Recreated - "Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster" from Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

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Cocktail Chemistry : So how was it you ask? I go into more detail on my subreddit, check it out:

Mandrake Fernflower : Protip: Dont drink benzene

supernova gamer : just finished reading hitchhikers guide to the galaxy so this is perfect.

buck19 : 42???

Noah : 32 mililiter thank you very much and greates from germany

Vic Santiago : Gin with clove from 1984?

Jonathan Boggs : *running with fear* HE HAS A TOWEL

Dark Baron : OIII YESSS

Wright Marshall : Oh!

saas jeesyus : yeah that brick weighs like 26 pounds, good job lifting it with like 3 fingers

rangaTHEwizard : mils is metric not imperial wtf

Jordan Loux : Please make the Caprese Martini from Neo Yokio.

Alfie Armstrong : Man just did nos

Eetu Tunkkari : I'm a little ashamed of myself because it took me three viewing times to catch the '42 ml' reference.

Gentleman Hooligan : must make

AmericanBiker98 : this was amazing

Harry Pham : Millimeters is metric, not Imperial. Ounces is Imperial

Christine Hall : Caprese Martini from Neo Yokio please

Dominic Cook : Make the caprese martini from neo yokio

nomaad660 : Great books. Horrible movie.

slippytiger : Make a caprese martini

Sebastian Deliss : 5:54. OOOOHHHHH

FieryWingedAngel : 1:54 **Metric

David Willis : Lol this was awesome

zanesmith666 : imperial? dont you mean metric????

debonairbender : Great video

Jack Medland-Slater : Your best yet

Liam Wherry : This guy sounds like Spike Speigel

feynthefallen : You truely are the most hoopy frood I ever sassed. You truely know where your towel is. May your sub-etha-sens-o-matic never remain silent.

Elchinodiabolero : I want you and "You suck at cooking" to collab and do like a full dinner menu with cocktail and dish.

roxascloud101 : Incase anyone didn't catch it "42" is a book reference. 1.5 oz is closer to 44 ml

Tomartyr : 3:38 I remember doing my first double, sort of. But seriously does anyone know if the gas would taste of lemons?

ibetater : "Navy strength gin." Hell yes!

Aaron Dunn : The first sip was the worst... the second sip, that was the worst too. I didn't enjoy the third sip at all, after that I went into a bit of a decline.

Kyle Perry : such a waste of nos

al145 : ....benzene is carcinogenic though... I think I would prefer that not be in my drink...

BeastOfTraal : The best version of the PGGB I've seen on earth

TomValedro : Where the hell did this guy get a gold brick?

Joe Jasat : He’s the kind of hoopy frood who knows where his towell is

Georgia Hume : Bahaha love how he introduces the concept of nangers in the middle of the vid

iamrepairmanman : This seems delicious and also altogether too much effort.

The Wise Wolf : Can you just read me the book?

Puszek_Okruszek : How about recreating "robin scherbatsky" from how I met your mother? S08E19

Anthony Tilleman : I still love this channel

James Murray : You should do the cowboy bebop praire oyster or any other drinks in the series

Top Kek : Please make the pepto bismol drink from cape fear

LemmingYellow : I LOVE the slowmo pours. And they're just slow enough that you hardly notice but also let the pour itself shine through. LOVE IT!!

cheeserollmedley : I like that you used Take Five for the bg music

Z.D.C : I've been talking to the bartender's computer.... IT HATES ME

Kris S : This is hands down, your best video to date