Amazon Delivery Kicking Package

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master144th : Is this one of those mindless amazon drones i keep hearing about from the youths ?

martinaee : Ah, I see she studied at the Ace Ventura school of delivery.

jzoo : too lazy to put the phone away and carry the other damn box? jeeze. fire her immediately.

Señor Kraw : her IQ is too low to delivery packages.

Ajay Tej : Happy Firing, Manager!

Brandon : She was too busy trying to snapchat a photo of herself with one of those animal filters that makes any girl look good, no matter how tore up they are.

burlapse : thats nothing compared to what the carrier does to it, lool

Navraj Gill : Your tampons were probably fine, looked like that box was mostly empty

bartua : Fat moron.

Daniel : she didh uruong

NLK0RK4 : está obesa y se cansa de cojer tanto peso la foca

Tobiasz W : Did they fired her ? - I would!

DaerJohannes : What a lousy technique. She'll never score a goal like that!

guzzsuarez : Jeff Bezos is an Idiot

YouStupidBunny : At least she doesn't work for Domino's.

MrRiggyRiggs : Amazon warehouses are the same way.

Adam : Female workers.

Sages604 : She didn't kick it that hard, plus she probably knows there's something inside like a T-shirt that won't be damaged.

Jason Adrian : somebody needs a living wage, eh

Nick PapaGeorgio : WTF was that thing?

Danny Dorito : Okay... And?

Mark Felt : women....

J : white women.

alphasxsignal : FAT girl and lazy too.

Zen : Stupid millenials.

ShivaCosima : What a lazy and stupid creature....

ScuffedComedy : wtf

Ernest B. : IT is amazing!!!

Roy Rogers : Not Fired

Lothar L. : So wie sie die Pakete behandelt, geht auch Amazon mit seinen Angestellten um.

John stitt : When Santa sees this, guess who gets a lump of coal delivered down her fireplace.

B P : 'women deserve equal pay'

Helmwall : "Gotta play pokemon go"

Benjamin Leung : Public beta of Amazon KeyK

Prawilny Heniek : Tępa dzida :)

A% : Quality work from quality employee. Amazon's low pay rates really shining there

WebNinja : at least she didn't poop on it

Nik R. : 😂😂😂

NuclearKnives : If you don't mind me asking, what were in the packages? Were they damaged?

dreamerbln : What a stupid girl and then left in front of the door, so all people can see the packages. What about to bring the packages to the terrace...

Hannes JKB : Boykottiert amazon!!!!

Wienio : fucking bitches

ASFALT21 : What's her IG, she got a fat one

DREAMBIG : Wow wtf? Amazon taught a hippo how to deliver packages?!?!

Mruthyunjaya Ch : Very bad

Phil Weed : She's supposed to be black.

A great : Fucking whores

Ian Morris : Gotta love the ass scratch and wedgie fix at 0:14