Kid runs into a wall

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Comments from Youtube

Theo Meingast : "Hogwarts is real!" "No it's not" "Oh ya? I'll prove it" *runs into walls*

ThePumpkinBoat MC : What was this kid trying to achieve?

Sheir0 : YouTube classic

spongebelt : Can somebody translate what the hell this dude says? LMFAO

Quake Law : AKA the self-Heimlich maneuver

Tevzzy : "how it feels to chew five gum

Boddah : The comments are funnier than the video

DC Hobbyist : Bro...

Ultimate Quicksilver : Like Why???

TheBatter 67 : My reaction to Avatar The Last Airbender 2 being confirmed

Muhd Khaiqal : Maybe he thought that he was an invisible man

Dylan G. : Never gets old.

lboog081284 : Why? LMAO

nick jack : What's he saying?

Mr. Plow : this one the first vines ever

Joey Harmatz : YouTubers react fine bros! Sent meh heerree

Connor Wiesmann : Awesome

Matt Henely : Lol

deidra : I'm not sure what he was trying to accomplish by running into that wall, but I think he achieved it.

sarah sniffen : What was he saying

Jacob West : Fuckin funny I almost pissed my pant

Lexi Garza : so funny. who made this vid?

Julian Mousseau : 0:03.7 HAHAHA HE IS SPIDERMAN

Jack Twomey : 3-4 seconds sounds like tribal music

TheLwalter123 : Ive seen this video at least 100 times and it never fails to make me laugh

Ben : Hold 5. :3 SPIDERMAN?!

Oscar Gonzalez : What the fak :)

kona bou : Its very funny

Blaž J : he's not black

Nico Dionisotti : like if your here because of finebros

TheOrangeDart : Every time I press 4 I laugh.

alexia ackley : its funny every time

cameron urquhart : turn your head, hes skydiving and has no parachute

Hero_28 Gaming : ... I would try and do that, but i would fail as I'm incredibly fat and my feet wouldn't leave the floor in trying.

Hero_28 Gaming : lol, awesome


Lurchipoo : The real question is why WOULDN'T he do that?

Ciera Carter : I've watched this Idk how many times and still wonder 'why would he do that?! I mean who does that?!'

Alex Haddad : Lol pause it at 0:03 it looks funny!

Serena Kidman : I don't understand... Why would he run into the wall like that...?

Alex Haddad : Lol I know this kid! He meant to run to the door. He's speaking German and I don't know what he's saying.

Bluefur121 : what is he saying?

Kyle Owen : press 5 over and over again

Natalie Boyer : HA HA

Zamza : Your argument is invalid. *runs into wall*

toxinator forty : Why did he do that?

kayla simonns : trolololololololololololololololol

spacedog27 : i cant believe i still laugh at this after countless times.. x)

hannah connolly : Why would you run at a wall