Nervous Stand-up Comic KILLS!!! (First Time Doing Stand-Up Comedy)

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Daniel Hornbeck : First time, really?? Incredible start.

Charlles Nunes : Juliano, CONGRATULATIONS for showing us that it is possible to succeed... Keep up the good work! =D

Flip Flop : That was a great crowd for his first time

Travis Steele : Good stuff. I'll be doing my first ever stand up April 20th.

2886rex : Great jokes and delivery. And looking a little nervous made the crowd want you to succeed.

ChazWick4 : You killed. Once you shake off those nerves and develop a confident persona you'll be fantastic

Thomas Curl : The headphone-fart joke was great. Pretty great start.

justin molanick : omg dude God bless you that was amazing also sooooo freakin funny thank you thank you!!! first time? jeeeze! pursue it you really dig it!

st marine : i love the joke about the half brazilian wax and half apologizing for the bush lmao!!

Travis Collins : good shit

getasimbe : Dude this is very good! Good luck going forward!

Blanko Gomez : brooo. get to woooork, you have a date with destiny.

JoshuaApathy Miller : awesome set man, just killed it. you have a very good presence. again well done man! hope you continue to do standup, and ill see you at your hbo special

stephenvaldes : the most canadian sounding south american EVARR!

6343 Thomson : This was how my first show went too. Great crowd. Unfortunately it was also my last. I'm so fucking lazy man.👍💙

The Jingle Jangler : I know that feeling, he did something a lot of people would not! Good job!

Black and Blue : Yeah I hope you blow up cause this shit was hilarious

TheeConductorist : Nailed it brother. Nailed it.

Wade : Excellent stuff man, definitely get a Jeselnick vibe from you. I hope you pursue this career.

Rebecca Vocal Athlete : You're amazing.

YoungBrayden : Lmao this was really good

Ghostlore : Great crowd and a great first start. Congrats.

Cameron Roberts : Dude you killed it. Great job buddy keep doing what you love.

Jonathan Brooks : The best part about this video is just thinking about how happy this made this man 😂

C dub : First day and bangs out a Jew joke ,awesome

Sam Dixon : You're very good. You did well.

Kryptic logic1 : Fart jokes rule!!

ZorroTomas94 : I had high expectations and was still gladly surprised. Great show!

daniel vasquez : A lot of respect for this guy

Bryan Downey : You killed.....I liked everything about it. Keep up the good work.

Deepak Gurung : Great set bro, although its memorized set but you delivered them very well, your jokes doesn't sounds forced. Keep it up Juliano.

Srbistanik 01 : This guy has great delivery and amazing jokes

Lucky 22 photography : Was funny keep it up

Samuel Colclough : Nice!

T : Hilarious. Had me laughing more than a lot of today's supposed "professionals".

D' NICE : That was a great set!...That couldn't have been his first time...I'm flying out to Cali next weekend for the first time, wanting to find somewhere that's Open-Mic for first timers

MrBiggysmalls87 : I laughed out loud! Funny as hell!

Jeffrey Norris : Good stuff, but I don't think I completely got the bus joke. I hope you post more performances... SOON! All the best

joey coco : great job man!

Nicholas Valenzuela : Fantastic , I'll be watching out for that guy.

Wayne Deadder : Excellent

GULLEY ABR MOBB : That was fucking funny. Having a hard time believing that was your first stand up attempt, really good bro!!!

Me Dwight : I've seen this before, I need to get a job.

Layla Alamdari : i’m about to do my first set of stand up and i’m pretty scared! you’re a natural, this was very inspirational !

Wise Fool : Wow man very impressive for your first time doing stand up. It takes a lot of balls to get up there especially the first time. I tried doing it myself just one time was suuuuper nervous and bombed terribly lol. Good to see another first timer make it work. Way to go man keep it up!

Parker : You killed it for your first, man. See you on Netflix one day!

Anni r u ok Baby : I want to be one too but I don't think that I can write jokes but I can turn real life stories into jokes and it's just sounds funny.

Puro Cowboy : He threw down

జ్ఞ‌ా జ్ఞ‌ా : Mad respect bro. I've watched 100's and 100's of sets. Some have been really fucken good. This is top 10. It's actually really hard to believe this is your first.

Victor Ferreira : Cuzão, querendo humilhar os brasileiros só para ganhar alguns likes... tem 10 vezes mais americanos usando anabolizantes do que brasileiros, acompanhe primeiro o esporte para depois vc falar!