next day I got a call from the bar owner telling me that Joe wants to know if I'll be interested in doing a five minute comedy set at next year's event in April. Here's the thing... My passion is music, more specifically song writing. Not the satirical stuff like Stephen Lynch or Ray Stevens either. But real lifey shit of the more emotional variety. And one about my sister's promiscuous cat but that was just my solution to writer's block. As much as I love random humor, I'm completely aware that being funny in a conversation for 5 minutes is NOTHING compared to doing a 5 minute standup routine where people expect you to pull their laughter out of thin air and keep it rolling until the mic drop. Still, at the end of the day, it's 5 minutes of my life and how could I say no to a flattering challenge like this? I have no clue what I'm going to do for 5 minutes & I'm sure it will feel like an eternity, but I'm gonna go for it. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! For you sir have inspired the pants off of me right now. I literally just dropped trout & yelled "YOLO bitches!" much to the chagrin of these other lame ass pallbearers. Ba-dum-tsss 🙄 So yeah, I'm in trouble. But if you have a few pointers you'd be willing to share that would be friggin great!

joey coco : great job man!

Nicholas Valenzuela : Fantastic , I'll be watching out for that guy.

Bobby Gulley : That was fucking funny. Having a hard time believing that was your first stand up attempt, really good bro!!!

Bryan Downey : You killed.....I liked everything about it. Keep up the good work.

C dub : First day and bangs out a Jew joke ,awesome

Victor Ferreira : Cuzão, querendo humilhar os brasileiros só para ganhar alguns likes... tem 10 vezes mais americanos usando anabolizantes do que brasileiros, acompanhe primeiro o esporte para depois vc falar!

Scott Shepard : that was hilarious!

Dave by Day : damn. delivery is good. jokes are good. I'd pay

Raynayk : If you're not an asshole in life, I wish you success in your comedy career!

Brandon Diederich : bald guys always funny always good at sex

jethro summers : Great job man! Keep it up!

That Mothafuckin Dude : Good job bro this shit is really allot harder than it looks

jjkhawaiian : Julian (Ju, lol) was great. He will be fine on the circuit. Just needs to remember his jokes and let the audience laugh longer. Maybe a few more jokes and he could be a solid supporting act. Well done sir. You have a great natural talent.

john mac : thats it Im doing it you inspired me to get off my ass

MattN : The bus jokes sound very Anthony Jeselnik