Google Driver
Google Driver

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3rd Year Product Design Studio 6. The task was to design a rotary, wireless multi-tool for domestic use and style it after an existing brand. Music: Higher - Lemaitre Hey Google, are you hiring?


Brian Rosner : "Filmed on a google pixel 2" Lmao

Onigiri Neko : Honest feedback, I think the bits and the part that moves it looks, a bit flimsy. But I like the concept of it. :3

MrMagillacutty : It's all a matter of power that looks like it's only made for drilling into cubicles

Claymeister : Is this a marketing project, or an engineering one? Or both? Also, respect for using the Polish language

itzJennesto : Good job, but the music and colors don't fit the Google brand!

Kaspars : Very nice

James Gossett : First