Kung Fu Panda DVD Extras - Hand made noodles at Mr. Chow

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Kwon Schneider : i watched this all the time when I was like six or seven and I just found it again and I’m very happy😂

Peyton Creekmore : Bruh I thought I freaking dreamt this

Samual Iam : There is nothing like a homemade batch of noodles in broth... I think I just figured out what I'm having for dinner tonight.

AticusFinch007 : THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS VIDEO!! I have been thinking about it for a few weeks, and I'm glad I wasn't imagining it. :)

HoshiHikari : Is it true what he said about the twisting making the hundreds of noodles hidden together? I thought that was just one way to knead the dough and the actual noodle making occurs when he starts pulling them.

Kevin Sørensen : The noodles arent formed from the twisting and they aren't being unfurled. Every time he doubles them over, he makes the dough thinner and thinner, creating noodles.

Cowboy : This video is best watched muted.

Agafitei Alexandru : why tf is the guy in the background talking all the time. Let us watch it omfg

jacob lampton : i like how he says dont try this at home and im like i can try it because ive done it before

NuclearNugget : Can someone reply to me the recipe for that? Just the noodle dough. I want to take a packet of Ramen flavor and simmer it in a broth and make home made ramen noodles. I know the flavor isn't home made but it makes a broth for the noodles.

Twisted Vargas : 😩👌🍜

A.GB2000 : i love noodles!!!!!

Agent Orange : Alton brown talks too much

JON SNOW : I'm supposed to be doing homework

Sergio Chacón : Amazing skills

Matt Forbes : this is super cool

Ivan pan : Nah~~ making noodles are better to use rasengan

Nota Tsundere : Why the hell is everyone saying they dreamt this? *So confused* they even shoe it on FX whenever they show the movie