Recreated - "Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster" from Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

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Cocktail Chemistry : So how was it you ask? I go into more detail on my subreddit, check it out:

ClosedSSH : I like your attention to detail with the Towel, great stuff.

GrandSilver : This is a drink I never thought I'd see some make so well. And it looks amazing.

Capitan Kaktus : I am soooo happy that you add mililiteres! And the vid was great.

ideamissing : YOU: The science behind this technique deserves it's own video ME: ... is there going to be such a video? Because I would like to see that video, please.

UndeadAura : heh, 42ml... impressive as always!

Matthew Belcher : Got any peanuts? Because the world is about to end...

ionkinetic : You can also fall on to a mattress. Just make sure it is dead first.

David Hillman : You said "For those of you in the imperial system, add * ml" ....?

Joshua Cortez : So u just have a gold bar laying around

99thTuesday : Great video, maybe you should try to make the Nutri-Matic's 'almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea' tea

Cameron Strommen : instructions unclear, penis stuck in gold brick

Dj_Pj69 KrstyCrB : I love your videos....even though I'm 15...i don't drink. I have non alcoholic versions. I find this so cool

SuperPheemy : You, sir are a Hoopy Frood! I salute you! (many years ago my nerd friends and I attempted our own recreation. The effect was similar, but your recipe is much more drinkable.)

Adrian Smith : This is even better than the idea I had for my own recipe. This is the best recreation I've yet seen!

ArnaSkyknight : Beautiful! You never fail to make me smile!

Krusty Kruss : using a gold brick as a prop in your video? take this like sir

Timo Neumann : A man of culture!

caffeineadvocate : "I'd give you advice [on how to make this better], but you wouldn't listen. No one ever does.." -- Marvin

MiLoHWD1983 : Im in a cocktal chemistry binge since saturday... no i don't need no help thank you

Konner Bloss : You should do the drink Obi-Wan had in the space bar in Revenge of the Sith!

Nino Bedijn : was it tastey?

Emil Danielson : so did it taste any good?

John Miller : You gave Hitchhikers Guide the proper respect. Great job.

Pig Benis : Should've taken that whippet straight to the dome bro

Brian Rowe : Thanks for that! I was hopeful you'd make this, and I was delighted with your interpretation.

James Link : By far the best odd ball video on your channel!

matt kramer : oz's are imperial; milliliters are metric

Leonardo Hernández : Tipsy bartender teaches me how to be a happy bartender, Cocktail Chemistry teaches me how to be a gentleman

Elliott Stork : Alright now I'm gonna drink 42 of them

LP`s : pls the original vesper martini next ^^

RemoteNicole : I never thought I'd see a HGTTG reference in 2017. Amazing! I love the book. And the movie.

Eduardo Ferrero : I wanna marry you <3<3<3 . This is insane.

GashPlague : How did it taste, for real?

mario aviles : I am not old enough to drink, but these videos are amazing and have gotten me interested in the science and art of mixing drinks

michael attard : millilitres is metric numnut

tehcookiecat : You should have used the original clip from the 1981 series. They’ve recreated one in the 80’s at one of the 3 stage performances, and Douglas Adams said to “just take all the contents of your local liquor store and distill them 3 times. Your friends will thank you.” You are one hoopy frood, though!

The GreyJedi2112 : this was amazing. how about some star wars drinks? there's mention of many crazy drinks in some novels. Correlian whiskey would be too easy

meme lord : 3:56 i wonder how pissed off the people who huff this stuff were right about now.... i was.

Blah Blah : Getting into the absinthe again? 😉 So how'd it taste, really?

Matt G : I made this minus the fancy whipper tricks, I can absolutely testify to its effects.

ibetater : "Navy strength gin." Hell yes!

Le Blaxican potato : What if you held a flame to the opening of the sprayer thing when you release the gas?🤔

John Foley : what a really amazingly together guy!

Irving Gutierrez : There is a dent on your fridge

dgenor : Holy hell, I really enjoyed this man! Keep up the good work!

crazyvidzman : Do the “one of everything” from “The Office” it’s in the Moroccan Christmas episode. Like if you want this to be done

ARROGANT AARDVARK : Do the thankstini from how I met your mother

Kenneth Carroll : Instructions unclear started inhaling whip it’s now disoriented with penis stuck in shaker

Noe Hernandez : In Towelie voice "don't forget your towel!"