Amazon Delivery Kicking Package
Amazon Delivery Kicking Package YouTube

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martin_e : Ah, I see she studied at the Ace Ventura school of delivery.

Ajay Tej : Happy Firing, Manager!

Navraj Gill : Your tampons were probably fine, looked like that box was mostly empty

jzoo : too lazy to put the phone away and carry the other damn box? jeeze. fire her immediately.

amazon : Hi Minh, Thank you for sharing your video with us. It's so important we're made aware when things like this occur so we can get involved and investigate accordingly. We expect your orders to be handled with more care than I see here, and I want to get the order ID of this item over to our Amazon Logistics team. Would you mind sharing it with us here: Of course, we'd also like to learn if your orders were damaged in any way. Thank you so much, - Cassie F.

Ian Morris : Gotta love the ass scratch and wedgie fix at 0:14

Señor Kraw : her IQ is too low to delivery packages.

A% : Quality work from quality employee. Amazon's low pay rates really shining there

DaerJohannes : What a lousy technique. She'll never score a goal like that!

Benjamin Leung : Public beta of Amazon KeyK

MrRiggyRiggs : Amazon warehouses are the same way.

YouStupidBunny : At least she doesn't work for Domino's.

Larry King : Amazon. Making money & customers saving money & drivers got screwed with no benefits not good pay what do you expect ??

Tobiasz W : Did they fired her ? - I would!

Curtis Mitchell : Hello Minh, My name is Curtis and I'm a video researcher for Caters News Agency in Birmingham UK. We came across this video and we were shocked by this service. I'd like to get in contact with you and perhaps, make an offer. We work with TV shows and publishers all over the world who'd be interested in this video. Please get back to me here on email at Thank you. -Curtis

NuclearKnives : If you don't mind me asking, what were in the packages? Were they damaged?

guzzsuarez : Jeff Bezos is an Idiot

Helmwall : "Gotta play pokemon go"

burlapse : thats nothing compared to what the carrier does to it, lool

Ernest B. : IT is amazing!!!

John stitt : When Santa sees this, guess who gets a lump of coal delivered down her fireplace.

Roy Rogers : Not Fired

Phil Weed : She's supposed to be black.

Nik R. : 😂😂😂

WebNinja : at least she didn't poop on it

Prawilny Heniek : Tępa dzida :)

Daniel : she didh uruong

B P : 'women deserve equal pay'

bartua : Fat moron.

alphasxsignal : FAT girl and lazy too.

Nick PapaGeorgio : WTF was that thing?

NLK0RK4 : está obesa y se cansa de cojer tanto peso la foca

Lothar L. : So wie sie die Pakete behandelt, geht auch Amazon mit seinen Angestellten um.

dreamerbln : What a stupid girl and then left in front of the door, so all people can see the packages. What about to bring the packages to the terrace...

ScuffedComedy : wtf

Jason Adrian : somebody needs a living wage, eh

Sages604 : She didn't kick it that hard, plus she probably knows there's something inside like a T-shirt that won't be damaged.

Mruthyunjaya Ch : Very bad

Danny Dorito : Okay... And?

DREAMBIG : Wow wtf? Amazon taught a hippo how to deliver packages?!?!

Hannes JKB : Boykottiert amazon!!!!

Zen : Stupid millenials.

Wienio : fucking bitches

Mark Felt : women....

A great : Fucking whores

DCents : Female workers.