But You Didn't

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Geon Quuin : Yo, what the hell?! I'm tearing up badly over here. Why'd you have to give me them feels!

Chen : I’m not crying you’re crying

Andre Barreto : You only had 2 videos, but I can safely say I'm so glad that I subscribed to this channel. As an aspiring videographer I get a lot of inspiration from your uploads, this video is no exception! Keep up the great work 👍

Golgiapparatus2 : Fuuuuuck, dude. I was just trynna Reddit, not feel today.

Abiraam Santhran : This was such a good short. Best 2 minutes ever spent.

John Connor : Beautiful short film for vets day. Congrats man

hannes nyberg : Sid she say "did" or "didn't" in the end? Did he not love her?

Johnny Sammour : Reddit is proud

Caleb Ricketts : Thank you for this. It hits home more than I thought it would

Расул Хасенов : thank you for putting words into cinematic experience.

Simon Liao : So when does this movie come out in theaters?

Sláine MK : I studied the poem for my junior cert, brings back memories

Punchline Cafe : John, this is so good. Looking at your other work, you are a master of tugging on heartstrings; selecting and crafting these moments that are incredibly beautiful and truthful. I hope to see a lot more of your work soon.

petev23 : Man tears were shed

Al Quiche : Great film !

kupunia : Who else was thinking it's gonna be a meme?

Tsukuyomi Phase : WHAT THE ACTUAL _SHIT!_

John Barrion : SUPER underrated channel

Alex Hernandez : Thank you for this, incredible

DarkangelUK : Song title?

choprjock : "But you didn't". That is a powerful video, and very well done. Less than 1% of the U.S. population is on active duty. The families of the remaining 99+% will not have their day interrupted by thoughts about their loved ones being in harm's way. My mother endured deployments to war zones by her uncles, her brother, her husband and her son. She was 5'2", 100 lbs., and the strongest woman I've ever known.

stryker9816 : 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

yukineswan : no

Action6 News : we did it:]

Nicholas Smith : Damn.

danlsan : amazing

JP Taxman : Phenomenal

Hakuna Matata : This is brilliant. Period.

Dean : TIL maybe I have a heart.

Stefan C : Wow, stunningly made.

Dex Morg : Can we have an F in the chet bois

Alexander Engström : Bravo!

cheaply toasted : beautiful.

Zac Zac : I miss my hair. And my jawline.

Nate's Film Tutorials : Good stuff!

Alan Henfrey : Phenomenal

Jake_from_Statefarm : What the fuck, I wasn't expecting to cry dammit. Well done, and beautiful imagery. I wasn't familiar with this poem prior to now.

skyfein : Extraordinary

Ambiorix : Just wonderful

Michael Litwin : Stumbled across this video on my first trip into Reddit land, and I'm pretty sure nothing else I see on the site will ever compare to this. Broke my heart. Amazing video.

Franz Sanders : I’m not crying, it’s just raining indoors... In all seriousness, this was very well done. I’m also glad that you made this a very apolitical Veteran’s Day video. Thanks, and Happy Veteran’s Day!

rkkrqqqqrssss : I found this video to be very fitting for Veterans Day. Thank you for making this.

ta444 : Beautiful. Came from reddit.

Keith Richardson : Ah so im crying today.

Ontario Lakeside : Beautifully executed.

Eric Arvizu : What are these ???? Feelings ???

Wenhao Lin : Oh, this was strong. Stronger than I expected. So strong that I'm afraid I'll end up crying in the middle of the night. Wait, I already am

LiquidZero : This. Thank you for this. Happy Veterans Day.

Nudli MàkosG : You tell me you eat my sausage but you didn't 😃😂😂😂

Richard Rybicki : *sad face*