Hilarious Benny Hill Moments

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DeeJayMontevideo : He died sitting in his armchair in front of the television

Ghost81 : That's Jane Leeves from Frasier as the housemaid at the very start.

Wesley I'oeuille : aaaaaaa the good old times

aft7676 : If this style of comedy was done today, it would come under heavy and harsh criticism. Rest in peace, Benny! When you left, the world started to suck.

lockudlad : PC (Politically Corect) Gestapo got him banned, you know the same sort of PC scumbags that allowed a certain ethnic minority to abuse young children in Rotherham and Sheffield for 11 years!

George Semel : It never gets old, back in the day after the news at 7pm "The Muppet Show" then Benny Hill! I was working nights then so I pretty much started my day with that and then when to work for a 9 pm departure( flew Night freight, 402's and Beech-18's) . I was a young man then in my late 20's - No Auto Pilot, no GPS either, Just two KX-170Bs Marker Becon, transponder and a Bendix NDB (ADF) VOR and a loc/glideslop indicator! Best flying I ever did!

Jeff Carroll : Benny Hill The inventor of the photo bomb?

Darkstar263 : It's a damn shame that you can't get away with things like this on TV these days thanks to fucking political correctness. It was just a bit of harmless fun.

The House of Jokes : You posess a really great video here. I certainly loved experiencing it. Thanks a whole bundle.

daveyork0 : The power of tits. He understood.

paktype : The funniest and most comically talented man who ever lived. Not only did he ACT funny but he wrote all of the songs and the scripts and directed the action scenes!!!

mark hilken : AAHH Comedy as only the British can do. Absolutely the best !!!!!

latham area : Benny Hill, you always made us laugh...R.I.P...

armen k : iam from south america and i saw the benny hill show in the 80 s , was very very funny ! the best of ENGLAND

splinterbyrd : In December 2006, Channel 4 broadcast "Is Benny Hill Still Funny?" The programme featured an audience that comprised a cross-section of young adults who had little or no knowledge of Hill, to discover whether his comedy was valid to a modern 'pc' audience. The participants were asked to watch a 30-minute compilation that included examples of Hill's humour from both his BBC and ITV shows. The responses and results demonstrated that NONE of the sample viewers took offence at any of the sketches shown. His silent "Wishing Well" sketch was discovered to be the most popular. (ref. odnb profile)

Fenster : The Guv'nor. Sorely missed.

Peter Beedle : Definitely not his best stuff....the man was a genius.

IQ encodoc : Yeah I don't think a lot of shows that I love would make it today... Monty Python, Benny Hill, Black Adder, Red Dwarf, Mr Bean, all great shows, and most Americans and Germans I know love and miss those shows, too. Thanks to my British Brethren for such great shows :) Too much "political correctness" aka censorship going on today.

Gary Kass : Benny Hill first made me laugh probably about 35 years ago. You know what-he's still so funny!!

Celtic Lass : LMAO! OMG! I nearly wet myself. It is so old but still so funny. I love the chase at the end.

Peter Elvins : Simply the best ! My absolute favorite comic.......sadly missed!

Grumpys cats Best Friend : DAMN I love me some Benny Hill!

jay frat : Lots of girls and picking on the old, bald man. Loved Benny.

Super Kyle : The Flu shot skit was hilarious.

Arjun Kaul : Very funny, man was inspired

Manny big Burrito : Yep, when men were men and women were women. Now men have turned into pussy's and women into men.

MAW Mafia At Work : let's say the truth..people voted Brexit to stream Benny Hill's shows again!

nath909 : ... And still relevant.

fleetfoot27 : Britain First..........From ILLINOIS...............U S A

todd krager : the little bald guy was hilarious!

dead pool : english now days dull and boring

Hermaphrodite Community : beny hill was die in 1993 we,ll remember him always

[UND].N3kRo : Still funny, Thx for your work!

Joe Flash : I miss watching Benny Hill. He was funny. Old memories.

WarwickkkT101 : The first one is daphne

Donald Noel : I really do miss Benny Hill. LOVED him!!

Adennative : I used to watch his show when I was 8yrs and my parents never knew. He was on at 11pm , so I used sneak up and watch his show when everyone was asleep. Then lived in queens way, London where his show was aired early so I watch mr. Benny when my parents were out shopping. Mr. Hill is by far the most comical person I have ever watch, no show could come close to the Benny hill show.

Freedom 'n' Survival : For the youngsters , this was before Britain became pc obsessed and still had a sense of humour.

Rex Rowland : I like "British humor" (in this case, defined simply as coming from Britain), but when someone from UK goes off on how American comedy is not subtle enough or just plain unfunny, Benny Hill is the obvious retort to that.

therollingbeatles123 : Who else was inspired to look who Benny Hill was after watching that episode of Robot Chicken??? Also best 5 minutes of my life watching this vid I think I will have to check out more of his stuff


Roberto Grossa : GENIO!!!

Constantine : You hear it all the time. But this time it happens to be true. Their will never be another Benny Hill. Perfect comic, perfect crew. What passes for humor today doesn't stand a chance!

Stephen Williams : Pure Art.

jeff hoilman : if anyone remembers the benny hill episode where he turns a bird loose and he watches it fly and the bird poops in his eye please share it with me or send it to me

Phantom Flankmaster : Benny Hill was very hilariously funny, He really didn't have to even say much.

sunthunder thor : benny hill,the horniest man alive!!!

TheGoldminor : 17 or not you are not going out with plenty of makeup on your face and wearing a miniskirt DO YOU HEAR ME MALCOLM?!?!


Oliver Santely : n living colors