Visiting an Owl Cafe in Tokyo Amazing Footage

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I visited an owl cafe. They are everywhere in Tokyo. But what's even better is that they stared at the camera because of my mic. What amazing video I got as a result of this. Come with me to see my adventure! Audible Free Audiobook Trial: Patreon: GameFly: My Equipment: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ My Channels:

Comments from Youtube

Fat Sausage : I think dog and cat cafes are ok but the owls seem depressed af

Blue Skies : all chained up, terrorized by endless music, neah, not gonna get my dollars

The Monk Way - Stock Market Videos : That place is a hoot!

Jordan See : That owl looked like he was going to beat the bush outta of you lol

TravelerPat : They are cute. But is it good for them to be in an enclosed environment with lots of people bothering (ahem, pardon me, petting) them? That I'm not sure. But my cats are indoor only and they are happy (I guess). They run away when I try to pet them and they are not in the mood though.

Robb Besler : Here, we see a wild Francis interacting with other wildlife as he continues his journey of a nomad after losing his job.

rise888 : Owl cafes should be abolished

SilvicLx : 1:18 I think you meant Taiyaki since Takoyaki are those octopus balls lol

sunshine c : I think they're ready to attack your fuzzy microphone LOL

Faye Nguyen : I love Owls. An Owl saved my life 20 years ago, to long of a story to tell here.

Icarus : It thought your microphone was a baby rabbit to eat. Also, the fan probably makes the owl remember the feeling of flying.

Antonio Olivares : Not cool. That's animal abuse.

Liz Blue Bandit : Heck no! They all came from the movie Encounters of the fourth kind!

Ehm : 3:46 Ey stop petting my friend.What About Me ? 😂

666oddess : Owl love you forever if you go to a cat cafe🦉💘🐱 I wonder whose fur is softer; the owls’ or the cats’? 🤔

Philipp : Not a cat cafe, but an owl cafe! Thats amazing!

CurlyLife : I wish I can see an owl up that close and pet one.Where I'm from its once in a blue moon I'll see one. They are beautiful creatures

RoJoRecommendations : "It appears to be cooling its self." or the owl is imagining it has its own self driving vehicle and sticking its head out the window...

RoJoRecommendations : Would they let you purchase one if you offered? If so ill get 50 they're already domesticated most of the works done ✔

venezziano : report for animal abuse! whole video based on animals abused for $

CoolCat Carolena : the owls are so patient and kind, very enjoyable to watch...but i missed the eggets ;)

bigart1993 : EatTheBush here to provide a "buzz kill". You do realize that owls are nocturnal and being forced to be awake during the day while being tied up in a coffee shop and molested constantly is a living hell for these creatures. The cheesy music blaring and the bright blinking lights add to the misery. They belong in a nice and quiet forest living the life of a real owl. Never support the suffering and exploitation of animals by spending money at dumps like this.

Carolyn Gurney : I never heard of an owl cafe! That is so awesome! I love following your trip.


Dr. Kimberly Lane : The mad owl needs to be a gif! You've leveled up your editing game with this trip.

jerrydesu : Those owls are pretty interesting. We have a sign on a park trail near where we live that says be aware of an owl that is aggressive and territorial. Appears those owls are better behaved. When you were in Odaiba, did you visit the Science Center? - the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)? They have a demo of Asimo where he goes walking and running around, climbing stairs, hopping on one foot, etc. Not quite as dramatic as Boston Dynamics, but still interesting.

Tab W : That place looks so awesome! What an amazing experience!

Georgi Georgiev : Wow! These owls are so cuuuuuute!!! "Omitting address to protect business"? From what? I bet they appreciate more traffic.

Robert Sarno : Have you seen Studio Ghibli?

Gloria Mendez : Which vacation did you enjoy the most Hawaii, New Zeland or Hong Kong? I am enjoying your Hong Kong videos! XOXO

Bryson Xiao : OMG I been to the same Owl Café when I was in Tokyo! Everything seems so familiar! Especially the owl at 4:08, it was really rude to me. There are also a lot of owls I don't remember being there when I went. I also walked along the same parts of Akihabara and went into the same store you went into in the beginning of the video, though I spent most of my time sitting at the massaging chairs!

7MOTION98 : Not liking this video is impossible ❤️👍:)

Broccoli Fan : The owl cafe is super cool. You can see many different kind of owls in one place.

Malamik Art : 6:05 I laughed outloud LOL Fun day!

social3ngin33rin : Omg!!!!! Yes!!!!!! Hoothoot!!!¡¡!!! This better not be illegal animal tourism!!!! >:(

Sandra A : Loved this. What a fun and interesting video! Still my favorite channel.

pomegranateorange : This is so sad. They all look so disturbed and this is abuse!

Null : 5:07 that owl was having Nam flashbacks

dave597 : wow i never seen so many owls before in one place, amazing. are these places common in japan?

KazooRainbow : Very cool! I enjoyed the owls captions haha :)

zeheero : I feel like BeatTheBush would have lost his two eyes if he had gotten any closer lol

justinredman : Now that's what I call Owl City!

vincentnnyc : Can you do a love hotel date for your next video since it is legal there in Japan?

Chia Lin Lin : owl my god ... they are cute <3

Cristopher De La Cruz : Beat the bush where are you from? Ethnicity?

Louis Y : Fast forward to 6:14 if you don't want to waste time with owl

S y n r g ii : what a hoot!

Roman Hashon : You had me at owl

Jlina A : Man I really wanted to visit the fetishes place! Go for it BtB :) I think the owls were cool as hell, they'd rather be alive and adapt imo. The captions were great :)