Peek a Boo (Short Horror Film)

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Nelly Bell : Very creepy little girl. Amazing!

Jonathan Sprague : Wow! Great job! Your short was mesmerizing and I had chills at the end. Nice!

ryangodoy : Yo I saw this submission on the site and really liked it. Love the first half especially. Great pacing and editing. Good stuff!

Dante Palmarini : Great short film, love the ending!

92 Dave : The Ring copy

KDEV : 11/10

Danny Donahue : Really solid work! Creepy!

Batgirl P : Really good! Better than some 10 minute shorts!

Lonchanney1 : Awesome!

Dwity Sushant Kavlekar : Nice

Dwity Sushant Kavlekar : Nice

James Clayton : .... VHS lol... about as funny as Sinister's Super 8 projector.

Dalla Allstars Own : damn great film

Madhurima Ghosh : Good one.

smooth tee : i like this one

Jariya James : this is the best one horror short film

Pumpkin Cat Pictures : Nice job! and cute kitty!

Ryan T. Husk : Good job, Neil!

Jeremiah Evertsen : Great job!

💎Diamond Tira And Rings Asmr💎 : My 💙 is beating like 🐰

John Keating : Neil, great work! Thank your wife for recommending that I check it out. I enjoyed all of your videos on your channel. It was great chatting with you and your wife after the LA Shorts FF screening of your film. I look forward to more of your work! Great talent!

Chris Palka : Were any cats harmed during this project?

Nellie Silvers : This poor chic has some shitty luck...this weird little kid, the Clapper..etc. Would suck to be her😕

LaNocheConFrio Productions : The short film is very good ^^ I invite you to see my latest short film. Visit my channel, please.