But You Didn't
I made this very short film based on a poem I first saw here on reddit Hope you enjoy 200

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Based on the anonymous poem of the same name, often attributed to Merrill Glass. It's said that the author was widowed and died of old age. When her daughter was organizing her remains, she discovered this poem her mother had written to her father back then, titled "But You Didn't". -- This veterans day consider giving some to those who have given all // rebrand.ly/milit4aa7b - Featuring Kelsey Flynn & Jacob Taylor and Roosevelt Stone & Isabella Barbarasa VO by Maya Tuttle Directed & Edited by John Wikstrom Cinematography by Idan Menin Co-Produced by Jesse Zhu and Travis Campbell Music by Thomas Goralski Color by Taylor Black Production Designer - Daniel Clay Fox Art Director - Meranda Carter Sound Design and Mix by Nicole Pettigrew First AC - Alex Cameron Second AC - Zac Pullam Gaffer - Paul Tackett & Aaron Pagniano Grip - Connor Griffin HMU - Jordan Genung BTS Photos - Nick Wilson Special Thanks // Panavision, Community Films, Michelle Pullam, John Kubin, Jed Williams, Maureen Pohl, Stephanie Schaldenbrand, Austin Hepp, and Ryan Liebert. Shot on an Alexa Mini with Panavision C and T series Lenses.


Andre Barreto : You only had 2 videos, but I can safely say I'm so glad that I subscribed to this channel. As an aspiring videographer I get a lot of inspiration from your uploads, this video is no exception! Keep up the great work 👍

Geon Quuin : Yo, what the hell?! I'm tearing up badly over here. Why'd you have to give me them feels!

choprjock : "But you didn't". That is a powerful video, and very well done. Less than 1% of the U.S. population is on active duty. The families of the remaining 99+% will not have their day interrupted by thoughts about their loved ones being in harm's way. My mother endured deployments to war zones by her uncles, her brother, her husband and her son. She was 5'2", 100 lbs., and the strongest woman I've ever known.

Johnny Sammour : Reddit is proud

Caitlin Yoong : this is the poem im using for my literature project

Abiraam Santhran : This was such a good short. Best 2 minutes ever spent.

LeZ : That some powerful message in a short film. Well done.

TeighMart : This is incredible. And just in time for Veterans day too. Thank you.

Chris Sirois : You are talented, and I'm subscribed! Looking forward to great things ahead for you! Sharing on FB. This needs more views!

Punchline Cafe : John, this is so good. Looking at your other work, you are a master of tugging on heartstrings; selecting and crafting these moments that are incredibly beautiful and truthful. I hope to see a lot more of your work soon.

Jacob Fournier : This literally broke my heart

LiquidZero : This. Thank you for this. Happy Veterans Day.

Mark Holifield : John, that was beautiful. Thank you.

Gene Samuel : Beautiful! Powerful, and Robust! thank you!

Matteo Olliver : what i'm looking for the meme

petev23 : Man tears were shed

macklec123 : I'm not crying, you're crying

Michael Litwin : Stumbled across this video on my first trip into Reddit land, and I'm pretty sure nothing else I see on the site will ever compare to this. Broke my heart. Amazing video.

rkkrqqqqrssss : I found this video to be very fitting for Veterans Day. Thank you for making this.

M. Fujikawa : Excellent! Love your work!

Locke : Just... amazing.

The Mursu : Welp that made me cry

skyfein : Extraordinary

Convictive : This is great, keep it up dude.

SkinnyPaintbrush : BUTCHA DIDNT

Archer Aldcroft : John, this is simply stunning. I really love what you've done. My hope is to one day put out a film as captivating and heart achingly beautiful as this. You sir have earned a subscription out of me.

John Connor : Beautiful short film for vets day. Congrats man

Steven Kleeman : I didn't sign up for this feels trip.

Putturin : This is actually really, really, really good.

PINT-SHOT-RIOT : Thought provoking and beautiful also bittersweet, great visuals for the poem

jrmusante1 : Thanks, now I can't leave my room for the next 2 hours.

Pat McCann : Beautifully done.

Simonsini : Ain't gon lie, this is beautiful

Alan Nafarrete : This is good shit right here.

Mansoor Mughal : This is great

Caleb Ricketts : Thank you for this. It hits home more than I thought it would

Cristian Martinez : Got me right in the feels.

RIYO : i'm not cry you are

MAI : This is the most beautiful thing i've seen for awhile

shaggy : i only searched for the meme

Расул Хасенов : thank you for putting words into cinematic experience.

Luke Jed Davis : Excellent work, good on you for using a comment as inspiration to turn it into something magical

WhaleboneMalone : Man, what a beautiful video!

Alexonabudget : This was so deep, keep at it!

Daniel Goldman : it;s amazing what can be accomplished in 2 minutes. so many stories, emotions.... beautifully done.

Chen : I’m not crying you’re crying

Franz Sanders : I’m not crying, it’s just raining indoors... In all seriousness, this was very well done. I’m also glad that you made this a very apolitical Veteran’s Day video. Thanks, and Happy Veteran’s Day!

Ambiorix : Just wonderful

FromPlsNerf : B E G O N E T H O T